Cheryl Brooks is a critical care nurse by night and a romance writer by day. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America. She is the author of The Cat Star Chronicles series and lives with her husband, two sons, four cats, two horses and two dogs in rural Indiana.

For more information, please visit or follower her on Twitter: @CherylCatMaster.

Good morning, Cheryl and welcome to My Book Addiction and More!


MBA&M: Tell our readers a little about Cheryl Brooks?

I grew up in Louisville, KY and I’ve been a critical care nurse since 1977, graduating from the Kentucky Baptist Hospital School of Nursing in 1976. I met my husband that year and married him in 1979. I then went on to earn a BSN from Indiana University in 1986. I was pregnant with my eldest son Mike, when I graduated, and my youngest son, Sam was born about a month before we moved to rural Indiana in 1989. I’d had horses as a kid and was looking forward to raising them when we finally got a farm of our own. I did that on a small scale for several years, but then writing took over my life. Right now, I’m holding at two horses, four cats, and two crazy dogs, Bugsy and Peaches. I’ve worked full-time in nursing ever since I graduated, but have recently cut back to part-time to allow more time for my writing. My other interests include cooking, gardening, singing and guitar playing.


I’ve been writing in earnest since 2004, and I self-published a book titled, If You Could Read My Mind, writing as Samantha R. Michaels in 2006. Slave (2008) was the first of my books to be published by Sourcebooks Casablanca, and has since been followed by Warrior, Rogue, Outcast, Fugitive, Hero, and Virgin. Stud is the current release, to be followed by Wildcat in February 2013. Also, in June, 2011, I self-published an ebook titled Sex, Love, and a Purple Bikini. I’ve contributed stories to The Sextet Anthologies for Siren/Bookstrand, but have since gone solo with an erotic novella titled Small, Medium, & Large; A Toy Story, which is due to be released in April 2012.


MBA&M: Why write an erotic paranormal romance series?


CB: I fell in love with sci-fi as a kid watching Star Trek, but it always bugged me that Captain Kirk always got the girl, rather than Mr. Spock, whom I considered to be the more interesting character. Then Star Wars came out, and yes, there was romance, but it was more of a subplot than the main focus of the story. I wanted a romantic sci-fi series, but unlike the romance novels of that time, I wanted it hot and explicit without all the flowery euphemisms that, to be perfectly honest, I found irritating. So that’s what I wrote!


MBA&M: What where the challenges in writing “Stud”?


CB: Unlike many of the books in this series that mainly had my imagination as their source, I had to do some research for Stud. If you check out the acknowledgements in the back of the book, you’ll see what I mean. I studied videos about everything from making primitive weapons to how to make tools from deer antlers.


MBA&M: When writing “The Cat Star Chronicles”, how did the stories come to be and how many will be in this series?


CB: When I first began writing this series, I envisioned Cat, the hero of the first book, Slave, to be the last of a species whose life span was two hundred years or more. I planned to follow him through the various loves of his life, but when I sold the story to Sourcebooks, my editor nixed that idea. Her suggestion was that Cat was not the last of his kind, and that there were others like him scattered throughout the galaxy. So I came up with the idea of six comrades in arms who were captured near the end of the war in which their planet was destroyed and sold into slavery. I had already started writing Warrior as an earlier episode in Cat’s life, but turned it into a story about a new hero, Leo. For that book, I wanted a more historical feel, and set it on a planet colonized by people who shunned modern advances and eventually devolved into a feudal society, complete with knights on horseback and a line of healing witches, including the heroine, Tisana. Book three, Rogue, is about two brothers who were sold as a pair to the reptilian queen of a desert world. With the intention of breeding more of them while at the same time increasing the cultural diversity of her people, the queen hires a young woman from Earth to teach piano to the princess. Book four, Outcast, is more of a western frontier saga, with a pioneer heroine and a rather tortured hero who was originally sold as a slave to keep a group of harem women happy. Book five, Fugitive, tells the story of the one member of the group who escaped prior to being sold and has been on the run ever since. He’s living like Tarzan in the wilds of Barada Seven until a wildlife artist named Drusilla arrives to paint the native birds. Book six, Hero, focuses on the brother in Rogue who didn’t get the girl. This time he not only wins the heart of Micayla, the last Zetithian woman in existence, but helps bring the nemesis of the Zetithian race to justice. At the end of Hero, a refugee ship lands with over a hundred Zetithians aboard. Books seven through nine, Virgin, Stud, and Wildcat (which is due to release in February 2013) follow three of those refugees and the paths their lives take now that they are free and the threat to their kind has been eliminated. I could write more, but so far, I’m only contracted for a total of nine books.


