A visit with Victoria Vane #Giveaway

Today we are honored to welcome back author Victoria Vane. Please sit back and enjoy!


MBA: Good morning Victoria and welcome back to My Book Addiction and More.

Victoria Vane: Thank you so very much for having me again, April!

 MBA&M: Please tell our readers some insight into Victoria Vane?

 Victoria Vane: May readers may not be aware that Victoria Vane is my erotic romance pseudonym, as I first published romantic historical fiction as  Emery Lee. (THE HIGHEST STAKES and FORTUNE’S SON both from Sourcebooks). I began writing erotic historical romance only a year ago when my publisher passed on my third book and my agent at the time quit the business, leaving me high and dry!

For those who would like to know more details about my rollercoaster writing journey, here is a link to the interview you did with me last December : http://www.mybookaddictionandmore.com/come-for-a-visit-and-giveaway-with-author-victoria-vane/

 Since the release of  my debut erotic title A BREACH OF PROMISE ,  I’ve been writing my fingers to the bone! In January of this year I began writing a HANGOVER-inspired erotic comedy novella not knowing that it would burgeon into an entire series!

 I have now written the entire four novella Devil DeVere series for Breathless Press, as well as my first full-length romance (as Victoria Vane) for Entangled Publishing. I am so very excited to see that all of these stories have made a splash, to include numerous reviewer top picks, and two award nominations. I wish to thank you again for being so very gracious in featuring me on this blog when I was almost completely unknown and trying to make a name.


 MBA&M: How long does it take you to write a series like “THE DEVIL DEVERE” series?

Victoria Vane: I have only written one series so far, so I have nothing else to compare this experience to, but I was totally on fire with inspiration. I wrote the first novella in about a month and then the second one in only twelve days! The third and fourth took longer, but they are also longer stories. At over 40K words, they are actually categorized as short novels rather than novellas. All together I wrote approximately 150K words in four and a half months, roughly the equivalent of two full novels.


MBA&M: We understand the main characters are always discussed, we would like to know a little about a secondary character from “The Devil Devere” series?


VV: I am so glad you asked as I LOVE my secondary characters and the readers seem to also. I adored both Polly and Pratt who are both very colorful characters. Polly is Diana’s abigail ( lady’s maid) who first make her appearance in THE VIRGIN HUNTRESS. She seems to be the only one who really sees what a spoiled brat Vesta is and has no trouble voicing her mind!




“Took a faint, my sweet arse!” Polly mumbled once Diana and the others had departed.  “Now, young lady, you tell me what this ruckus is all about,” she began her diatribe. “You may have fooled the rest wi’ yer damsel in distress act, but don’t think to bamboozle ol’ Polly.”

Vesta’s lip twitched as she tamped down the impulse to giggle.

“I saw that, missy! Ye can pretend all you like but I know you hear me.”

Vesta cracked one eye open.

“I know t’was a great shock when your Papa brought a bride home, but the world don’t turn on Lady Vesta Chamber’s command. You’ve been far too indulged and now you be making sheep’s eyes at that Captain DeVere when anyone can see he’s already taken with my lady.”

“What would you know about anything?” Vesta wailed.

“I have eyes in my head, foolish child,” said Polly.

“But he saved me, Polly! If I meant nothing to him, he wouldn’t have cared. He would have sent Pratt after my horse. Don’t you see?”

“‘Tis you who be blind, missy. The Captain is a gentleman of the first order, and a war hero to boot. One of his stamp would never allow anyone to be endangered. Can’t ye see, the Captain is not for a young chit like yerself. He’s a man been to hell and back in the war, and no likely to dally wi’ some silly young miss.”


“Aye!” said Polly. “Keep it up and ye’ll only make a fool of yerself and spoil any chance for a suitable young man.”

“But I love him, Polly!”

“Pshaw! The frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean.”

Vesta scrunched her face. “Must you always speak in riddles?”

“Ye’ve been mollycoddled, missy, and can know nothing how the world works.”

“But I do know love, Polly! I loved Captain Hew from the moment I saw him and I just know I can make him love me too!”

“Humph!” Polly scoffed. “And the ass dreams of thistles too!”




MBA&M: What are some of the things that influence you while you are writing?


VV: I am most influenced by history. I am a true history geek, especially 18th century and love reading about real people and events form this era. Much of what I read appears in my books, the rest I blog about with my partner-in-crime fellow Georgian author Lucinda Brant at our Georgian Junkie blog. ( http://georgianjunkie.wordpress.com ).



MBA&M: If “The Devil Devere” became a movie,which actor/actress do you invision as your cast as of characters?


VV: OOOH! What a fun question!


