A visit with Lisa Renee Jones & giveaway (Cancer week)

Hello everyone! It’ s almost November and I love November for so many reasons, namely the holidays. The holidays are about family, and celebration, and love and life. Love and life is about the good and the bad and the way we come together as we encounter those things.

Another reason to be happy this November is that I have THE STORM THAT IS STERLING coming out. Sterling has no family, having lost them all to tragedy. The heroine in the story has faced plenty of loss herself, and now she faces cancer. Writing this story touched my heart because Becca (heroine) becomes the love of Sterling’s life and once again, he is faced with losing someone he cares for. He is more ready to fight for her life, than even she is. This is a story of sacrifice and love. A story of a battle for life and love that thankfully ends well. I don’t promise the journey won’t be emotional though, but I can promise its one of passion, on all kinds of ways.

A short blurb: Sterling Jeter, Renegade Super Soldier, is fearless, powerful, and wildly unpredictable. His life-threatening mission is to save the beautiful, brilliant astrobiologist Rebecca Burns from ruthless villain Adam Rain. But their immutable mutual attraction threatens to put them in the path of death… or worse…


What does November mean to you?

Tell me for your chance to win a “goodie bag” full with bath and body products, a notepad,a tote that says “fight like a girl” and books!

*As this is also part of my Cancer week winner will also receive an ebook copy of ENTANGLED*

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  1. November means getting ready for colder weather and making sure everything is in order. But the first thing that comes to mind when I think about this month is Thanksgiving.

  2. Hi, Lisa. First let me say thanks for visiting with us today. Then let me say I loved Sterling, he is so hero material and loves Becca. Cancer takes such a toll on everyone's live it touches..Good luck everyone..

  3. November means to me.. Well two very important people in my life's birthday. The second is my mother's birthday and then a very good friend of mine (she's like the sister I never had… actually a soul sister)'s birthday.. Then the gathering of family and unity. I always go to my mom's for thanksgiving. It's just usually my family and her and my step father. that's fine with me. homecooked food…
    raonaid at gmail dot com

  4. Cold weather, first significant snow fall, Sunday football, comfort food, curling up on the couch in front of the fireplace with a good book. Girl time, since all the men are deer hunting. Thanksgiving and the start of the crazy Christmas shopping season. Can't wait for November!!


  5. November means to me cold weather, and dry skin. Thanksgiving and turkey with family and friends. Also my husband's birthday. Thanks!

  6. November, for me, means things like holiday planning, good food, get togethers with family, and football. It also means 'winterizing' everything – this came to mind this morning as we had a cold front come through with winds gusting to 30 mph and temps of 50 degrees.
    The Storm that is Sterling sounds like a good read and is now on the TBR list!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. November means taking time to be with family and friends. Making the home snug for a cold and wet winter! I love cooking, baking, shopping, and making lists for the busy December to come!

  8. First November is filled with family birthdays. It includes my late father's and his brother's, some close cousins, a nephew and his baby girl. Also November starts our family get togethers for the holidays. I love the smell of fall turning into winter here in the South. This is my favorite time of year.

  9. Ladies you are after my heart ! Snow, football ( though I'm not a big fan it does feel part of the season and I love super bowl commercials lol), family, food, shopping lol!

  10. November of course means turkey and lots of it. But to me it means the whole family will gather to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. It also means the start of Christmas and spending time with those we love

  11. Thanks Lisa for a great post! November to me means cooler weather, beautiful scenery when the leaves begin to change, thanksgiving (favorite holiday) and hunting. It is also the start of the holiday season which means spending time with my family and friends. I love the holidays and I love to share the traditions with my children and watch their eyes light up when the table if full of goodies and food or when they get to see a favorite cousin they never see, or on Christmas morning after Santa visits. It really makes my heart happy 🙂

  12. Congrats on the upcoming release, Lisa. November means the start of the holiday season and Christmas shopping. I love it because Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

  13. November means cooling weather, great holidays coming up and more time to spend with family or curled up with a good book. Congrats on the upcoming release!! Looking forward to it.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  14. To me, November means cooler weather and curling up with a book and blanket. It also means family to me, because of the Thanksgiving holiday. When I was younger, my whole family, grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, cousins, etc would all gather. It was a loud mess of probably 60 or more people (large family) but was fun. Now, no way could I do it, I have panic attacks if in crowded situations.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  15. November for me means traveling to be with family… I have family here in town, but for November, I visit those far away for Thanksgiving… this year, it'll be South Korea… I'm so excited because I haven't been there since I was a little girl and I get to see my mom's side of my family, again 🙂

  16. Great giveaway and thanks to Lisa for being here!

    November means cold weather, lots of food on the horizon, and running out of time to do Christmas shopping.

  17. November to me means Christmas shopping and birthdays. I'm Canadian so Thanksgiving was in October for us.I have two family members birthdays in November and i usually start my Christmas shopping.That's about it for me.
    The Storm That Is Sterling sounds really good.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. November mean Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping! I love cooking the food. I love the sales the next day!

  19. November means getting stocking stuffers bought, making bags for each family member, lots of shopping and cold!

  20. To me, November means cooler weather, Thanksgiving with my family and and munching on left over Halloween candy 🙂

  21. November means starting to get ready for Christmas, which I absolutely love.


  22. November means my birthday! It’s November 1st so I always look forward to Halloween because it’s my time of year. It also means pumpkin pie, since I always have that instead of birthday cake.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  23. For me November means the begining of the Holiday season and I look forward to seeing family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s also hopefully full of fall leaves that I love to drive around and look at. My youngest daughter, my brother and my late cousin were born in November and so my thoughts also turn to them.

  24. Hi Lisa!
    Thank you for today's post!
    Book sounds great, looking forward to reading it.

    I look for new recipes around end of October for November.
    November is 'comfy' month for me because we have loads of get-togethers with friends. We do weekend cook-outs….possible b/c living in the desert it never gets cold here…. pot-luck Fridays and cookie swaps too. I love to bake and November also means holiday baking time starts. YAY for the holiday's!
    Birthdays are all coming up too, family and friend's birthday's are always fun. As adults we can get away with more silliness. LOL! Who's going to yell at us?! 😉

  25. November isn't really a major month for me. It means the weather's starting to get warmer but still not super hot (souther hemisphere here btw) and I guess reminds me of being the last term of school, though that usually means yearlies. Oh and starting to think about Christmas.


  26. The Storm that is Sterling looks great! November means it gets light later and dark earlier and it's getting colder, but it also means Thanksgiving and family gatherings…

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