A visit with Cynthia Eden, giveaway *cancer week finale*


Hi, everyone! Hope you are having a great day! I wanted to start this post by saying…Wendy and April are awesome. I am so glad that they are taking the time to focus on cancer awareness. Thank you, ladies!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I’ve got some friends  who are sporting pink hair as they show their support for the awareness push. Pink is most definitely in this month—from hair to clothes, to buttons. And each time that I see that bright color, I think…that could be one more person that is saved. Because awareness really is so important. Early detection. Early treatment. Better chance to live a longer life.

I hate that cancer is hurting so many people. Hate it. And cancer sure doesn’t discriminate—it attacks young and old, taking too many that we all love.

So this month (heck, always!), think about the ones that you love who’ve been hurt. Who’ve been impacted. And think about yourself. If you’re a woman, have you been doing breast self-exams? Do you check in with your doctor like you should? Life is so precious, and it should be enjoyed and lived to the very fullest. I don’t want cancer stealing days from anyone, anytime.

Some lovely ladies invited me to be a part of a special anthology, ENTANGLED. ENTANGLED is a paranormal romance anthology, full of stories designed to get you in the mood for Halloween. All of the proceeds from this anthology are going to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. So the stories are designed to amuse, and the book is designed to (hopefully) help fight this vicious battle.


Today, I’d like to pay for 2 copies of Entangled (Kindle version because they let me buy the ebooks and send them as gifts) to give to 2 commenters. Want to win? Then just leave me a comment. Tell me…have you seen the pink in your area? Are you sporting some pink yourself?

Thanks for checking out my post—and have a great day.

Cynthia Eden


ANGEL OF DARKNESS—Available 11/29/11 from Kensington Brava

When an angel falls, all hell breaks loose…

Thank you so much Cynthia for being our guest and our final post of our official cancer week. Readers keep in mind, Cynthia is giving away 2 copies of ENTANGLED, we are giving away a copy of ENTANGLED as well as a goodie bag, “fight like a girl” with a notepad, some other goodies. So this means 3 winners and all you have to do is comment her to win. Thanks again to Cynthia and all the most generous ladies who have posted, visited,commented and hopefully learned a little something along the way. My hope is that somewhere along the way this week has helped at least one person to change their life, maybe to save it, maybe to just be more aware of what they need to do. Giveaway from MBA is open to everyone. Good Luck! And thanks for being with us this week. Please share this post and the ones from the last week.

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  1. Good morning,Cynthia and thanks for visiting with us today.
    You are so right,early detection is a MUST…. This dreaded disease not only effects the victims,yes I believe they are victims,as this diease ravishes the mind,soul and body,but also the families…
    Pink is everywhere and thank God that there are so many spreading the word…
    "ENTANGLED" is an awesome e-book by an awesome group of authors,who is dedicated their time and energy into something to be proud of for their readers and themselves. So readers,commenters if you have not,please buy "ENTANGLED",proceeds go toward this awesome cause…..Cancer Awareness….

    Wendy, you have done an awesome with this awesome group of ladies…though them we can all "fight like a girl"…

    Your Mom,

  2. love that saying. Some cheerleaders near my town made up their own shirts which said save your bumps feel for lumps. Thought that was cute. And your right there is lots of pink out this time year.

  3. Thank you Cynthia for visiting with us today. You are so right about early detection. Thank you so much for writing/taking part in ENTANGLED. I pray that it has so many sells it'll break records.

    Now everyone comment and please please please GO FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!

    And just for you all who read the comments, have you heard this song: http://youtu.be/V96r2046qjE

  4. Hi, April!! I hate the horrible impact that cancer can have, not just on the individual, but on the families and friends, too. Everyone suffers, and I'd sure like to see that suffering ended.

    Maureen, I love seeing that pink! 🙂

  5. Yes I do sport pink, my shoes have the pink on them for breast cancer and I ware them proudly! I think we all should fight like girls for the rest of our lives.

