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MBA: Tell us about yourself?

WINFRED: I was born in St. Louis Missouri. I attended Cole elementary school and Beaumont High.  I didn’t go to college; I was of the artsy crafty ilk. I started doing hair as a hobby, at the tender age of fifteen, while I was still in high school. My mother said that if I was going to do hair I’d have to get paid, so started my hair career.  After high school, with a couple of friends and unbeknownst to our parents, we went to New York City. I had without a doubt one of the best adventures of my life, to that point.  After our short stint in the big apple-approximately three months-I returned to St. Louis with the knowledge that St. Louis was not for me. However, I wasn’t so inclined when I first returned. I spent another three years hating St. Louis and wondering what I was going to do with my life. Although miserable, it would take a visit to a friend in Chicago who simply said, “If you are so miserable, why don’t you leave.” It was as if someone had turned on a light bulb. When I went back home from that little trip to Chicago, my mind was made up; I was going to leave St. Louis.

I decided on Chicago, partly because of the friend that I had there.  Chicago was great that summer of ’69 but the inevitable Chicago winter was fast approaching. I decided that between Chicago and New York, New York was the winner, and the winter wasn’t as severe as Chicago. I had planned to go back to St. Louis and make some money then go to New York. However, an opportunity presented itself and I headed to Los Angeles California, with great expectations, not.  I was so disappointed with LA that I decided it wasn’t for me, and that I was going back to St. Louis to eventually land in New York. Before I could make the trek, another opportunity presented itself, and I flew to San Francisco where I lost my heart. After living in San Francisco for more than twenty years, I moved to Oakland, were I now reside.

 MBA:  What if anything made you write Wayfarers?

      WINFRED: First of all the tentative title was The Cowboys. I wondered how cowboys and slaves handled homosexuality. It’s been around sense the beginning of time. Then I wondered what a relationship would be like with a black slave and his master. I’m sure this happened but I didn’t want a relationship where the master commanded the slave, and the slave had no choice. So I thought about young boys, one black and the other one white, and the master’s son. Since young minds, (toddles) are without prejudiced; I thought it safe to form this type of bond between the two boys. Although it was love at the beginning; it was more brotherly. I had no idea that this saga would take these character on the paths that they took. I simply followed the characters to their natural conclusion.

MBA: Tell our readers what relaxes you after a long day at work?

  WINFRED:My work is so social until I’m hardly ever tired. Aside from writing, which I do mainly in the morning hours, I read a lot and I enjoy going to movies. I’m pretty much a home body, and doing things around the house, which there’s always something to do, can be gratifying.

MBA:  With the holidays fast approaching, what is one of your favorite memories?

    WINFRED: I think we have to go back to my childhood to get the best memories. For starters, In St. Louis at Christmas time if it snowed Christmas Eve, it was mystical. A hush fell over the city as the snow accumulated on the streets.  And from a child perspective, Santa had it made to deliver all of the toys that were expected on Christmas day. Some of my fondest memories were of my mother and some of her friends having Christmas cheer drinking eggnog, and listening to the blues, and Christmas carols, while she cooked for the next day, and how our,(the kids) eggnog wasn’t spited like the adults. Some of the old Christmas music is played to this day. I remember, with my cousin, trying to go to sleep early in order for Santa to make his delivery.  Not to mention the Coke Cola I diligently left for the over worked Santa Clauses, and of course how I was convinced that the empty Coke bottle was left by non-other than the man himself.

MBA: What is on the horizon for you?

      WINFRED: Aside from promoting my new novel, I hope that my books become good sellers, if not best sellers. The first one, Uncle Otto, has received a finalist nod from the Indie Excellence Book Awards and my second, recently published, Wayfarers, has received rave reviews. I’d like to retire and make a living writing. Although the literary world is a challenge, I’m doing my best to crack the wall of resistance. I have another finished novel, Ruby, about a kleptomaniac. I’m currently writing my forth novel about a gay detective, tentatively called Detective Nulley.

MBA: Tell our readers where to find you and where your books are available.

WINFRED: That’s an easy one. Both books, including ebooks, can be found on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble. Com, Borders.com,( if they are still online) iUniverse.com for Uncle Otto, and Xlibris.com for Wayfarers. Visit my website; winfredcook.com, it can answer most questions or write your questions to my email address, winfredcook@yahoo.com . If all else fells I can be contacted via Facebook, twitter and Linkendin.




Publisher:Xlibris Corporation (July 20, 2011)



ISBN-13: 978-1462872565

SOURCE: Received for review from the Authoright

From Authoright PR: Press release for Wayfarers by Winfred Cook (published by Xlibris Corporation, RRP $19.99):

Against the evocative backdrop of the majestically beautiful Hawthorne Manor, a sprawling plantation in Post-Civil War Tennessee, unfolds a story of love, hate, loss and redemption. 


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