A visit with author Sue-Ellen Welfonder and a giveaway!

Hello Everyone!  Many thanks to WendyK and April for hosting me today.  To Love A Highlander, Scandalous Scots #1, releases tomorrow, Apr. 29th, and I’m delighted to celebrate at My Book Addiction and More. FINAL - To Love A Highlander


As one of the bastards born to the Stirling court, Sorley the Hawk has never known his mother or father. It’s a burning quest he has devoted himself to uncovering at any cost. But as a roguish warrior who serves at the pleasure of the King, his prowess-both on the battlefield and in his bedchamber-is legendary. So when a flame-haired Highland lass sneaks into his quarters with a tantalizing proposition, he can’t resist taking her up on her offer . . .


Lady Mirabelle MacLaren will do anything to keep from marrying her odious suitor, even sully her own good name. And who better to despoil her than his sworn enemy, the one they call “Hawk?” As they set about the enjoyable task of ruining her reputation, Hawk and Mirabelle soon learn that rebellion never tasted so sweet.


Mini-Excerpt from To Love A Highlander

Set-Up: Sorley and Mirabelle have met up in the castle chapel to discuss the finer points of the proposition she’s made him…

MiraFINAL - To Love A Highlanderbelle swallowed, unable to help herself. “You are a charmer.”

A slow smile curved Sorley’s lips. A darkly seductive smile, as unsettling as how he’d let his gaze slide oh-so-suggestively up and down her body. Yet his boldness made her pulse leap. It also warmed her in indecent places. She touched a hand to her breast, feeling both hot and dizzy despite the chill dampness of the chapel.

He stepped closer, giving her the distinct impression he’d pounce if she so much as blinked. “I am fond of women, aye.”

“So I have heard.” She kept her head raised, resisted the urge to wipe her palms against her cloak.

“Are you nervous?”

“I am relieved.” She spoke true, just not admitting she was indeed jittery. Her emotions were running higher than ever before.

She was also sharply aware of every ruggedly alluring inch of him. Including the oh-so-virile bulge she could see through the edges of his cloak. The glow of a wall sconce slanted right there, proving that he wasn’t just a tall, strapping man, powerfully-built and good-looking.

He was also just as well-lusted as the court ladies claimed.

Sorley the Hawk wanted her.

And he was already prepared to do exactly what she’d asked of him.

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To Love A Highlander is more than just the first full-length book of my new Scandalous Scots series.  (Scandalous Scots launched in Dec. 2013 with my holiday e-novella, Once Upon A Highland Christmas.)  This story stands out as a book of firsts in my writing career, and that makes Sorley and Mirabelle’s tale extra-special for me.

I always visit My Book Addiction and More at release time, a tradition I love and enjoy so much.  For that reason, I save really special tidbits to share here.  Things not revealed anywhere else.  Today is no exception as I haven’t yet mentioned the ‘firsts’ associated with To Love A Highlander and Scandalous Scots.

Are you curious?

I hope so!  And I’ll not keep you waiting…

Scandalous Scots is my first series about heroes who are not chieftains.  Some readers may point out that Sir M of Bride of the Beast was not a laird or chieftain, but if you read his book, you’ll know he soon became one, within a very few pages of his story.  That isn’t so with Sorley the Hawk, hero of To Love A Highlander.  And it isn’t so with the other three heroes of the 4.5 book series.

These heroes are bastards, quite literally.  They’ve had a rough time of it, pasts that have been anything but privileged.  And they emerged greater men for these early hardships.  They’re the medieval equivalent of self-made men and they’re proud, bold, and roguish.  Women adore them and with good reason: they are incredible lovers!  But they aren’t lairds or chieftains.  They were born at the royal court of Stirling Castle.

And that brings me to another first…

To Love A Highlander is set at a real castle, Stirling Castle, one of Scotland’s top historical landmarks.  Again, many readers will know that my popular MacKenzie series uses Eilean Donan Castle as a setting.  But I changed the name to Eilean Creag in the series.  In every book until now, I’ve created my own fictional castle settings.  Sure, I base these castles on real ones, or a combination of actual castles and strongholds that I know and love in Scotland.  But I’ve never written an actual, existing castle as a setting.  Until now.  The story wouldn’t have worked otherwise.  Readers can learn more about Stirling (and how I chose to write it) in my Author’s Note at the back of the book.

