The Unlikely Lady (Book 3)

Publication Date: May 5, 2015
St. Martin’s Press
ISBN-10: 1250042097
ISBN-13: 978-1250042095
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency Romance
Length: Novel

The Unlikely Lady (Book 3)

Based on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing


Certain that no man wants a bluestocking for a wife, Miss Jane Lowndes is careful to wield her books and her spectacles as weapons against matrimony. Convincing her ambitious mama that she’s content to stay a spinster is easier said than done, however. It’s a good thing Jane is not above a bit of manufactured scandal if it will keep her from the altar, and the argumentative, contrary Lord Garrett Upton… 


With the war over, Garrett is determined to enjoy his bachelor’s life while he can, even when it means attending a house party in celebration of a friend’s wedding—and suffering Jane’s notorious disdain. But when a masquerade ball leads to a mistaken kiss, he’s surprised to learn that Jane’s bookish exterior hides a truly passionate soul. When two such headstrong people are determined to remain unattached, can love lead to a happy ending?




Meet Valerie Bowman…

Valerie Bowman’s debut novel was published in 2012. Since then, her books have received starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, and Kirkus. She’s been an RT Reviewers’ Choice nominee for Best First Historical Romance and Best Historical Romance Love and Laughter. Two of her books have been nominated for the Kirkus Prize for fiction.

Valerie grew up in Illinois with six sisters (she’s number seven) and a huge supply of historical romance novels. After a cold and snowy stint earning a degree in English Language and Literature with a minor in history at Smith College, she moved to Florida the first chance she got. Valerie now lives in Jacksonville with her family including her rascally rescue dog, Roo. When she’s not writing, she keeps busy reading, traveling, or vacillating between watching crazy reality TV and PBS.


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Brand new series!!

{Regency Charms}

Book Description (Courtesy of Amazon)

May 5, 2015
Matchmaker Wilhelmina Montgomery helps cupid’s arrow find its mark in the drawing rooms of the Ton, effortlessly pairing even the most unlikely couples for a discreet fee. Perhaps not an appropriate pursuit for a lady…but with an ailing sister to care for, it’s Whimsy’s only hope at securing their future.

Meanwhile, penniless aristocrat Valerian St. David, Earl of Dashwood is society’s favourite matchbreaker; assisting those who want to escape engagement without being sued for breach of promise. Cynical, yes…but with no intention of falling in love himself, Valerian considers himself ideally suited to the role.

And match!
When Whimsy discovers that Valerian has set out to break the very engagement she has been painstakingly arranging, she refuses to allow this mysterious saboteur have his way. Yet she didn’t expect to find the handsome Earl so distractingly alluring. And suddenly, it seems that the Ton’s last two loneliest hearts are in danger of finding their match…in the most inopportune of places.

Don’t miss Defying the Earl, the first book in Anabelle Bryant’s brand-new ‘Regency Charms’ series. Out on 05/05/2015 – pre-order your copy today!

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About this author
Anabelle Bryant

Anabelle began reading at age three and never stopped. Her passion for reading soon turned into a passion for writing and an author was born. Happy to grab a suitcase if it ensures a new adventure, Anabelle finds endless inspiration in travel, especially imaginary jaunts into Regency England, a far cry from her home in New Jersey. Instead, her clever characters live out her daydreams because really, who wouldn’t want to dance with a handsome duke or kiss a wicked earl?

Though teaching keeps her grounded, photography, running and writing, counterbalance her wanderlust. Often found with her nose in a book, Anabelle earned her Master’s Degree and is completing her Doctorate Degree in education. Thrilled to be an author for Harlequin’s Carina line, Anabelle’s historical romances are character driven. She strives to provide a heartfelt connection between her hero, heroine, and the reader, believing the emotional journey on the path to true love is the most important bond. Clever secondary characters and lively conversation keep the pages turning.

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Twitter: @AnabelleBryant


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THE BEST I NEVER HAD  (DeVine Winery #1)

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New job, new town, new people— new life.That’s what Olivia Langston needed. At twenty eight, she was given a rare opportunity at an internship in the rolling valleys of Crystal Falls in California wine country, far away from her small town roots in North Carolina. It was an unexpected journey she desperately needed after her ex-husband crushed her.At DeVine Winery, she expected a fresh start in a new environment to help let go of her past. Instead, she found Daniel Black and a hell of a lot of sexual tension she wasn’t prepared for. He was gorgeous. Modestly wealthy and irresistible with piercing blue eyes that were too easy to get lost in. And he just happened to be part owner of DeVine, one of the largest vineyards in the country. If only she knew that before she kissed him her first night in town.Despite their connection and growing tension, Olivia refused to give in. She couldn’t let herself fall in love. She wouldn’t go down that road again. But the heart wants what it wants, and Crystal Falls promises to have more going for it than a good glass of wine.
  • Series: DeVine Winery
  • Paperback: 382 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 28, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1511606711
  • ISBN-13: 978-1511606714
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    About this author…
    Loni Flowers

