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“It’ll end in tears,” they said, and secretly hoped.

In little over a year, my grandmother decided that her initial vision was completed enough to her satisfaction and she threw a party. My grandfather, Cal Sr., was relieved—he saw it as a peace offering. She let him believe that.

How can it be so easy for her? I thought, as I sat in my studio, my conversation with Ava repeating in a continuous loop through my head. She who, unlike me, spent years forcing herself to remember when I was struggling to forget. The light was beginning to die outside, eager lamps from the streets sharpening against the encroaching dark. I sat in the corner of my room, surrounded by the half-formed clay models, whose shadows threw deformed specters on the walls behind them. I could tell as we spoke that unlike me she did not see an arched sign hung between two columns of oak with the farm’s name written on it in curlicue black lettering or the gravel paths that wound through sculptured green lawns on which were planted pockets of flowers.

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I have been published since 1983, when the first of my 7-book
SAVAGE DESTINY series was published by Kensington.  That was 57 books and many awards ago.  I write strictly about the American West of the 1800’s as well as numerous books about Native Americans.  I work very hard on research and always include real history and real locations in my stories.  Many of my fans have told me they feel as though they learned a lot about our history in an entertaining way after finishing one of my books.  I also write about true love – no bed-hopping, haughty heroine type of stories.  My characters are very strong, pioneer-type people who are brave and determined, and whose solid love holds them together as they face the trials of settling an untamed land.

(Idea for Wildest Dreams):  All my ideas are based on my love for America history and the research I do for my stories.  Every book I write brings up yet another idea for yet another book.  I love the western American landscape, and it doesn’t get much more beautiful than Montana.

(Hero/heroine/villain):  There is no way to “decide” these things.  I simply start out with a basic story idea – a man and woman meet, fall in love, and start their own ranching empire in the wilds of Montana. Obviously, in such a time and place, outlaws (horse theives/cattle theives) and Indians are going to be the natural enemies.  However, I try to give back stories for my villains also, reasons for some of the things they do, especially Native Americans because I totally understand where they are coming from in their fight to keep what they felt belonged to them.

 (Challenges in writing):  The obvious challenge is truly understanding what it must have been like to settle in wild, lonely country – especially for a woman.  Women are naturally social people, and although a rancher had plenty of other men (his help) to interact with, it was very hard for the pioneer woman, who was often the only woman on the premises and who was miles from town and neighbors, often giving birth alone, no doctors to help with sick children, putting up with long, dark winters buried in winter snows and so forth.  Living today’s life of running all over the place, belonging to clubs, involved with the internet and all its venues for contacting the entire world, it’s sometimes difficult to grasp what it must be like to be completely alone in a dangerous land, knowing you will likely never see your mother and other family members again. In that respect, and being a woman, I would have to say (in answer to the next question) that I identify the most with the heroine (Lettie) in Wildest Dreams.

(If I could change anything in the world):  I would go back to The American pioneer spirit we have always felt in this country until just the last few years, when it seems as though we have taken a turn away from what made the United States the greatest country in the world.  We need renewed hope and pride and desire to set new frontiers and  be the best.

(Who influenced me):  I would have to say the book THE PROUD BREED by Celeste deBlasis inspired me to write about the growth of America during the 1800’s.  Also, A LANTERN IN HER HAND, by Bess Streeter Aldrich – a wonderful book that depicts a woman’s loneliness in living in an unsettled land and giving up all her dreams to help her husband fulfill his own dreams.  I highly recommend both books.

(Future projects):  I still have a World War II story I would like to re-write and get published. It’s out of my normal genre, but it’s a story I’ve always wanted to tell. Currently I have a book called PARADISE VALLEY, a love story set in Wyoming, with a pubisher for consideration.
And for now I am working on a post-civil war love story called DESPERATE HEARTS.
(Advice to new writers):  Write, write, write – every day.  No excuses. You have to “practice” writing, just like any other talent you might have.

Wildest Dreams can be found through Sourcebooks.com and Amazon.com.  It is currently avaiable in print and as an e-book.  You can learn more about me at www.rosannebittner.com and my blog – www.rosannebittner.blogspot.com

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Paperback:560 pages

Publisher:Sourcebooks Casablanca; Reprint edition (February 7, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-1402267680

(From the author’s website)

 Luke Fontaine and Lettie MacBride meet on a wagon train headed west, both of them running from a past and from places to which they intend to never return. They fall in love, and Lettie follows Luke to Montana, where Luke intends to build a cattle empire of his own. Beset by relentless snows, Indian attacks, run-ins with horse thieves, buffalo hunters, a grizzly bear, prairie fires, vigilantes and the countless other challenges of settling in wild country, the powerful love Luke and Lettie share helps hold them together through a rugged pioneer life and through the loss of a son who is stolen away by Indians, never to return until he is a grown man.

       WILDEST DREAMS is a vivid depiction of what life was like for America’s pioneers, all set against the glorious panorama of Montana, “big-sky country,” where there was a time when a man could own land that stretched so far that it would take days to ride its perimeter … a land where a man could carve out his dreams and realize them … and where a woman found strength and independence of a kind she’d never know in settled places.

       Luke and Lettie raise a huge family, and WILDEST DREAMS goes into the lives of their children, whose hearts will always lie at “home,” on the DOUBLE-L Ranch in Montana. Though people and events come along to try to destroy the love Luke and Lettie have for each other, nothing can come between them. By the end of this book, a sweeping saga of romance, adventure and realistic pioneer life, the courage it took for our American pioneers to settle this land will live on in the minds of the readers for years to come, along with an appreciation for the kind of people who settled America!



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