A - Stirling Castle View - Scotland Castle

Another first is that a few of the characters are actual historical personages.  Yes, I did this to a degree in my Highland Warriors trilogy.  But not to the extent I’ve used actual historical people in To Love A Highlander.  These  characters (associated with the royal court) appear in subsequent Scandalous Scots books and have an integral role in the stories.  I’ve never done that before.  My reason for avoiding this has been because, loving Scottish medieval history as much as I do, I love these people.  The real ones.  The men and women who lived and breathed and were just as real as you and I today.  I felt ‘unworthy’ to put words into their mouths, actions and physical movement to bodies long turned to dust.

I did not believe I could do them justice and had too much respect for them to risk portraying them poorly.

So I really had to wrestle with myself to put these people into the pages of To Love A Highlander.  When you meet them, I hope you’ll agree that I treated them well and with the honor and respect they deserve.

There are several other firsts, but I will only share one more.

A very special first: Little Heart, the stray kitten in To Love A Highlander.

All my books have animal characters, but the main ones are usually dogs.  I chose a feral kitten for this book because I learned of a wee feral kitten who was brutalized by playground bullies.  One boy was a hero, seizing the kitten so he could be rushed to a vet clinic.  The good souls there tried valiantly to save the kitten, but he died of his injuries several days later.

This kitten was called Little Heart, after the heart stitched onto his body bandaging.

A - Little Heart II

Little Heart’s tragedy upset me so much that I decided to put him into this story, giving him to the heroine, Mirabelle, and letting him enjoy the happy ending I so wish he’d found in real life.  To Love A Highlander is dedicated to the real Little Heart so that he is remembered always.  And I will be donating a portion of this book’s royalties to my favorite cat rescue organization, Alley Cat Allies.

FINAL - To Love A Highlander

Whether you are a long-time reader of my books, or a first-time reader, I hope you will enjoy To Love A Highlander!

WendyK and April, thank you so much for letting me celebrate this new release with you.  It’s always such a pleasure to be here.

*Here,I, WendyK want to put in that it’s always an honor and pleasure to have Sue-Ellen with us!*

Everyone else, thank you for stopping by!  One reader will win a copy of To Love A Highlander, ebook or paper, your choice.  If you read and enjoy the story, please tell your friends and help me spread word about Scandalous Scots.  I’d really appreciate it.

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Ice breaker  ~ Who rules at your house:  pet(s) or you?

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I’m proudly old-fashioned, listen to classical and New Age music as I write, I live, breath, and dream medieval Scotland, and enjoy living quietly. Shabby chic suits me better than glitz and glam. Hate shopping except bookstores and thrift shops. I believe in Highland magic and love whimsy. I’m also convinced some people are born out of time and place, and am sure I’m one of them.

If I wasn’t writing, I’d be out in the field fighting for animal rights, rescuing stray cats and dogs, saving whales and seals, hugging trees, and going ghost-hunting, always searching for a time portal to sweep me out of this world and back to medieval Scotland.

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  1. Sue-Ellen – Loving your books & chat here. Do you have a favorite historical individual that inspires your writing?
    My favorite pet charity is Child Hunger Ends Here. I encourage my FB friends & non cyberspace friends to support the cause by entering food box codes on line which generates funds/food to our local MD food bank. Its so easy & so important. Go to their FBpage & check it out.
    Thank You!

    1. Great to see you here, Lois! WendyK and April are always so good to me. My all-time favorite historical personage is Robert the Bruce. I've loved him as long as I can remember and have visited every imaginable site in Scotland that is related to him, his life, world, and deeds. He's a tremendous influence on how I see and write Scottish medieval heroes. This series and TO LOVE A HIGHLANDER, however, was strongly influenced by another Scottish medieval hero I love, Alexander Stewart, the notorious Wolf of Badenoch. He is a descendant of the Bruce and was quite a rogue, a true bad boy, but also a man of his time. People either loved or hated him, he was larger than life. He has a central role in this new series.

      Love your charity efforts! I agree, it is so important to do what we can!

