MBA&M: What do you feel the appeal of “The Deliverance” Trilogy will be to readers?


A.K. I know that when I pick up a book I am hoping for a couple of contradictory things to happen – and in the best books I get my needs met – even better yet – I get more than I realized was possible. First, I want an escape from the trials and the routine of my own life.  I want to “go somewhere different and experience something new”.  Secondly, and this is the greater challenge, I want to find out how others deal with life and perhaps, if possible, gain some new insight which will help me approach my life with a refreshed view.  Those two goals are what I strive to meet every time I sit down to write.  Frankly, I write for the same reason I reason I read.  I am looking for a bit of an escape and also for something to stir my soul…something to help me along as a human being to say – yeah, I understand that, and I can relate…even better…I understand better than I did before how humanity struggles and what we are looking for in our  personal quests.


I hope that duel goal will appeal to readers – to have a new experience and gain a new perspective.






MBA&M: Which was your favorite character to write?


A.K. Eoban is not the main character but he is a very central character in a lot of ways – the same way Sam is a central character in The Lord of the Rings.  Eoban is fully human, he loses his temper and even his manners occasionally, yet he has a large heart which will risk everything to protect those he loves – even those he doesn’t love particularly which kind of disgusts him, but he has to deal with his own weakness for doing the right thing even when he’d really rather not.  I have found very few perfect people in this world – we are so complicated! – but at the same time there are those heroic souls who’d really rather not be so heroic, but have to put up with the reality of who they are.  Since I’m a bit of a coward – I love his strength….and I wish I was more like him.




MBA&M: What was the hardest scene for you to write?


A.K. In Ishtar’s Redemption Chai is a very scary guy who wants to conquer so as to please his god and in that association he has assumed that his god will take care of him.  The scene when he comes face to face with Ishtar – a guy who has already had to face the false gods of his father and attempt to break free from them – he discovers that his god has no real power to save him and in that realization he must face death without that hope.  I think a lot of people avoid all thought of death because they have refused to deal with what happens next and it is a very frightening reality if you don’t know what you believe or if your belief is undermined.  Ishtar has come to a new faith and Chai isn’t there and the confrontation is a dramatic one.  I wanted to write something that expressed the truth of both faith and despair without trying to tie up everything into neat comfortable bundles.  I leave a lot to the reader to explore in their own faith even while offering the hope that holds me together on a daily basis.


MBA&M: Which do you feel as an author is the most challenging: to keep readers interested in your stories or to get your stories published?  I realized both can be frustrating and demanding?


A.K. So far I have had wonderful responses from readers, but not much luck from publishers.  I think part of the challenge is being willing to continually improve your craft and become a better writer no matter what happens.  I have just completed my sixth fiction book and I am hoping that I can get a publisher interested…but it is sometimes a matter of timing and luck as well as skill.  I figure that I will keep putting my books out there and let the readers decide if they are worth telling others about and remembering.




MBA&M: What one word best describes your “The Deliverance” trilogy?


A.K. Hope. The Deliverance Trilogy is all about overcoming the past, facing the trials of the present, and not letting worries about the future decide your fate.  Never give up hope.


 How exciting it must be to have your stories published. We at MBA&M wish you all the best!

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 Please stop by her website to learn more on her exciting “Deliverance Trilogy”:

Website: www.akfrailey.com
Twitter: @akfrailey





                           Book One: ARAMaram


                           Ishtar_book2-1-1-1Book Two:  ISHTAR’S REDEMPTIONTrial by Fire


     Neb_Cover front cover onlyBook Three:  NEB THE GREAT – Shadows of the Past


Cover for ARAM 2013


Neb_Cover front cover only


aramARAM #1

  • Series: The Deliverance Trilogy
  • Paperback: 398 pages
  • Publisher: A K Frailey (August 8, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0989103544
  • ISBN-13: 978-0989103541


November 3, 2012

Aram is a man who wants to start his life over but he must deal with his haunting past, a lost wife and son and a discontented clan. He must accept the choice he has made in a new wife and face a mysterious beast which pursues him through a dangerous terrain. While keeping his people safe against all odds he encounters a new land beside a beautiful lake and there he finds his first real sense of security and joy. Unexpectedly, he finds that he is in the midst of a battleground where an innocent clan is about to be annihilated and he must decide if he and his people will become involved. In the greatest battle of his life he must face his haunting past, turn a young pagan from his father’s evil ways, and forge a new hope for future generations.