MBA&M: How hard is it to continue with a series with a lot of books in the storyline?


CB: The trouble with this sort of series is that the places and character names and the various alien species are hard to keep track of. If I’d had any sense at all, I’d have created an ongoing list of characters and descriptions, but I only do it for each book, and I find myself actually having to re-read parts of the earlier books. Because Stud is set in the same locale as Outcast, I had to go back and study several chapters.

MBA&M: If you could switch places with one of the characters in your books, who would it be and why?


CB: I would love to be Captain Jack from Slave, but Tisana’s character in Warrior actually comes the closest to being me. Jack is adventurous, outspoken, and strong. She’s the person inside me that’s trying to get out. Unfortunately, the rest of me isn’t a match for her personality.

MBA&M: Of all your books in The Cat Star Chronicles so far, which is your favorite and why?

CB: The current book is always my favorite, because as the series has moved on, I have also moved on as a writer. My earlier books were fun, and I love them all, but I can recognize the fact that they aren’t as well-written as my later efforts. I didn’t go into this venture as a polished, highly-trained writer, and have gotten a lot of on the job training.


MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to find you and where Stud is available?

CB: Stud is available in bookstores and online from vendors such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is also available in ebook formats for Kindle, Nook, etc. is my website. You can email me at For those of you who are adventurous and feeling slightly naughty, I invite you to visit my blog, But be warned! I don’t call it EROTIC for nothing!


MBA&M: Cheryl, do you have anything to add?


CB: I began writing to relieve the stress of nursing, therefore, even though there are adventures and a few bad guys throughout the series, focusing on the dark side of fiction with all of its evil and suffering was never my intention. My goal was to have fun and enjoy the romance as it develops between my hero and heroine.


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us and our readers today!!


CB: Thanks so much for having me here on My Book Addiction and More! It’s always a pleasure to visit!




Mass Market Paperback:416 pages

Publisher:Sourcebooks Casablanca (February 7, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-1402251689


They’re galaxies apart…

Even for a Zetithian, Tarq Zulveidinoe’s sexual prowess is legendary. Believing it’s all he’s good for, Tarq sets out to perpetuate his threatened species by offering his services to women across the galaxy…


But one force can bring them together…

Lucinda Force is the sensitive dark horse in a self-absorbed family, repeatedly told that no man will ever want such a plain woman. Lucy longs for romance, but is resigned to her loveless lot in life—until Tarq walks through the door of her father’s restaurant on Talus Five…


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 Soren Petrek

Book Description(From Amazon)

Publication Date: December 3, 2011
Kill or be killed. Patience County Sheriff, Sam Trunce is in the cross hairs of a Mexican drug cartel. He is not alone. Patience County’s secret army of combat vets, Masai warriors and history’s most deadly female assassin stand at his side. The cartel’s murder squad and Patience’s army hurtle towards war, winner takes all.

Patience County War is free on kindle feb 15, 16. Here’s the link.

 It’s free the next couple of Days, check it out.





(image from Amazon’s author page)


MBA&M:Tell our readers a little about Naomi Dathan

NAOMI: I am a widow with two daughters, a teen and a tween, and two rescued beagles with a vastly inflated view of their place in the universe.  I love to write, paint ceramics and sing (I’ve never met a microphone I didn’t love).