  2. Do you hear voices in your head that help you to write your books?
    Virginia Smith

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! I probably shouldn't admit it, but, yes. I believe all writers do. You have to be a cracked to write, after all! Serious answer: characters do come to life for me, yes, and I get my best ideas about them, for the story, etc, when I am cycling, walking, or in that state of half-awareness before falling asleep or just waking up. It is then when my characters and stories speak loudest. I have also dreamed entire scenes and then written them exactly as I dreamt them. Most recently in Highland Warriors #3, SEDUCTION OF A HIGHLAND WARRIOR. The heroine's encounter with Vikings on a northern beach is exactly as I dreamt that whole scene. It appears in ch. 4 of that book.

  3. Sue-Ellen, how is Em doing? I haven't seen anything about him for a long while, and I was worried.
    Loved this blog. Can't wait to read (as you well know 🙂 )this book. The reviews have all been wonderful, and a definite congrats to you.
    I try to support different shelters, sites that "click & feed" children as well as animals. As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather spend my time with my 2 labs than some people!! Hugs to you, and thanks to MBA for the time spent with you.
    Oh, and by the way, my dogs rule our house, they have us WELL trained. 🙂

    1. Hi Wendy! Thanks so much for asking about my little darlin'. Em is fine. 15 and going strong. I hope he will be with me as long as possible. I posted a pix of him on FB this morning, just for you! 🙂 His health is pretty good for his age, he can still see well, is still robust and happy, enjoys his walks. Only thing is that he is very needy and clings to me (which is fine). He doesn't like being alone and will cry and howl if I am away too long, so I am not traveling these days. He's more important!

      Those "click & feed" sites are so good, I agree! I support them, too.

      Ha ha… LOVE that pets rule at your house. Woot! Here as well. I believe pets should be pampered and allowed to enjoy themselves, not be kept on a rigid regimen or forced to follow a bazillion rules and routines. Go pets!

  4. I support the local RSPCA as best I can. I'd love to say that I rule, but that would just be a big, fat lie.


    1. Oh, you made me smile, Mary! Love, love, love that 'big, fat lie.' Pets rule, I so agree! Love seeing when they are king and queen in a household. Yay! Excellent that you support your local RSPCA. They do such wonderful work everywhere.

  5. Hi Sue-Ellen! I have four cats and one crazy beagle. But one cat in particular rules this castle, and doesn't let anyone forget it. One of the things I've always loved about your books is the important critter characters you always include. Do you have an idea of the animal your going to put in your book before or after you've met your main cheaters and formed your ideas for the story?
    I do have one local SPCA I support escpecially. My oldest daughter is on their board of directors and I'm so proud of the work she does and the heart she has. But I'm always checking websites and donating to special heartbreaking stories I hear of.

  6. Just wondering if you know how to do any of the Scottish dances, whether Country or Highland?

    1. I did Scottish dancing for years as a very young girl. Nowadays, I really enjoy Scottish Country dancing. I love all dancing and always have, taking ballet lessons from a very early age. That lasted until I developed my great love of horses and riding and left dancing school to become a 'horsey girl.'

  7. I support animal charities, especially those that deal with Akitas. And definitely it is the Akita who is in charge, he has us wrapped around his big paw.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

    1. Love this, Jean: '…wrapped around his big paw!' Akitas are beautiful dogs. Old neighbors had two and walked them all the time, often when I'd be out with Em. It's so good of you to support animal charities. It's so important.

  8. Morning, WendyK, April, and Everyone! It's so good to be here again! I'm just peeking in the door now to say hello, but will be back shortly to chat personally with everyone commenting. See you then! (((HUGS)))

  9. Sue-Ellen so good to see you here and read about your "first". It is still unimaginable that people think it is kool to torture our little furry friends. I hope help in my town with the humane society. We are lucky that that does not happen often here.
    I love your writing . When you begin a new book, do you usually start with a theme, location, or heroine?
    Very bad weather here last night, several fatalities. I am blessed that all of 'mine' are all OK. Helen in Ark.

    1. So glad you are okay, Helen!! Been watching the news and it's all just terrible…. (((HUGS))) to you and yours.

      I know… there aren't words for what I think should be done to people who hurt animals. Little Heart's fate upset me so much and his tragedy is sadly only one of so many. I can't wrap my mind around such horrors.