  6. I think it's great that you're raising awareness of the importance of detection. Every woman (and man) needs to remember that no matter how scary a diagnosis of cancer is it's better to KNOW what's happening than to pretend it isn't there. Cancer has had a huge impact on my life through close loved ones and early diagnosis helps. I love the expression "fight like a girl"

  7. There is pink everywhere I look this month. I love watching all the NFL players with all their pink this month!!!
    I really don't think there is hardly anybody that doesn't know what this represents anymore, I think you would almost have to be living in a box. Even after October is over, there are still many companies supporting this throughout the year with the pink ribbon on product. Cancer has had a huge impact in my family, not necessarily breast cancer, but other types, so I am always supportive of the different types of cancers.

  8. Another great guest for Cancer Awareness Week!
    WTG ladies! 🙂

    Around town I have seen loads of pink, from babies to grown men, to pets and even cars!
    Lots of the high school girls have pink strips woven through their hair.
    Our college football team is wearing pink socks and carry pink towels.
    Some of the fans wore pink wigs with pink t-shirts.

    Some stores have set up PINK displays at the entrances, you can pick up t-shirts, hair ribbons, shoe laces, buttons, ballons etc…

    I wear my Crocs with pink piggy's on them and my van has pink ribbons on the antenna. 😀

  9. I'm retired and don't leave the house too often, so I haven't seen a lot of pink – except for all the football players on TV who are wearing alot of it! I've purchased my copy of Entangled, so please don't enter me in the contest.
    Thanks, Wendy – you've done a terrific job with the Cancer Awareness posts.

  10. I always sport the PINK! I have tshirts, a cap, keychain, pens, bracelets, necklace, and so on. My grandmother is a survivor of breast cancer, and my mom a cervical cancer survivor, so I support this as much as I can. My 11 year old nephew's football team even had a "Pink" day, wearing pink football socks, wrist bands, stickers on helmets, etc. He and his friends were proud to wear the pink that one day.

  11. Quilt Lady, I bet your shoes are awesome!

    Lisa, I love that expression, too! And I agree with you completely–I think it is so much better to now what's happening. Once you know–then you can begin that fight!

  12. Dalila, so many great signs of awareness! Thank you for sharing them!

    Karen, thanks so much for purchasing a copy of Entangled. And I hope you enjoy the anthology!

  13. Lots of Youth groups here have had pink out days and I have a pink button up shirt I'll be wearing more often this month myself. My mom and my aunt have both been hit by cancer so thanks for a great way to help raise money and awareness.
    seawitchreviews@ yahoo.com

  14. I love that all proceeds from this anthology are going to Breast Cancer research.A lot of places do percentages or just a 41 from a sale.
    There is pink everywhere here in my family.We did the Breast Cancer walk.So we have pins,water bottles, tshirts,pens.
    I also bought a plush Breast Cancer pink blanket for myself and also for a friend in the US.

  15. Yes, I have seen the pink. I work for the city I live in, and City Hall has had quite a bit of pink going on. There was a sale of t-shirts recently for MD Anderson Cancer Center and those shirts went fast. We just had a bake sale and ribbon sale last Friday, there was a dragon boat race and our city team won, and at the end of the month there will be a 5k walk for the cure.

  16. I support the pink by supporting "PINK" companies. There is a greater awareness now, which is great.


  17. Thanks for this important post. we should all be aware of the value of early detection and supporting pink causes.

  18. I'm sitting here getting ready to take an Ibuprofen tablet for discomfort. What has that to do with the subject?
    I had my regular mammogram late this summer and as has happened three times before, the film showed a
    suspicious area. Those three times the areas turned out to be benign. I knew it would again this time but one
    can't take a chance! Two weeks ago, I had a lumpectomy which ended up being an area of calcification and
    most importantly, benign! The recovery period can last up to two months, according to the surgeon, thus the
    Ibuprofen and I will be best pals until the discomfort is gone. My sisters & I have religiously had mammograms
    each year since 1975. We lost our 31 y/o sister to an aggressive breast cancer that year.

  19. Wow, I've seen this anthology all over twitter, and I'm glad I finally slowed down enough to look at it. Don't enter me in this because I am off to purchase my own copy. Thanks for a great post!


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