       Hew: Henry Cavill                       DeVere:  Richard Armitage            Ned: Jude Law




I can’t seem to match them with actresses except perhaps Kate Winslett as Diana. I think she and Richard Armitage might be good together. Any reader suggestions for Vesta and Phoebe?



MBA&M: Can you tell us a scene out of one of “The Devil Devere” series that stands out to you? Why?


VV: Wow! I have so many favorites! My favorite dialogue scene is between Vesta and her highly sympathetic godfather DeVere in THE VIRGIN HUNTRESS, followed very closely by the comic scene between Hew and Vesta when he quite literally takes her in hand! Another highly  sensual but funny scene is Ned’s interrogation of Phoebe in A WILD NIGHT’S BRIDE.


But one of the most poignant moments is between DeVere and Diana in THE DEVIL’S MATCH:

“Have you ever loved before, Diana?” he asked, deftly turning the tables.

The question caught her off guard. “No,” she said softly, but then her armor came up. “I once thought perhaps I could have, but I never really had the chance to find out.”

“Is that what truly eats at you?” he asked. “Incessantly and relentlessly plagues you? Refuses to ever give you any peace?” He dug deeper. “The lost opportunity? Never knowing for certain whether you have the capacity for it or not?” He twisted the knife.

“Yes! Damn you!” she cried, feeling the brunt of his counterstrike full force.

“Damn me, indeed,” he murmured, “for I suffer the same.”



MBA&M: Are there any interesting facts you found while researching for this title?

VV: Many! And they litter the pages! LOL! I always try to incorporate as much reality into my fiction as possible as I feel it gives the stories greater depth and dimension. I also use as many real people as possible. Just for fun, I have added these note as Victoria’s Titillating Tidbits at the end of each story.



MBA&M: We know you also have an alter ego,Emery Lee, do you feel the two cross over or are they always separate identities?


VV: Great question! While I never intend it to happen, as I have continued to write, I’ve noticed a definite merging of my history loving Emery lee with my wickedly sensuous evil twin Victoria. This is very apparent in the title I just finished for Entangled Publishing called TREACHEROUS TEMPTATIONS  as it is very much and homage to the novels written in the 18th century  (think DANGEROUS LIAISONS meets CLARISSA HARLOWE and you are very close) but with a deeply erotic tone.



MBA&M: In today’s world of high tech, how hard is it to get the word out to readers in reference to upcoming titles and such?


VV: Getting the word out is easy with Facebook, Twitter, blogging etc… but actually being heard is quite another matter when everyone is shouting, for no one is listening! The digitally revolution is wonderful and horrible. There are so many great writers out there who are now indie-pubbing because they never got a chance thorough traditional means, but that also means the competition for readers has grown exponentially. It’s VERY difficult to stand out, but I am determined to forge on with stories that I hope will be refreshing and different, and to continue to writing them in my signature style.



MBA&M: Please tell us and our readers where to find you and where they can find “The Devil Devere” series? I am everywhere! LOL!


Email: victoria.vane@hotmail.com
Web: http://authorvictoriavane.com

Blog: http://victoriavane.wordpress.com
Blog: http://georgianjunkie.wordpress.com


Twitter: @authorvictoriav  and @authoremerylee

Facebook: Author Victoria Vane  and Author Emery Lee


I am also the founder/ moderator for Goodreads Romantic Historical Fiction Lovers:

http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/33864-romantic-historical-fiction-lovers  and  Romantic Historical Lovers review blog: http://romantichistoricallovers.wordpress.com/

Victoria, do you have anything else you would like to add today?

VV: For readers who are new to my work –  Expect the unexpected!



Thank you for spending time with us and our readers today. What an honor for you to take the time out of you busy schedule to spend time with your readers!


VV: I have enjoyed every moment and would be delighted to offer an e-book giveaway of A BREACH OF PROMISE to those who comment on the proposed casting for the Devil DeVere films!

*Giveaway Alert*

Thanks to Victoria Vane we are honored to offer readers a giveaway, 1 ebook copy of A WILD NIGHTS BRIDE. This is an ebook copy only. Giveaway is open to anywhere an ebook can be gifted. To enter just tell us who you’d like to see playing the characters, why or if you haven’t read the books what most appeals to you about them. Good Luck!



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  1. Henry Cavill is my go to choice for a hero, so very nice pick by you above! Fell in love with him from The Tudors, haven't stopped.
    Fortune's Son was a good book, sorry to hear you got deserted! But seems to have worked out as I hear good things about your erotic historicals.

  2. Hi BN!
    You can still give the first one a try for free!
    There is also much more to come! I'm releasing a "Mini-series" of four DEVILISH VIGNETTES to complement the series. The first of which DEVIL IN THE MAKING will be available this week and the fifth book in the series , JEWEL OF THE EAST, should be ready for a spring 2013 release.
    Warmest regards,
    Victoria Vane

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