      Your question – ha ha!!! Loving atmosphere as I do, my stories are always inspired by a place. Some special place in Scotland that really, really spoke to my heart and soul when visiting there. I have to know the location. It has to be somewhere I have been myself. A special place that really touches me. Then, recognizing such a spot, the hero appears first in my mind, full-bodied, and with his entire story for me, including who his heroine is. But, the setting always comes first to me. Then I just 'know' who belongs there and what their tale is.

  10. I have always supported animal charities from way back. We have 2 dogs and when I was growing up we had cats who were treated better than we were.

  11. Good morning, Sue-Ellen, WendyK and April! It is always fun when Sue-Ellen visits here. Sue-Ellen that was a great piece. You really have a lot of firsts with this series. Here's hoping tomorrow's release far exceeds your expectations!

    1. Thanks, Kathy!! I love visiting here. WendyK and April have been very good since Devil In A Kilt days, so we go way back. This book has been getting some wonderful reviews, and I'm grateful.

  12. Hello Sue-Ellen! I can't wait until tomorrow when your new work is released. Congratulations! Please don't enter me for the drawing as I have already won some of your previous books.

    1. You are such a loyal, true-blue readers and friend, AutumnFire! Your enthusiasm really brightens my day. 🙂 Re the giveaway, WendyK and April will be drawing the winners. I'm fine with you entering. Others have won more than once, too, in the past. You are very kind to offer, though. Love you!!!

  13. Thank you for sharing your firsts with us and congratulations on your new release! I know I wear the pants in my family. We have no pets though. My husband doesn't want any at all but we probably will once our kids get older. I don't donate to any animal charity either. My question is, do you model some of the other pets in your previous books on pets that you know or see?

    1. Alyn, you really made me smile. I love strong heroines, so we'd probably be fast friends! Hope you do get some pets one of these days. Yes, the animal characters in my books are based on pets I have either had myself over the years, or animals I have simply met somewhere along the way. Many of the little dogs are Em, my own Jack Russell terrier, for instance. The border collie, Haggis, in my anthology story, A Man, A Woman, and Haggis, in Lori Foster's benefit book, Tails of Love, was based on a border collie I once met at Loch Lomond. The dog in my time-travel novella, Falling in Time, was based on an older dog (a lab) that came up to me at a cave in northern Scotland and followed me around there all afternoon. So they are all real animals, taken from my life.

  14. Sue-Ellen so good to see you here and read about your "first". It is still unimaginable that people think it is kool to torture our little furry friends. I hope help in my town with the humane society. We are lucky that that does not happen often here.

  15. Welcome Sue-Ellen and everyone else to the site!!! As you might can tell we adore Sue-Ellen, I have from the beginning. We won't say how long ago that was! But if you haven't tried one of Sue-Ellen's books you should. And if you can help us share this post, and Sue-Ellen's newest release we'd really appreciate it!!! Good luck to everyone!


    1. Waving at you, WendyK and April!! Thank you sooo much for having me here (again). Visiting you at release time is a tradition!! 🙂 I love you both so much!!!

      Everyone else, thanks so much for dropping in! It's wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones! I am breaking now to make lunch and walk my wee Em, but will look in again later this afternoon and tonight, so no one is missed.

      WendyK & April – anyway you can paste my reply to Theresa Moss in the correct reply box so she doesn't miss it? For some reason, my computer will not let me reply to her there. I'd feel bad if she thought I ignored her today. Thanks!

  16. Sounds like a wonderful new series and as another animal lover and one who works with ferals/strays, I especially look forward to this story!!

    1. Just spotted you, Catslady! Sorry I missed you earlier. No kidding, this one is right up your alley. I knew you'd love seeing the dedication to Little Heart, and his role in the story. Also added a nod to heroes like you in his dedication. You're one of the finest out there!! A thousand blessings on you for all you do for the neediest of the needy cats and kittens.

  17. ATTN Theresa Moss – Here is my reply to you: For some reason my computer isn't posting it where it should appear. ???