MBA&M: What made you decide to write a Christian Historical Novel?

NAOMI: I’ve been fascinated with life on the prairie since my third grade teacher read my class Little House on the Prairie.  But it wasn’t until I read The Children’s Blizzard by David Laskin that I became compelled to write Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go.  Because I my world view is so saturated with my faith, all of my novels are Christian to a greater or lesser degree.

MBA&M: What challengers did you encounter in writing Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go?

NAOMI: At the time I wrote that novel, I was the full-time caregiver for my husband, whose health was declining.  Probably at least half was written in hospital waiting rooms and sitting by his hospital bed.  When I went back to edit Jem’s story, I realized the impact of that – many of poor Seth’s health problems might have been avoided if only I’d written the story at a different stage of my life. 

The other challenge major challenge was my love for the kids I wrote.  How could I not love those funny little personalities?   It was pretty traumatic to throw them into the dangerous storm.

     MBA&M:  How much research went into writing, and where did you go to find it?

NAOMI: Hi, I’m Naomi, and I’m a research-holic.  The answer is, too much!  I loved doing the research, loved throwing myself into that time and place.  I read history, immersed myself into historical sites on the internet, and searched for photos.


NAOMI: My favorite books and movie are Pride and Prejudice, but I read a little bit of practically everything.  As far as music, I love gospel, classical, pop, country . . .   And I love it all more if it’s live.  I love live music.  I also love to karaoke. 

MBA&M:  Who is your hero, be it a person, character?

NAOMI: I adore Mahalia Jackson.  She was an extraordinary vocalist, but also an extraordinary woman.  Did you know that she was partly responsible for Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream” speech?  He had several variations of the speech with different elements.  During the March on Washington, he was speaking about something else when Mahalia Jackson leaned forward and said, “Tell them about the dream, Martin.”  So he did.

       MBA&M: Top reads that influenced my writing:

NAOMI: Well, as I mentioned before, the two primary influences for this book were Laura Ingalls Wilder and David Laskin.  Many, many authors – too many to name — taught me how to write by example.

MBA&M: What is on the Horizon?

NAOMI: Practically as soon as I finish this interview, I’ll be beginning the sequel to Whither.   Meantime, watch for my romantic suspense, The Temptation of Mrs. Emily Templeton, to be released in the next couple of months.  It’s contemporary, and in some ways a very different book, so readers will have to let me know what they think!

       MBA&M: How to buy the book

You may purchase Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go at

Vyrso (,

Barnes and Noble ( and

Amazon ( )


Visit with Naomi at



File Size:382 KB

Publisher:Kirkdale Press (November 27, 2011)



Product Description(from Amazon)

For everything there is a season. A season for joy. A season for sorrow. A season for testing.
Jem Perkins has it all – money, a fine house, a handsome husband, and a new baby boy. But when her family fortunes turn, Jem’s husband Seth leads her to a new home: a sod house on a Nebraska homestead.
It is a season of growth for Jem as she reluctantly confronts her new realities: back-breaking labor, dangerous illness, and mind-numbing isolation. She learns to embrace her new role as a capable woman and marriage partner and discovers an awareness of God’s hand in her life.
Then, on January 12, 1888, the history-making Children’s Blizzard sweeps across the land, ushering in a season of hardship she never expected. Can Jem’s confidence, marriage, and new-found faith weather the storm?