    Loni isn’t like most…
    She doesn’t consider herself the typical writer. She wasn’t an avid reader. And doesn’t have an English or writing degree. In fact, she didn’t grow up with a love of reading or writing at all. Fast forward several years and a few book series later and Loni has become a reading machine. Not giving books their fair chance growing up was something she’s since regretted. After blogging book reviews for a year, Loni stepped out on a limb to try something new: writing a novel. One year later, TAKING CHANCES, was born and she has stopped writing since.
    Residing in Eastern North Carolina with her husband, 2 daughters, and couch-potato dogs, Loni works a full-time professional job during the day and writes in her free time.
    Thriving on finding the tiniest speck of romance in any plot thread, Loni is a firm believer in the happily-ever-after’s. She gets a kick out of taking her characters on a roller-coaster ride of drama-filled emotions and enjoys creating character-driven stories.
    A romance that soothes the soul is her number one priority.


    Twitter: @loniflowers







    ADDYKINDLETitle: Addy the Bat and a Visit to Cat
    Author: Lily Lee
    Genre: Children’s Fiction
    Length: 34 pages
    Release Date: May 15, 2015
    ISBN-13: 978-1508661900

    SYNOPSIS: This is the first in a series about Addy the Bat and her friends. In this adventure, Addy goes to visit Cat with her friend Josie and what an amazing time they have!

    With whimsical painted cut-out created pictures, this book is sure to delight children of all ages and bring imagination to life!


    Lily Lee’s first children’s book is to be published this year. She is a well-socialized introvert who, when she isn’t playing with paint or bits of paper or children, is pondering two of life’s most important questions: “Who made that a rule?” and “How can we turn this into a game?”. It wasn’t easy, but she was recently persuaded to give her attention to a few other questions:

    Q: Favorite cookie?

    A: Anything freshly baked by someone who loves me.

    Q: Three things you’d need on a desert island?

    A: A good knife, a piece of string and a computer with unlimited high-speed internet access. Oh. And lip balm. Maybe a frying pan. Books! I forgot books! No, books will be on the computer…are a computer and internet access two things or one thing? Wait! I could make string out of coconut fibers! And if there are coconuts, I could make lip balm too! So, now can I take matches, and maybe books? Is a lighter better than matches? … I’m sorry, what was the question?

    Q: Are there books that have changed your life?

    A:Books are always changing my life, or at least changing my mind, which might be the same thing. Ravenswood is publishing “Addy the Fruit Bat and a Visit to Cat” this year- it’ll be the first of my stories to be set on a page. Does that count as life changing, or is it just really, really exciting?

    Q: What children’s books do you most admire?

    A: I love simple, good-humored stories that give grown-ups and children lots of fun things to talk about. There are books by Dr. Seuss, Mercer Mayer, Maurice Sendak and Stephen Kellogg that probably haunt my adult children’s dreams . It’s not just the classics I love though- in fact, if you haven’t read, or read to a child, books by David Somar and Jacky Davis, Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, Mo Willems, or Laura Nuemeroff, read them as soon as you can. No, don’t. If you do that, you will have no reason at all to read any book of mine. And I would really like you to read my book.

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    ADDYKINDLEADDY THE BAT AND A VISIT TO CAT by Lily Lee is an fascinating Children’s Book. What a whimsical and fun tale of Addy, the Bat and her friends. First in a new and exciting Children’s series. A must read for readers of all age, young and old.

    Brilliantly written, with vivid illustrations and magical adventures! I loved this fun, inspiring tale of creatures large and small. Highly recommended for Librarians, Educators, parents, and grandparents. A whimsical and cute story of young readers!

    *Received for an honest review from the publisher*

    Rating: 5

    Heat rating: N/A

    Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More




    MAY 1, 2015



    For ten years, Lady Daisy Meadows has been in love with Auric, the Duke of Crawford. Ever since his gallant rescue years earlier, Daisy knew she was destined to be his Duchess. Unfortunately, Auric sees her as his best friend’s sister and nothing more. But perhaps, if she can manage to find the fabled heart of a duke pendant, she will win over the heart of her duke.