  • Series: Deliverance Trilogy
  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: A K Frailey; 1 edition (February 1, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 098910351X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0989103510

Ishtar’s Redemption – Trial by Fire, the second book in The Deliverance Trilogy is the sequel to ARAM and is now available on Amazon. Ishtar’s Redemption continues the story of the three clans introduced in ARAM and introduces new characters in the persons of Ishtar’s two sons, Ammee and Amil, and three new clans who come to aid those most in need. Evil sorcery, dangerous raides, and heroic rescues make Ishtar’s Redemption a story to remember.


Neb_Cover front cover onlyNEB THE GREAT: SHADOWS OF THE PAST #3

  • Series: The Deliverance Trilogy
  • Paperback: 398 pages
  • Publisher: A. K. Frailey (August 20, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0989103536
  • ISBN-13: 978-0989103534


August 24, 2013

Neb the Great was raised to conquer and conquer he did until he met a woman who challenged his heart and enslaved him in a way he never thought possible. From their union is born two sons, one who would change the course of history by becoming the father of a new generation which wiould lead to the birth of Aram, while the other would descend into further corruption by embracing his grandfather’s name and his gods.



Ann Frailey of rural Fillmore, Illinois has published her first book entitled “The Road Goes Ever On A Christian Journey Through The Lord of the Rings” under the name A. K. Frailey. It is a reflection on the characteristics of the heroes and villains in the Tolkien classic and what influence virtue and vice have in our own modern world. Ann gives us a glimpse into the Christian ethos that was fundamental to Tolkien’s life and work.

ARAM, book one of The Deliverance Trilogy, her first fictional work is an adventure, romance and mystery all rolled into one with characters who struggle to survive in a hostile world while encountering evil from within and without. Three clans meet, clash, and battle out their differences before they come to know that they share a hidden past.

Ishtar’s Redemption – Trial by Fire, the second book in The Deliverance Trilogy is the sequel to ARAM and is now available on Amazon. Ishtar’s Redemption continues the story of the three clans introduced in ARAM and introduces new characters in the persons of Ishtar’s two sons, Ammee and Amil, and three new clans who come to aid those most in need. Evil sorcery, dangerous raides, and heroic rescues make Ishtar’s Redemption a story to remember.

Neb the Great – Shadows of the Past, the third book in The Deliverance Trilogy, was published in August 2013 and is now available on Amazon. For the sake of his son, Ishtar retells the compelling histories of the ancestors in the clans of the first and second books and at the same time the story moves into a hope filled future.

Ann has had articles published in the New Oxford Review and the Latin Mass. She won runner-up in fiction for ARAM in the 2011 Indie Publishing Contest. Both The Road Goes Ever On and ARAM have won the Catholic Writer’s Guild Seal of Approval for 2012. ARAM is up for the Catholic Writer’s Guild Arts and Letters Fiction Contest in 2013. All three of her books are available as e-books and paperbacks through AMAZON Books.

Ann has a B. S. in Elementary Education and is married to John Frailey who is also an educator. They have eight children and they homeschool while maintaining a mini-farm.

Ann devotes her time to writing books that align Christian thought with the lived adventure of becoming who we are called to be. She is a devoted wife and mother and enjoys spending her time with her family and friends on their mini-farm in rural Illinios.

Ann’s future fictional works will reflect on the journey-quest of humanity from our ancient past into the Middle Ages. Visit her website www.akfrailey.com often for her newest blog, updates on her writings, book signings, and public speaking events.

Website: www.akfrailey.com
Twitter: @akfrailey



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