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Reading level:Ages 18 and up

Paperback:400 pages

Publisher:Berkley Trade; 1 edition (February 7, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-0425245569

Book Description(From Amazon)

Publication Date: February 7, 2012
Brooke O’Connor–elegant, self-possessed, and kind–has a happy marriage and a deeply loved young daughter. So her adamant refusal to have a second child confounds her husband, Sean. When Brooke’s high school boyfriend, Alex–now divorced and mourning the death of his young son–unexpectedly resurfaces, Sean begins to suspect an affair.
For fifteen years Brooke has kept a shameful secret from everyone she loves. Only Alex knows the truth that drove them apart. His reappearance now threatens the life she has so carefully constructed and fortified by denial. With her marriage–and her emotional equilibrium–at stake, Brooke must confront what she has been unwilling to face for so long.
But the truth is not what Brooke believes it to be.
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LEGACY OF EDEN by Nelle Davy “Scavenger Hunt”…


The Legacy of Eden is on tour and all of the blogs are participating in a Scavenger Hunt! So Follow along for the fun….


“It’ll end in tears,” they said, and secretly hoped.

In little over a year, my grandmother decided that her initial vision was completed enough to her satisfaction and she threw a party. My grandfather, Cal Sr., was relieved—he saw it as a peace offering. She let him believe that.

How can it be so easy for her? I thought, as I sat in my studio, my conversation with Ava repeating in a continuous loop through my head. She who, unlike me, spent years forcing herself to remember when I was struggling to forget. The light was beginning to die outside, eager lamps from the streets sharpening against the encroaching dark. I sat in the corner of my room, surrounded by the half-formed clay models, whose shadows threw deformed specters on the walls behind them. I could tell as we spoke that unlike me she did not see an arched sign hung between two columns of oak with the farm’s name written on it in curlicue black lettering or the gravel paths that wound through sculptured green lawns on which were planted pockets of flowers.

By following along with the hunt you’ll get a sneak peek at the first chapter of “The Legacy of Eden” and get the chance to win your own copy! And Nelle Davy will be here on the 29th of February with a guest post!






I have been published since 1983, when the first of my 7-book
SAVAGE DESTINY series was published by Kensington.  That was 57 books and many awards ago.  I write strictly about the American West of the 1800’s as well as numerous books about Native Americans.  I work very hard on research and always include real history and real locations in my stories.  Many of my fans have told me they feel as though they learned a lot about our history in an entertaining way after finishing one of my books.  I also write about true love – no bed-hopping, haughty heroine type of stories.  My characters are very strong, pioneer-type people who are brave and determined, and whose solid love holds them together as they face the trials of settling an untamed land.

(Idea for Wildest Dreams):  All my ideas are based on my love for America history and the research I do for my stories.  Every book I write brings up yet another idea for yet another book.  I love the western American landscape, and it doesn’t get much more beautiful than Montana.

(Hero/heroine/villain):  There is no way to “decide” these things.  I simply start out with a basic story idea – a man and woman meet, fall in love, and start their own ranching empire in the wilds of Montana. Obviously, in such a time and place, outlaws (horse theives/cattle theives) and Indians are going to be the natural enemies.  However, I try to give back stories for my villains also, reasons for some of the things they do, especially Native Americans because I totally understand where they are coming from in their fight to keep what they felt belonged to them.

 (Challenges in writing):  The obvious challenge is truly understanding what it must have been like to settle in wild, lonely country – especially for a woman.  Women are naturally social people, and although a rancher had plenty of other men (his help) to interact with, it was very hard for the pioneer woman, who was often the only woman on the premises and who was miles from town and neighbors, often giving birth alone, no doctors to help with sick children, putting up with long, dark winters buried in winter snows and so forth.  Living today’s life of running all over the place, belonging to clubs, involved with the internet and all its venues for contacting the entire world, it’s sometimes difficult to grasp what it must be like to be completely alone in a dangerous land, knowing you will likely never see your mother and other family members again. In that respect, and being a woman, I would have to say (in answer to the next question) that I identify the most with the heroine (Lettie) in Wildest Dreams.

(If I could change anything in the world):  I would go back to The American pioneer spirit we have always felt in this country until just the last few years, when it seems as though we have taken a turn away from what made the United States the greatest country in the world.  We need renewed hope and pride and desire to set new frontiers and  be the best.