    Auric, the Duke of Crawford enjoys Daisy’s company. The last thing he is interested in however, is pursuing a romance with a woman he’s known since she was in leading strings. This season, Daisy is turning up in the oddest places and he cannot help but notice that she is no longer a girl. But Auric wouldn’t do something as foolhardy as to fall in love with Daisy. He couldn’t. Not with the guilt he carries over his past sins… Not when he has no right to her heart…But perhaps, just perhaps, she can forgive the past and trust that he’d forever cherish her heart—but will she let him?

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    About Christi Caldwell…

    Christi Caldwell

    USA TODAY Bestselling author CHRISTI CALDWELL blames Judith McNaught’s “Whitney, My Love!” for luring her into the world of historical romance. While sitting in her graduate school apartment at the University of Connecticut, Christi decided to set aside her notes and pick up her laptop to try her hand at romance. She believes the most perfect heroes and heroines have imperfections, and she rather enjoys torturing them before crafting them a well deserved happily ever after!

    Christi makes her home in southern Connecticut where she spends her time writing her own enchanting historical romances, chasing around her feisty six-year-old son and caring for her twin princesses in training!







    #4 in the highly anticipated “The Heart Of A Duke” series. Can be read as a stand alone, however, I would suggest reading the others in this series, just because it is sn awesome series, and the reader will find re-occurring characters throughout the series. “Loved by a Duke” is a quick, charming Regency Historical Romance. This is Auric snd Daisy’s story, a very complicated, sweet story, that is filled with guilt, grief, sensual tension, healing, and, yes, forgiveness and romance. Finding true love in a most unexpected place, between the heart of a tortured Duke and a romantic young Lady. Emotional,compelling and very satisfying! Once again Ms. Caldwell has written a story that fans can and will hold dear to their hearts. A quick read to me, that was at times was sad, witty, sensual and seemed personal, other times, I wanted to jerk both, Daisy and Auric by their proverbial butts. A wide range of emotions converge into a suburbly written story! Another hit for Ms. Caldwell, she never disappoints her fans. Fans of Regency Historical Romance, well developed characters and anyone who enjoys a true Romance will, I believe enjoy “Loved by a Duke”, if only we all could be so lucky. Enjoyable and very satisfying!

    * Received for an honest review from the author*

    * * Will be cross-posted to My Book Addiction Reviews**

    Rating : 4.5
    Heat rating : Mild
    Reviewed by : AprilR, Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More


    MARINA ADAIR~ SUGAR ON TOP with #Rafflecopter Giveaway


    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Growing up with a movie-buff for a mother and a live-in grannie who had a thing for game shows and musicals meant, instead watching the Smurfs or The Facts of Life, like my friends, I was spoon-fed The Newlywed Game and movie classics. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers led me to Sabrina which led me to romantic comedies like French Kiss, You’ve got Mail, and Never Been Kissed.

    What gets me every time is the quirky hard-working heroine working toward her dream when she suddenly finds herself in an awkward and embarrassing situation at the precise moment she meets her true love. Then she is forced to choose between her perceived road to happiness and happily ever after.

    I love to watch two people, who are perfect for each other, be kept apart by some insurmountable obstacle. Eventually, the hero and heroine’s goals clash, creating a battle that balances the line between panty-melting attraction and conflicting motivations, which builds the sexual tension and makes the hero and heroine work twice as hard to find their HEA.

    Narrowing it down to one movie is like asking me to choose between kids—the exact reason I only have one! A top five list is even be a stretch, but here we go…

    Marina’s Top 5 Romance Films

    5) Billy Wilder’s The Major and the Minor with Ginger Rogers and Ray Milland is quite possibly the best mistaken-identity romance movies ever! I watched this movie so many times growing up that the VHS tape broke.

    4 Only You, starring Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. Fated love, intertwined destiny, Italy, what’s not to love?

    3 Emma, (I had to get in a Jane Austin adaptation) with Gweneth Paltrow and the dashing and sexy Jeremy Northam. Is he not the perfect Mr. Knightley?

    2 Bridget Jones’s Diary hits every must on my rom-com list. Quirky, fun, and romance that feels real. I mean, the poor girl is a hot mess, sprinting through the snow in her underwear and running shoes to apologize to Darcy about her diary. Only Mr. Darcy already knows that her diaries are full of crap and has bought her a new one. Even better, when the old ladies harrumph at her choice of wardrobe, Darcy doesn’t cover her up with his coat, he kisses her, right there on the street corner, accepting her for exactly who she is.

    1. Sabrina is the best modern film adaptation of Pygmalion. Some people would argue that it is My Fair Lady, but for me watching Sabrina and Linus fall in love in that heartwarming opposites attract kind of way, only to see it all fall apart with the truth about his intentions comes out, and then have him follow her to Paris makes it my top rom-com pick.