    Anyway, yes, all the animal characters in my books come to me before I begin the stories. They are as real to me as the human characters and pop into my mind the same time as I'm mapping it the story and plot with the hero and heroine. Every animal in my books is based on an animal I have known and loved. Either a pet I had myself (I grew up in a menagerie) or a critter I met somewhere along the way. They all find their way into my work and they decide themselves which story they want. 😉

    You are blessed to have so many pets and I'd love to visit! I'd especially love meeting your 'take-charge' cat. Love that!! A thousand blessings on your daughter . What a hero she is!!

    1. Thanks for the insight Sue-Ellen. I wasn't sure where to look for replies, so it took me alittle while to answer.
      Unfortunately I broke my ankle while on vacation last week in Disney World and ended up having surgery when I got home.
      The good news is, I get an extended vacation to spend with my spoiled critters.
      The best news is, I get to start reading To Love a Highlander as soon as it downloads and I can finish it uninterrupted!
      I have to find a silver lining in there somewhere.
      Thanks for spending your time with us!

  18. Sue-Ellen, I feel you did all your characters an honor. The real life and the not so real life. I say "not so" because they all come to life for me when I read your stories. I can't wait to scream to the hill tops tomorrow about your release. 🙂

    1. You are my Captain of the Guard, Leah! Thanks so much!! It's a huge relief to see you feel I handled the characters with honor. I've always avoided writing actual historical figures for fretting that I would not portray them as they deserve to be seen and remembered. Loving them as I do, that risk has been a huge barrier. So your words really make me feel good! (((HUGS)))

  19. Loved reading all the behind the scenes thoughts! The book sounds fantastic. My house is occupied by many furry (and wet) friends. We like to support our local humane society and get our cats from them. They don't rule the house – the kids do! The animals come next when the kids aren't begging for food. 😉 Thanks for sharing!
    lattebooks at hotmail dot com

    1. Your house sounds like an ideal combination of lots of loving, happiness, and good times! So glad you enjoyed a glimpse into TO LOVE A HIGHLANDER! Hope you'll enjoy it.

  20. Hello again, Sue-Ellen! Curiosity question: In the southern U.S. it is common to find folks with two names who are called by both names, not just the first one. Perhaps I've missed this personal bit about you, but I'm wondering if you are from the south? My first and middle names are Janice Jean and I have a southern girlfriend who is the only one who calls me Jannie-Jean. 🙂 Now to the point of this blog post. You are definitely a gal after my own heart. The simpler lifestyle, shabby chic (I adore shopping in thrift shops), classical and new age music (some folk music too), a habit of reading historical romances (mainly Scots/Other Medieval/Regency/Georgian), and I am most definitely an animal lover. Our home is called the Dog House! 🙂 It is ruled by one seriously spoiled rotten Yorkie named Maggie. All our human children are off on their own now so Maggie is our only at-home baby. And I have been an animal rights proponent and animal shelter supporter for years. I feel like I really "know" you now…and I really love your stories. Thanks for this post. jdh2690@gmail.com

    1. I forgot to mention that I support the local charity (SPCA) in our city of Sacramento. Their facility is overcrowded and needs helps desperately. Thanks for asking.

      1. *comment below is from Sue-Ellen*
        Hi Janice! Excellent observation. Yes, I am a southern gal. I was born in Miami, which really doesn't seem like the south at all, being such a melting pot. However, my dad was a true southern gentleman, hailing from Louisiana. He was a 'gentle giant.' A tall, strong, and very handsome red-head (the Scottish blood). He was soft-spoken, and such a good man. I don't think I ever heard him say a bad thing about anyone. Others in his side of the family came from North Carolina. So that's the southern/Celtic heritage. I'm a hybrid, though, because my mother was a northerner, from Bucks County, PA. I like to think I have the best of the north and the south in me. My name was chosen by my mother who fell in love with it when she read Gone With The Wind. (my dad wanted to call me Melissa)

        Yes, we certainly are kindred spirits. So many shared loves. If you haven't yet read my Allie Mackay books, you'll find all those passions in the pages of those stories.