(Who influenced me):  I would have to say the book THE PROUD BREED by Celeste deBlasis inspired me to write about the growth of America during the 1800’s.  Also, A LANTERN IN HER HAND, by Bess Streeter Aldrich – a wonderful book that depicts a woman’s loneliness in living in an unsettled land and giving up all her dreams to help her husband fulfill his own dreams.  I highly recommend both books.

(Future projects):  I still have a World War II story I would like to re-write and get published. It’s out of my normal genre, but it’s a story I’ve always wanted to tell. Currently I have a book called PARADISE VALLEY, a love story set in Wyoming, with a pubisher for consideration.
And for now I am working on a post-civil war love story called DESPERATE HEARTS.
(Advice to new writers):  Write, write, write – every day.  No excuses. You have to “practice” writing, just like any other talent you might have.

Wildest Dreams can be found through and  It is currently avaiable in print and as an e-book.  You can learn more about me at and my blog –

And watch for my virtual Valentine’s Day party at !!



Paperback:560 pages

Publisher:Sourcebooks Casablanca; Reprint edition (February 7, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-1402267680

(From the author’s website)

 Luke Fontaine and Lettie MacBride meet on a wagon train headed west, both of them running from a past and from places to which they intend to never return. They fall in love, and Lettie follows Luke to Montana, where Luke intends to build a cattle empire of his own. Beset by relentless snows, Indian attacks, run-ins with horse thieves, buffalo hunters, a grizzly bear, prairie fires, vigilantes and the countless other challenges of settling in wild country, the powerful love Luke and Lettie share helps hold them together through a rugged pioneer life and through the loss of a son who is stolen away by Indians, never to return until he is a grown man.

       WILDEST DREAMS is a vivid depiction of what life was like for America’s pioneers, all set against the glorious panorama of Montana, “big-sky country,” where there was a time when a man could own land that stretched so far that it would take days to ride its perimeter … a land where a man could carve out his dreams and realize them … and where a woman found strength and independence of a kind she’d never know in settled places.

       Luke and Lettie raise a huge family, and WILDEST DREAMS goes into the lives of their children, whose hearts will always lie at “home,” on the DOUBLE-L Ranch in Montana. Though people and events come along to try to destroy the love Luke and Lettie have for each other, nothing can come between them. By the end of this book, a sweeping saga of romance, adventure and realistic pioneer life, the courage it took for our American pioneers to settle this land will live on in the minds of the readers for years to come, along with an appreciation for the kind of people who settled America!



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MBA&M: Good morning, Samantha, and welcome to My Book Addiction and More!!


SAMANTHA: It’s my pleasure to be here today. Thank you for inviting me to be a guest.


MBA&M: Please tell our readers a few tidbits about Samantha Grace?


SAMANTHA: I must have my morning coffee, but never hazelnut. I love to dance. My husband and I have two great kids who make me laugh daily. We have a dog that also likes to tap dance for her supper. I could eat Tex Mex every day. And I’m super curious, especially about people. I love getting to know new people and learning what is important to them. 



MBA&M: What, if anything made you decide to write historical romance?


SAMANTHA: I enjoyed reading historical romance in my early twenties, but later I gravitated toward the Oprah Book Club picks. If I read romance, it tended to be chick lit (Bridget Jones’ Diary, Confessions of a Shopaholic). About four years ago, I was going through a tough time at work, and I didn’t want to read a heavy, sad story. Browsing in the library, I stumbled across an old favorite, Johanna Lindsey. The book I picked up swept me away from modern life for a time, and left me with a big smile.


I always knew I wanted to be a writer, and I think part of my turmoil with work was a signal that it was time to pursue that dream. Since an author spends months immersed in the world she creates, I wanted it to be a place I enjoyed. Regency England is just that place, and I love it!


MBA&M: Where did the idea of “Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel” come from?