    Thank you so much, Marina Adair, what an awesome list of  top five Romance Films!!



    Adair_Sugar on Top_MM

    SUGAR ON TOP by Marina Adair (April 28, 2015; Forever Mass Market; Sugar, Georgia Book #2)

    She’s sassy and sweet

    The last thing Glory Mann wants is to become chairman of the Miss Peach Pageant in Sugar, Georgia. Spending months hearing nothing but the clinking of pearls and judgment? No thank you! But when Glory is forced to take the rap for a scandal she didn’t commit, the judge sentences her to head the committee. Even worse, her co-chairman is rugged, ripped . . . and barely knows she’s alive.

    He’s ready and willing
    Single dad Cal McGraw can’t take any more drama in his life. After a difficult divorce, his little girl became a boy-crazy teenager and his hands are full. The last thing he needs is to spend his down time with the town bad girl. Glory is pure trouble-tempting and tantalizing trouble. But he can’t deny the strong chemistry between them-or how her touch turns him inside out. Now as squabbles threaten to blow up the contest and the town of Sugar itself, Cal must risk everything on the sexy wild card to get a second chance at love . . .

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    Adair_Sugar on Top_MM

    Sugar on Top excerpt…

    “Shut off the tractor and put your hands in the air.” The command came through the speaker attached to the top of the sheriff’s car, which was right next to the flashing red and
    blue lights.
    Squinting against the rain, Glory stared in panic at the speed trap up ahead. A floodlight clicked on, blinding her and causing her foot to slip off the clutch. The engine sputtered to a stop.
    Determined to see this through, Glory cranked the engine and spun the tires, kicking up loose gravel and a few cow pies. She hadn’t come all this way, spending thirty minutes on the muddy back roads in the middle of the night to right someone else’s wrong, just to get caught now.
    “Come on now, Ms. Hattie. Step on off that tractor so we can all get out of the rain.”
    Ms. Hattie?
    Ms. Hattie was the town busybody and one of Glory’s grandma’s oldest and dearest friends. Which explained how the Prowler ended up in her grandma’s garage.
    The roadblock of wet and irritated officers obviously had no idea who was driving the tractor. If they had, Glory was certain that their boss would have her butt tossed in jail before she could say, “Morning, Sheriff.”
    Plus she was pretty sure the smug-looking guy in the department-issued hat, weighing in at two hundred pounds of bad attitude, was Sheriff Jackson Duncan.
    “Look, I promise my grandma won’t press charges.” Yup. Sheriff Duncan. The entitled drawl was a dead giveaway. And if he thought Ms. Kitty wouldn’t press charges, he was insane. “Heck, Ms. Hattie, as long as the Prowler is back in the bay before she wakes up, she doesn’t even have to know
    it went missing and we can all go home and back to our respective business.”
    “Do I have your word on that, Sheriff?” The second Glory opened her mouth, Jackson realized Hattie McGraw wasn’t behind the wheel because he went from leaning against the grill of his cruiser to reaching for his gun. She also knew that only ten feet and some plywood separated her from a mug shot—a mug shot that was not going to happen. She had enough mascara under her eyes to pass for a
    linebacker and enough emotion built up that, after one too many double shifts slinging beer and a lifetime of double standards, getting arrested would fill out her already unflattering résumé.
    Jackson silently made his way toward the tractor, boots clacking against the slick concrete, cuffs jangling in his hand. Knowing nothing good could come from that, she rested her hand on the gear shift and asked, “I’m guessing by the pissy look on your face that your generous offer is no longer on the table.”
    “Sorry to say, but you’d guess right,” he said, not sorry at all.
    Jackson Duncan had been sheriff of Sugar County for the past four years, and he’d hated Glory for at least twice that amount of time. He was uptight, by the book, and still blamed her for his older brother leaving town. Not that he had ever bothered to listen to her side of the story. No one really had. But everyone knew that he would love nothing more than to parade Glory around town in cuffs and prove that she was a menace to Sugar’s properly polite society.
    “Even if I told you that I wasn’t stealing Ms. Kitty’s tractor? That I was trying to return it?”
    “Even then. Possession is nine-tenths of the law.”
    And wasn’t that just great, because in this county possession might constitute only nine-tenths, but being the girl who cost Sugar High their beloved football coach and the state championships all in the same year surely made up the other one-tenth. Which meant the odds of her getting out of this mess with a friendly warning were a big fat zero.
    There was no way she was letting him take her in. Not dressed in flannel and fertilizer. And sure as hell not when she had a Pediatric Health Theory midterm in six hours. It had taken her the better part of a decade, juggling part-time classes and full-time bar tending, to get to where she was, and she wasn’t about to let one mistake screw up everything. Not again.
    “Sorry then, Sheriff.”
    Grabbing the edges of her rain slicker, she flipped it up to cover her face and gunned it. The tractor roared as she threw it in second. The gear kicked in, causing the Prowler to pick up in volume and speed—surprising speed for a machine that looked like a giant peach and was built when she’d been in preschool.
    “Aw, hell,” Jackson said, racing back to the cruiser. “Let ’em go, boys.”
    Heading straight for the road, she vowed that she would drive right through that speed trap, over the metal spikes and all, if she had to. Her grandma was counting on her, and the entry to the Prowler’s parking bay was only a few yards past the sheriff’s patrol car. She could slip in, park the vehicle, and hightail it out of there.
    She hit fourth gear right as the Prowler’s wheels cruised over the first set of shredders—tires unscathed. Only before she reached that second strip, Jackson stepped in front of the tractor.
    “Dang it, Jackson,” she screamed over the roar of the tractor’s engine. “Move your overentitled, stubborn ass out of my way or I’ll run it down!”
    “And miss busting yours for grand theft auto and assaulting a police officer?” he yelled back, smiling as though he’d just won box seats at the Georgia Dome. “No, ma’am.”
    Glory looked from side to side, weighing her options. Had she been thinking with her head instead of her heart, she would be warm and snug in her bed, not facing jail time in little more than a pink slicker and ducky galoshes. Instead she was trying to solve a feud that had been brewing since Glory turned seventeen and made the biggest mistake of her life.
    Before Glory could react, she crossed the second trap and the back two tires exploded simultaneously. The tractor jerked forward and she didn’t know what was thumping louder, her heart or the deflated tires struggling to roll over the blacktop.
    The Prowler decelerated and slowly crawled toward Jackson, who stepped out of the way right as the tractor made its final stop—giving the cruiser a big smacker to the front bumper. The Prowler must have been made of steel because a loud crunch broke through the night’s air, followed by an awful sizzle and finally steam, which drifted up from under the hood and into the inky sky.
    “I guess I can add destruction of city property to the charges,” Jackson said with a smile.
    “Damnit, Jackson.” Glory picked up a stray cow pie, which had landed in the back of the tractor during her offroading excursion, and threw it on the ground. It shattered, splattering right up his department-issued boots and onto his pant legs. “I’m just trying to return it.”
    “And I’m just doing my job,” he said as he approached the vehicle and hoisted his smug self up. “Now, do you need me to read you your rights? Or would you like to say them with me?”
    And right then Glory understood that no matter how hard she tried to atone for her past, she was never going to be free of it.gar on Top excerpt…