        LOVE that your house is the Dog House!! 🙂 Maggie sounds like such a sweetie. Yorkies are so precious. Please give her some loving from me tonight. So glad she is spoiled and the ruler of your home. That's beautiful!! (((HUGS))) Jannie-Jean! 😉

      2. Janice ~ My pc froze yesterday and I was unable to keep commenting/responding in here. Wanted to add that it is so good you support your local SPCA. They do such good work!

        1. There's red hair in our family too! Maiden name Logan, supposedly of the MacLarren clan, from near the Isle of Skye. I'm going to check out your Allie Mackay stories too…I forgot about your alter ego… Thanks for your responses.


  21. Thank you for the giveaway. I support our local animal shelter by giving them food and towels!

    1. My pleasure, Karen! More than half of goodies, though, are the generosityof WendyK, April, and the MBA Team. They're doing the novella, ONCE UPON A HIGHLAND CHRISTMAS, and the $10 Amazon Gift Card.

      So glad you support your local shelter. It's so good to help them.

  22. I love that you used Stirling Castle! And that you put the little broken kitty in there too 🙂 Sue-Ellen your big heart is moving.

    1. *reply is from Sue-Ellen*
      "Thanks so much, Lexi! It was fun (and a bit daunting) to delve into such a major historical setting, and one I love and respect so much. For that reason, I added an Author's Note at the back to touch on why I painted the castle as I did, and a bit of its background and history.

      Little Heart – I just had to include him. All such terrible stories get to me if they cross my radar, but this one really weighed heavy on my heart. I did the same thing with the enchanted white stag, Rannoch, in my Highland Warriors trilogy. He, too, was a real stag in Scotland, a red stag, though. His real name was Big Boy, his was almost tame and would greet tourists who stopped at ia popular 'beauty spot' near Rannoch Moor on Scotland's scenic route, the A-82. Young drunken thugs lured him to them and shot him point blank in the face. He was such a trusting beast and made so many people happy when they'd see him. I'd seen him as well, so learning of his end really upset me. Hence "Rannoch" was born and given new life in Highland Warriors. As I believe, such animals are aware when people remember them, their spirits know. I believe so anyway!!"

  23. Anyone who has pets knows well who rules the household. We have 3dogs, a cat, a snake, and a peacock. The snake is the most cooperative of the lot. The dogs make sure I don't sleep in, even when I need to. They spend their days, and nights, demanding to be let out or back in. Tonight I am up late watching the tomato warnings. Our older dog is nervous and needy. I may break down and let her into our room when I finally go to bed, just to keep the whining down.
    We never take our pets on vacation with us. First off, they don't like traveling. Secondly, vacations are for a break. Why would I want to have to take care of the animals the whole time. They are happier to stay home and happy to see us when we come back.

    We support our local animal shelter. We did foster care for puppy litters too young to be adopted out for about 8 years. Two of our dogs were from those litters. We still support them financially and by volunteering for special events.

    1. *reply is from Sue-Ellen*

      "Wow, Patricia, you really are an animal lover. What a menagerie! I'm impressed and would love to visit to meet all your pets. Except the snake, sorry. That's where I draw the line with my animal love. They terrify me and give me the willies (lots of them around here.. the tropics, you know!). And a peacock? That's amazing. You are truly blessed to have so many pets, and such a variety. Smiled to see they rule and would love to know why the snake is most cooperative!

      Love that you foster. It takes a really good soul to do that. Must be so hard to then give up again, even knowing they are going to good homes. It's so easy to get attached…

      A thousand blessings on you for all you do!"

  24. Hey all! Sue-Ellen is having issues commenting. Not sure if it's our site or something else. So when she's able she's comment!!!

    Thanks everyone for being here.

  25. Hi Everyone! Sue-Ellen is still having issues posting comments!! She wanted me to thank everyone for stopping by, commenting and in general being so great. She's sorry for the delayed responses and really does appreciate everyone stopping by.