SAMANTHA: Lord Andrew and Lana Hillary were secondary characters in my first attempt at a romance novel. They had such strong personalities that I found myself more interested in them. I began to question what would happen if the two of them became involved romantically, and the story began to unfold. I really had no idea what either of them would do or say moment to moment, which made it enjoyable for me.


MBA&M: Do the characters usually just appear or do they “beg” for an appearance”?


SAMANTHA: They usually appear. I might think, “I need a villain”, but then I don’t know who will show up and step into that role. I feel like the first draft is mostly me getting to know the characters and what makes them tick.


MBA&M: What or who are 3 of your top reads/author who you feel influenced your writing of historical romances? Why?


SAMANTHA:I already mentioned Johanna Lindsey drawing me into the genre, but that was just the first step. After I started writing, I discovered some of the newer generation historical romance authors. Two years ago, I listened to an audio book by Amanda Quick on the way to Chicago. There was something about listening to the story instead of reading it that flipped a switch for me. I started to feel the language. I’m not saying I’ve perfected it, because I do tend to have a modern voice for the most part, but it stopped being such a struggle. Lastly, I owe so much to my mentor, Ava Stone. She took me under her wing and generously shared knowledge she had accumulated over her ten year career as a regency romance author. And she’s still there for me.


MBA&M: If you could step into a book and be a character what book would it be and why?


SAMANTHA:I’ve always loved Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I like the closeness between the Dashwood sisters, so I would want to be part of their family. My sister is significantly younger than me and we live far apart. I adore her and wish we could see each other every day if we wanted.


MBA&M: What is on the horizon for Samantha Grace?


SAMANTHA: The second book of my series, Lady Amelia’s Mess and a Half, will be released in June. It’s about Lana Hillary’s brother, Jake, and the beautiful widow, Amelia. Both characters make appearances in Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel. Readers can expect the same sense of fun, a new set of delightful characters, and a familiar face or two along the way.

MBA&M: Who is your biggest hero, be it person, or character and why?


 SAMANTHA:This is hard to answer, because there are so many great people throughout history. I think I’m going to have to say one of my friends, though. She has gone through some very tough times over the last couple of years, but instead of becoming bitter, she remains hopeful and kind. Her inner strength is amazing. I wish her and her family the best. If anyone deserves happiness, it is my friend, because she spreads happiness wherever she goes.


Samantha, do you have anything to add?


I love meeting readers, so thanks again to MBA&M for this chance to introduce myself and my book.


MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to find you and where “Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel” is available?


“Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel” can be found at independent bookstores, the larger chain bookstores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. The book is in print and ebook format.


I can be found at, Facebook (, Twitter (!/SamGraceAuthor), and I blog regularly at Lady Scribes ( I’ll also be attending the RT Booklovers Convention in Chicago this year, and hope to see some of you there.


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us and our readers!!



Mass Market Paperback:416 pages

Publisher:Sourcebooks Casablanca (February 7, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-1402258312

Book Description(from Amazon)

Publication Date: February 7, 2012


Debonair bachelor Lord Andrew Forest lives for pleasure and offers no apologies. But he receives a dose of his own medicine when his family’s entrancing houseguest beds him, then disappears without so much as a by-your-leave. He’d like to teach the little vixen a thing or two about how to love and man…if he can find her..


After the dashing man of her dreams is revealed as a lying scoundrel, heiress Lana Hilary is ready to seek a match with a respectable gentleman-if only they weren’t so dreadfully boring. Unable to rein in her bold nature for long, Lana flirts with trouble and finds herself entangled with exactly the type of man she’s vowed to avoid.



