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What is your top 5 resolutions for the New year, 2014?

CHRISTINE: Oh, this is a hard one for me. In recent years I’ve stepped away from resolutions, as I’m really bad at telling myself what to do. However, I certainly have some goals that I’ve set for myself.

1.     Get my lazy butt to the gym. I find I’m a much more productive writer when my body is feeling good. So it’s back to the gym and going consistently.

2.     Read more! I used to be a voracious reader, but last year I barely got through ten novels. My goal is to read at least a chapter a night before I go to bed. Not only does it keep my mind fresh, but it’s a great way to relax.

3.     Learn to knit. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m determined that this will be the year I finally make myself that scarf.

4.     To laugh more. I’m a pretty easy going person, but I always feel there’s room for more laugher. Life can be too serious, so it’s important to look on the bright side and enjoy it when you can.

5.     Drink less coffee. Actually, scratch that. What was I thinking?? I’m actually going to go back to my guitar lessons and get to the point where I won’t embarrass myself. I love playing. J

What is your top 5 “to read” books in 2014?

CHRISTINE: I’ve been taking a look at a number of my favorite authors to see what they have coming up this year. Here are a few I can’t wait for!

1.     I’m not normally a reader of New Adult, but I can’t wait for Robin York’s debut book, Deeper.

2.     I’m anxiously awaiting the release of Scarlet Devices, the second book in Delphine Dryden’s Seduction and Steam series.

3.     Cara McKenna’s Cosmo Red Hot Reads book, Her Best Laid Plans sounds amazing.

4.     I’ve been hooked on Kristen Callihan’s Darkest London series since book one. I hate that I’ll need to wait until August for Evernight to come out.

5.     Mary Balogh’s next book, The Escape is out in July. I have that one pre-ordered. J 


Who is your top 5 all time favorite authors?

CHRISTINE: This is a hard one! I think I have to go with my current auto buy author list. This is by no means complete. J

1.     Delphine Dryden

2.    Joe Hill

3.     Mary Balogh

4.     Meljean Brook

5.     Colleen Gleason

Who are your top 5 “bad boys”?


CHRISTINE: I love me some bad boys. But then again, who doesn’t. J It was hard to narrow this list to only five!


1.     Loki – because Tom Hilddleston is just…yeah

2.     Jane from Firefly. And Captain Mal…the entire male cast of Firefly.

3.     Right now I’m more than a little in love with Dyson from Lost Girl. Growl for me, baby!

4.     Literary bad boys, I’d have to go with the Iron Duke, Rhys from The Iron Duke

5.     And finally, one of my favorite male characters is Flynn from Willing Victim.

What was the appeal of Steampunk to readers?


CHRISTINE: Steampunk is a perfect blend of history, science fiction and creative license. It’s a place for tinkers, inventors, optimism and for good and evil to battle it out while decked in high fashion. As a reader, I love being surprised by the creations that live in a steampunk environment. It’s an opportunity to explore the normal romance tropes in a fresh way.


Congratulations, Christine on your latest release!!



Christine d’Abo

Gilded Hearts

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Piper Smith is an Archivist, one who extracts memories from the dead—and her first job is more difficult than she ever imagined. Not only is her subject the victim of murder, but the first man to arrive on the scene is the last man she ever expected to see again: handsome, tormented, and devilishly sexy Samuel Hawkins. Years ago, he fled the Archivists’ Guild unceremoniously, leaving behind both unanswered questions . . . and Piper’s aching heart.

Sergeant Samuel Hawkins of the King’s Sentry can hardly believe the strong, beautiful woman before him is the same shy girl he once knew. His instincts scream to hold her, to kiss her, and to make amends for disappearing from the Archives—and her life. Yet when Piper’s extraction of the victim’s memories reveals something unsettling, the line between ally and enemy suddenly begins to blur. And the question becomes whether their fragile love will blossom or fade like a distant memory.

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Genre: Steampunk
ISBN: # 9781455550500


ChristineA bit about the author…..

Christine d’Abo is hooked on romance and, as a novelist and short story writer with over thirty publications, her imagination is always flowing. She loves to exercise and stops writing just long enough to keep in shape. When she’s not pretending to be a ninja in her basement, she’s most likely spending time with her family and two dogs.



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GILDED HEARTS by Christine D’ Abo is an exciting Steampunk. #1 in “The Shadow Guild”. What an adventure. Set in a Steampunk world, you can not go wrong if you enjoy Steampunk, than “Gilded Hearts” is the story for you to pick up for your reading pleasure. Fast paced and full of adventure and action. Follow, Piper Smith, an Archivist and Sergeant Samuel Hawkins of the King’s Sentry and an ex- member of the Archivist Guild on a journey of danger, a murderer and passion. A new spin on an old tale of Jack the Ripper and what a spin. A sweet romance that is passionate and steamy, with lots of danger and excitement thrown into the mix. Piper and Samuel find themselves entangled not only in their passion for each other for in a race to find a killer and stop him before more lives are lost. Oh and their are secrets and unanswered questions from Samuel’s past Piper would like answered. Like why he left the Guild. “Gilded Hearts” will kept you guessing right up to the very end. Well written with engaging characters and an intriguing storyline. A great read for anyone who enjoy steampunk, romance, and Jack the Ripper tale. Received for an honest review from the publisher.



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