    About the author:

    Marina Adair is a lifelong fan of romance novels. Along with the Sugar series, she is also the author of the St. Helena Vineyard series and the upcoming Shelter Cove series. She currently lives in a hundred-year-old log cabin, nestled in the majestic redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, with her husband and daughter. As a writer, Marina is devoted to giving her readers contemporary romance where the towns are small, the personalities large, and the romance explosive. She also loves to interact with readers and you can catch her on Twitter at @MarinaEAdair or visit her at

    Social Media Links:





    Adair_Sugar on Top_MMMY THOUGHTS:

    SUGAR ON TOP by Marina Adair is another masterfully written piece of storytelling. #2 in “A Sugar, Georgia Novel”, but can be read as a stand alone.

    This is Cal McGraw and Glory Mann’s story. An interesting, unique tale of a small town, with endearing, quirkiy characters and a chance for second love. Cal and Glory has a chemistry between them, that could just prove to be scandalous. Oh, and of, course, there is the Miss Peach Pageant, which Glory has been sentenced to be the head of the committee by a judge. Glory was considered the bad girl. Cal a divorcee, with a teenage,rebellious, boy-crazy teenager, he doesn’t need the tantalizing, troublesome Ms. Glory.  NO, thank you! But as trouble brews within the pageant, sparks fly between Cal and Glory, love blossoms between the two.

    A steady paced story. Will Cal risk everything for Glory, who is his wild card and his second chance on love? To find out, you MUST pick up “Sugar on Top”, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Fans of romance, Beauty Pageant trouble and a wonderful Contemporary Romance will enjoy this unique story of second chance love, finding true love and learning to love again. An enjoyable, endearing and satisfying read!

    *Received for an honest review from the publisher*

    **Cross-posted on My Book Addiction and More dot com**

    Rating: 4

    Heat rating: Mild

    Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More