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Rebecca H. Jamison Biography

Rebecca Jamison met her husband on a blind date. His first words to her were, “Do you want to get together and play spin the bottle?”(He was trying to avoid another bad blind date, but she went out with him anyway.) Rebecca grew up in Vienna, Virginia. She attended Brigham Young University, earning a BA and MA in English. In between college and grad school, she served a mission to Portugal and the Cape Verde islands. Rebecca and her husband have six children. She enjoys running, dancing, making jewelry, reading, and watching chick flicks. You can learn more about her at

Surviving Vs. Thriving by Rebecca H. Jameson

As women, we give, give, and give some more. That’s what’s great about us. But it can also be our downfall.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t want to answer the phone because the person on the other end might be asking you for a favor? Have you ever gone out on an errand without bothering to fix your hair or make-up? Have you neglected basic self-care like exercising, eating breakfast, or flossing because you were too busy? Me too! I’ve definitely been to that place, and even though there’s really nothing wrong with it, it doesn’t make me happy.

Making Small Changes

A couple years ago, I decided I was going to start taking care of myself. I started exercising a few minutes three days a week. I put on make-up even when I wasn’t going anywhere. I wore jewelry and tried to pick clothes from my closet that looked good on me. I even bought myself some new jeans. Dressing better made me feel better about myself, and I started eating healthier food. Before I knew it, I’d lost fifteen pounds without really dieting.

I have to add that my life wasn’t exactly hunky-dory at the time I was making these changes either. I had my fair share of trials—illness and the death of a close family member were among them. But, somehow, taking care of myself a little bit helped me to feel in control of the situations.

Benefits of Small Changes

Even though I made the changes for myself, everyone around me benefited. My husband and kids started exercising and eating healthier. I’d been nagging my husband for years to stop eating candy bars every night, but he didn’t stop until he noticed that I was getting healthier. All of a sudden, the candy bars were no longer a problem. Since I had more energy, we started walking and running together. The kids also joined in, and soon we became a much healthier family.

I’m not going to feel guilty that I’m happier either. Who doesn’t want a happier mom, wife, or friend? When I take care of myself, I don’t need people to validate me because I’m already validating myself. Instead, I can validate other people. Violà! People no longer run when they see me coming.

We tell ourselves we’re too busy to take care of ourselves. In reality, when we take the time for ourselves, we have more energy to help other people.  How do you take care of yourself?

Thank you Jamison for visiting with us and our readers today!

 Persuasion: A Latter-day Tale

By Rebecca H. Jamison

When Anne broke off her engagement seven years ago, she thought she’d never see Neil Wentworth again. But when Neil’s brother buys the house she grew up in, it seems fate has other plans in store. Anne is unprepared for the roller coaster of emotions that come when Neil returns and starts dating her younger friend.

Convinced that Neil could no longer have strong feelings for her, Anne pushes away all thoughts of the past. But when the handsome man she’s been dating decides he can’t live without her, Anne must come to terms with her past.

Fans of Jane Austen’s Persuasion will enjoy this modern version of her most romantic story.

Price: $15.99

Number of pages: 240 pages

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Bonneville Books (Cedar Fort)

Release Date: Feb 7, 2012





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M. L. Buchman has worked in fast food, theater, computers, publishing, and light manufacturing. It’s amazing what you can do with a degree in geophysics. At one point he sold everything and spent 18-months riding a bicycle around the world. In 11,000 miles, he touched 15 countries and hundreds of amazing people. Since then, he has acquired a loving lady, the coolest kid on the planet, and lives in Portland, Oregon. For more information, please visit



What I Know…Now.

Hello Wendy, and hello Wendy’s moma(April)! Thanks so much for having me aboard.

One of the funniest things anyone can say to a writer is, “write what you know.” Let’s see, I wasn’t very good at teeter-totter, but I was good at swings. I’ve been a computer programmer and house designer, I’ve even ridden my bicycle solo around the world, but the battlefield of that childhood playground is about the closest I’ve ever been to a military operation. Then again, I’ve never done what’s in most of my books. My military romantic suspense is no exception.

“The Night is Mine” is based on the real-life Night Stalkers, the U.S. Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. The folks who fly helicopters to deliver Special Forces to places we’ve never heard of. Grenada, Somalia, bin Laden’s compound, those we know. Most we don’t and never will.

