Good morning, Lisa and as always welcome to My Addiction and More!
                We are so honored to have you visit with us today…We adore your stories…..
MBA&M: Lisa, please tell those readers who do not know you, a few tidbits about Lisa Renee Jones?
I left the corporate world to write back in 2007 and its been such a good change. I then made another big change and moved to Colorado two years ago and absolutely love it here. I’m a Texan and there are a lot of Texans here because its very similar but the temps are very mild. Even when it snows it doesn’t feel that cold. We rarely need our winter coats. There are crazy cold spells that are below zero but it might be 70 two days later. The big white snow flakes and a fireplace make a great writing environment.
MBA&M: What was your inspiration in writing the “Zodius” series?
I love Vegas and use to go there about 3 times a year. My ex and his family were Army and/or Special Forces so the two things along with a fascination for Area 51 really spurred the idea WAY back before I left the corporate world.
MBA&M: Tell our readers how “The Danger that is Damion” come to be?


Damion and his story came to life while writing Sterling. I got to know Damion very well and I knew exactly who his heroine had to be.
MBA&M: How many books will be in the “Zodius” series?
I have a short story I’ve turned into my editor and then we shall see. I have 3 more planned and hope to write many more. Chale’s story will be next.
MBA&M: What  or who inspired you to become an author?
I actually did a lot of independent film and considered pursing that at one point but life and kids got hectic and time passed. Right before I left my biz I did some independent stuff that went to film festivals but I was really at a point where I had to move and go for it or not. I started thinking about other ways to be creative and script writing and thought — you know– you LOVE books. So the instant the idea came into my head I dived in and never looked back.
MBA&M: If you could step into any of your books,which would it be and why?
Well Santa Baby is so me. The heroine is the only one I can say is a lot like me. So I’d say I don’t have to step far. That heroine and all her mishaps are so relatable to me.
MBA&M: “The Danger that is  Damion” is the third in the “Zodius” series,do you feel readers should read this series in order or not?
I don’t think you need to read in order but I’ve had some readers say you need to. I go to great lengths to try to make sure you can step into each book without reading the prior books
MBA&M: What are some of your comfort foods?
Chocolate. I love it. But I also love cheese (Queso  yum!) and good cookies. Sugar with lots of icing.
MBA&M: What are three titles in your TBR list?
ICE Karen Moning — its not out but I cannot wait!
I am listening to Mr. Perfect on audible. Loved it when I read it and still love it.
Just finished listening to Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis
MBA&M: Who do you feel is your biggest supporter?
Oh Diego, DH, for sure.He’s believed in me when everyone thought I was nuts to leave the corporate world.
MBA&M: You have a street team named “Lisa’s Underground Angels”, how can anyone join if they would like to,and what do they do to support,and encourage you. For those who do not know what “street teams” are all about,please tell them?
Oh I love my angels. I have a group of ladies that help promote my books but many of them have become friends. They really are a special group. Some beta read for me. Some are social media experts. Some let me cry on their shoulder when I have revisions!
I do a lot of special things for my angels because they are special to me.
MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to find you and where to find “The Danger that is Damion”?
Damion should be in your Barnes and Noble stores and on line at all e-tailers. Or you can come to Vegas May 26th and get one signed by me!
                     Lisa, do you have anthing else to add today?
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us and our readers today!!
Just thanks for having me and thanks to my angels and my readers!

The Danger that is Damion


Sourcebooks Casablanca (May 2012)



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General Powell from book 1 has returned and he’s developed a way to create and control a new generation of female GTECHs. He plans to use these women to bring both, the Renegades and the Zodius soldiers, back under his command. The world will be his. Now, Damion, a Renegade, who readers met in book two, will be pitted against one of those soldiers, a woman destined to be both his Lifebond and his enemy. Damion will become her only hope of salvation and their trust in each other the only chance they have to save the world from a madman.

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