Debut author invites readers into the mystifying world of David Washington, a mysteriously odd and fragile little boy with an extraordinary gift which the fate of the world rests upon.

Albert G.D. Johnson III currently lives in Los Angeles, California

MBA&M: Tell our readers a little about Albert G.D. Johnson III?

ALBERT: I was born in raised in Los Angeles, California. I’m the youngest child and have an older brother. I have a passion for religion, art, music and movies. I’ve always been creative and enjoy writing and drawing to express my creativity. I studied graphic design and computer information systems at San Diego State University before transferring to Long Beach State University graduating in 2003 with a degree in business administration with an emphasis in information systems. Shortly after graduating from Long Beach State, I became more involved in my local church and soon was ordained a deacon. It was then that I embraced my faith along with my artistic and creative ability and began to focus it by creating religious art and writing that is modern, imaginative, and unique. My goal in my writing is to use my creativity to influence religion in a unique and inoffensive way.


MBA&M: What made you decide to write this genre?

ALBERT: I’ve always had a vivid imagination and I enjoy movies and TV shows that are wild, imaginative, mysterious and different. It’s been a dream of mines to develop a story along the same lines that blended fantasy, suspense, mystery, religion and more so I thought why not write one as a trilogy right off the bat.


MBA&M: What where the challenges in writing “The Parallel Trinity”?

ALBERT: Book 1 in this trilogy is somewhat personal so I would say the biggest challenge in writing The Parallel Trinity: Book 1 was taking stories from my childhood and wrapping a story around it that readers will find fun and exciting, mysterious, enjoyable and different from what they’ve read before. A lot of my story ideas are inspired by passages and stories in the bible. So in writing, my goal is to tell a compelling story while delivering a positive message that a reader can hopefully apply to their own lives and help encourage someone else. The Parallel Trinity is one of my darker projects, so trying to convey a positive message amongst the dark subject matter is another challenge I found while writing it.


MBA&M: I see “The Parallel Trinity” is Book 1, can you tell our readers how many you hope to have in this series and any tidbits about the series?

ALBERT: The Parallel Trinity will be a three book trilogy and I am currently writing the second book. Book 1 focuses on a little boy named David, his semi dark origin and the unusual ability that he possesses. The very end of book 1 introduces the reader to a female character and in book 2, readers will find that her origin is quite different from David’s. From there, they will discover her importance and see what happens when the two of them confront one another. By the end of book 3, readers will discover what these two characters will grow to become and witness their involvement in the imminent multidimensional supernatural war mentioned in books 1 and 2. They will witness the outcome of this war, the fates of the two main characters as well as the fate of all of humanity.


MBA&M: How much research was involved in writing “The Parallel Trinity” and where did you find your research?

ALBERT: There was a lot of research involved in writing The Parallel Trinity. Most of which came from stories told to me throughout the years by family and close friends of family. It is interesting to note that, book 1 is loosely based on my childhood, being a quiet child and the emotional affects of finding out at a young age that I was adopted by my father. Some of the events that take place in book 1 are based on events that actually happened to me as a child, only highly exaggerated and with a story wrapped around it. That being said, a lot of research was spent simply talking to close members of the family and interviewing them. Reading the bible also provided a lot of inspiration for writing The Parallel Trinity since the trilogy as a whole is revolved around spiritual warfare and the constant struggle we have with ourselves and society.

MBA&M: Who do you consider as your hero in your life and why?

ALBERT: I always answer this question in parts. Jesus Christ, my heavenly father, is my hero for the ultimate price He paid for us and for all that He has done and continues to do in my life. Besides Jesus Christ, my earthly father, Albert Johnson Jr. is also my hero. My older brother (of 9 years) and I have the same mother, but different biological fathers. I have never met my biological father and although Albert Johnson Jr. is technically not my biological father, he might as well be and I consider him to be. He came into my life when I was an infant and raised both my brother and I as if we were his own. I don’t have any children yet, but if I can be half the father to my children that my father was to us, then I will be a great dad! Then my mom would be a close runner up. She has been through a lot throughout her own life and is one of the strongest people I know. In addition to being my mother, she is also my hero, and one of my closest friends. I am truly blessed and I thank God for having such wonderful and loving parents!

MBA&M: Now, Albert tell our readers where to find you and where to find “The Parallel Trinity”?

ALBERT: I currently reside in Los Angeles, California. The Parallel Trinity can be found on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Nobles Nook and Apple’s iBookstore.

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Albert, would you like to add anything?

I would just like to thank everyone for your time and support and encourage everyone reading this to purchase The Parallel Trinity: Book 1 in their favorite ebook format.

Remember to always fight the good fight of faith! Take care and God bless. – AJ3





Publisher:Albert G.D. Johnson III; 1 edition (July 8, 2011)


Product Description(from amazon)

WAR…is on the horizon. And this will be a war unlike any other in history. The world we live in is a three dimensional battlefield and we are right in the middle of it. And although we cannot physically see two of our parallel dimensions, there are supernatural beings that occupy them and the evil inhabitants of one will stop at nothing to merge their world with ours.
In the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana lives David Gibson, a mysteriously odd and fragile little boy with unique powers and an extraordinary gift, the ability to see and interact with the creatures from the dark parallel dimension. Afraid of the world around him and his horrifying visions, David keeps his powers a secret, and hides from his gift. He is often uncomfortable in public places; he speaks only when spoken to, keeps to himself and doesn’t make many friends. David literally doesn’t see the world as normal people do and he doesn’t know why he was given this ability nor does he care; he just wants to get rid of it, permanently.
But little did he know that not only can he communicate with these dark creatures, but they can interact with him too. In fact, they intend to use him as the key to enter our world forever, strengthen their numbers, recruit human soldiers and declare war on all of Earth. Through David, they will rise and conquer with him as their human leader. It is his fate, or so they thought. In this world, when you run and hide from your destiny, it will find you whether you are ready or not. Then the question that remains is…what in this world are you afraid of?
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against …the rulers of the darkness of this world… Ephesians 6:12

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