    *below is me not Sue-Ellen*

    Please continue to share Sue-Ellen's work with everyone either through twitter, facebook, pinterest, goodreads, shelfari or any where else you think of. Go to your local library ask them to order the book if they don't have it, go to your local bookstore move Sue-Ellen's books so they face out vs just the spine, talk to friends about her books, write a review of ANY book you've read of Sue-Ellen's and leave it on BN, Amazon (which will post to goodreads if you have the accounts linked), iTunes, heck anywhere you can find one of Sue-Ellen's books. If you don't know how to write a review let me know and I'll help. Basically just pretend you are talking to a friend, what was the story about, did it pull you in? Did it make you laugh, cry, smile, melt? Did you love the characters, hate one, felt they were real? Love the setting? Just don't give away a spoiler! As a reader I hate spoilers. But if you thought the book was good, great, bad or even so/so just tell that. It honestly does help authors. Thanks everyone for stopping by and don't forget Sue-Ellen will be back tomorrow.


  26. Oh, Sue-Ellen, we love you!! If you have not read one of Sue-Ellen's tales of Scottish Highlanders, romance and love you are in for a real treat.
    Happy reading!!

  27. Sue Ellen, I loved this post. It was very interesting to read about all the firsts in To Love A Highlander. But firsts or not Sue Ellen any book you write finds a home on my book shelves. I sat here with tears reading about Little Heart. Reading about you has always been like reading about myself as far as hobbies and music etc. I wish you many sales Sue Ellen.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  28. I read the article about you in the Longboat Observer, and thought it was GREAT!! Thanks for sharing that with us. Hugs to a very deserving lady

  29. Hi Susan, I am a big fan of your books. I am excited to read the latest, I'm sure I will love it also.
    I donate money to my local humane society in hopes of helping the animals find homes. I currently have 2 grown cats and 5 kittens who are all spoiled rotten!! In the past I have taken in homeless dogs and loved them. Since we are in the country we normally have many cats and love them all. We also (unwillingly) feed the raccoons, opposums and skunks in our area! They love cat food. LOL
    Anyway, thanks for all the hard work you do with writing and entertaining us!!

  30. Hi Sue-Ellen
    I can't wait to read the book. I'll have to go to my local grocery stores as they seem to carry your books but Hastings doesn't. If that fails I'll buy it online and read it at work and home and waiting at stoplights. 🙂 I'm glad it's set at Stirling castle because I've been there. I've read all your books and don't remember for sure but are there any written where it's set on one of the islands (isles). I was thinkinging Orkney and Scara Brae? It's so ancient there.

    And my favorite animal charity is the local Pad for Paws. They help people spay and neuter pets who wouldn't normally be able to afford it.

  31. Hi Sue-Ellen, we have not talked (written) in a couple of months. When I read a book and the writter describes the characters I always get a very clear picture of them in my head and that picture stays with me as I read the book. When the discription does not match the cover on the book that has always irritatated me. Does that ever bother you? Also, as I read the book, i hear the individual voices of each person in my head. Am I just nuts or do you have those voices talking to you as well?

  32. Oh and by the way Sue-Ellen, we have 4 rescues in our home as well. 3 cats, and we won't even get into their strange names and why they are named such, and one 95 pound dog of mixed lineage.

  33. I'm sorry. I'm not a real cat/dog person. I was raised on a farm with both being outside. I do like them. I just can't bring myself to keep them in my house. When I am in the country again, I will have them both. I enjoyed your writing on here today. Seems I learn something new about you every time I read a blog. Thank you for sharing. Love your books.

  34. Sorry for the delay in stopping by! I'm a cat person but don't have currently have any – they moved to Arizona. I'm so excited about getting my very own copy of To Love A Highlander!! Many good wishes for HUGE sales! Lots of hugs. Karen

  35. I doubt you would call it a pet charity. But I donate money four times a year to the California Wolf Recovery Center in Julian, CA. I have always been fascinated by wolves. As a quilter I always have scraps of leftover fabric which I use to stuff pillowcases and make into dog beds which I donate to the local Animal Shelter. Since my fellow quilters know this they give me their fabric scraps so I have about six or seven beds to take about every three weeks.

  36. Sue-Ellen, I can't wait to get the new book. I am glad to see you and others helping a good cause.
    I have two local ones I support, Kankakee County Animal shelter and New Beginnings Cat Rescue. To date I have over the years, adopted a dozen between 7 dogs and 5 cats, all who have been rescues. Previously I had also rescued 8 snakes, but that endeavor ended when I got divorced 10 yrs ago. Now I just stick to the furry kind to expand my family.

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