Three years ago I had never heard of them. I found them through serendipitous research, looking for one thing and finding another. I was looking for an exotic helicopter for a hero to be rescued by and stumbled on the 160th SOAR.

I think there have been three real challenges for me in writing military romantic suspense.

First, military knowledge. That’s been a matter of straight research and a bit of conjecture. I’ve read pretty much every book there is about the Night Stalkers, there are six of them that I’ve found and all grace my bookshelf. I’ve read helicopter maintenance manuals and how to field strip a rifle. I’ve watched movies, documentaries, and YouTube clips. I’m sure I got some of the details wrong, for which I apologize, but I hope that I’m realistic enough that those who serve will at least know I tried.

Second, warrior knowledge. I am anything but a warrior. The first time I wrote a warrior, my critique group laughed him out of the room, so my groundwork was laid out for me… I could only improve.  I read accounts by inserted journalists, retired NAVY Seals, accounts by veterans from most of the recent wars. I read horrid novels, that even I knew were wrong, and great ones that inspired me to keep reading. I also had the good fortune to interview a Coast Guard heli-pilot and a female Chief Mechanic of a Black Hawk recently returned from flying daily missions in Iraq.

I began to get a feel for what motivates a warrior, a non-civilian. Someone that we civilians would call a fighter, though they wouldn’t. I hope that I was able to capture even a part of why they serve. They are not unthinking robots, and that is true ten times over for the ones who chose it as a career. To serve with the Night Stalkers you require a minimum of five years experience before you are allowed to apply. You actually will have volunteered and been tested five separate times before you can reach SOAR. And that’s when the two years training begins before you’re declared mission ready. These people are as elite as the top players in any field.

Third, and this was the kicker, self knowledge. I had to change the way I thought about the military and about myself. I was too young for the ‘60s, but I was old enough to wear a black armband with a red peace symbol to my sixth grade class to protest our actions in Vietnam. I had to unlearn part of that. Not any questions of the rightness or wrongness of such an action, but rather the separation of policy versus practice. Policy is set by governments and the practice is done by our military, our soldiers who carry it out to the best of their abilities under conditions that stagger me more and more as I learn about them.

It has reshaped how I think about myself as well. I have had to learn to respect myself more as an American. To respect myself more as someone who wants to show as true and deep a commitment as the Night Stalkers show in their choices, and partly because of them I get the inestimable luxury to do that without being shot for doing so.

When I set out to write this book, I was off to have fun.  And I did. I didn’t set out to be changed by what I wrote. I didn’t set out expecting to feel how important it was to honor these people even while I worked to make the characters exciting, engaging, and perhaps even memorable. But look what I know…now.

The CNN film crew had made it fun. But now…

The laptop stood balanced on a couple of empty, dull green, ammo cases for the minigun. Sweaty pilots and crew stood gathered around it, waiting for the network to roll the clip.

Captain Emily Beale’s free hand rested on the M9 Beretta sidearm in her holster. Tempting. A couple of 9mm rounds through the screen might cheer her up significantly. But then they’d know how she felt. Be hard to laugh it off after that level of mayhem. She knew hundreds of ways to kill a person, but how do you kill a newscast? Shooting a laptop didn’t meet the ultimate criteria for complete suppression. She scanned the intent faces of her flightmates. Still, a bit of localized destruction held its temptations.

Thanks again, Wendy and moma(April)!

M.L. Buchman


NAME: Emily Beale

RANK: Captain

MISSION: Fly undercover to prevent the assassination of the First Lady, posing as her executive pilot.


NAME: Mark Henderson, code name Viper

RANK: Major

MISSION: Undercover role of wealthy, ex-mercenary boyfriend to Emily


Their jobs are high risk, high reward:

Protect the lives of the powerful and the elite at all cost. Neither expected that one kiss could distract them from their mission. But as the passion mounts between them, their lives and their hearts will both be risked…and the reward this time may well be worth it.

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