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the plan

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MBA&M: Please give our readers some insight into the life and mind of Alina B?

Alina B.: The author is a dreamer and a traveler, always hoping for best things to happen, and a person who truly awaits for that moment when life gives you a sign saying that now is your time. Her mind is always busy with something, even with things you expect less. Alina B. likes to get lost between articles over the internet for hours, and also spread the word about something really interesting.

MBA&M: What was you inspiration behind writing “The Plan”?

Alina B.: After reading a book I really loved, I simply said that I can write one too, so I searched for someone to inspire me, and the moment I found it, I started writing without stopping for three months.

MBA&M: Who was your favorite character to write about in this story and why?

Alina B.: Definitely Jane! She was a challenge to create and define, and that is how she became my favorite, even if, Alexander was a  challenge too.

MBA&M: “The Plan” sounds like a gripping story,with twists and turns. What scene stands out the most to you and why?

Alina B.: Hard to choose one, but the first one I can think about, is the scene where Jane and Alexander say that they will be friends from now on, but after Alexander drives Jane home very late at night, they can`t keep their hand off each other.

MBA&M: Did you find a little bit of yourself in Jane, or is she a completely made up character? 

Alina B.: We are quite different. I tried to create Jane as a difficult character with different personality issues, even if, in some parts, we might think slightly similar. So, Jane has a very small part of me in her in some scenes.

MBA&M: Which character do you feel you most identify with and why?

Alina B.: I don`t identify too much with any character. Only with Jane, in some situations(we might act the same) She is too troubled.

MBA&M: What complied you to write a mystery/suspense/thriller?

Alina B.: First of all, I wanted to write a romance, but then I thought that it might be too boring, so I changed it into a mystery mixed with romance.

MBA&M: How much research is involved in writing a thriller/mystery/suspense?

Alina B.:  A lot of research. Without research this book wouldn`t even exist. So probably, almost a quarter of my time I was researching, before and while writing, so the plot and the characters would fit into the story exactly as I wanted.

MBA&M: What genre do you enjoy reading the most,for pleasure?

Alina B.: Romance and suspense. Most of them have happy endings, so, I really enjoy them. And even they don`t have happy endings, if it`s a good book, I don`t hesitate recommending it.

MBA&M: What three words would you use to describe “The Plan”?

Alina B.: Mysterious, challenging, romance.

MBA&M: Now for a little fun game! I will use three words, you say the first thing that comes to mind?

Coffee,tea or wine?

Alina B.: Wine.

Mystery,Historical,or Romance?

Alina B.: Romance.

Present,present or future?

Alina B.: Present.


Chocolate,strawberries,or melons?

Alina B.: Melons.

Strictly romance or romance with mystery and suspense?

Alina B.: Romance with mystery and suspense.

MBA&M: Last but not least, please tell our readers where they may connect with Alina B and where they may purchase “The Plan”?

Alina B.:  You can easily find me on my facebook page Alina B. or on If you want to purchase The Plan, or send it as a gift to someone, or simply want to take a look inside before buying it, simply search it on google, or directly on Amazon here.


Thank you,

Alina B.

Thank you, Alina B. for taking a few moments of your time today to visit with us and our readers!!


Alina B.A bit about AlinaB……

Originally from Romania, Alina B studied Economics, and since high school she was always interested in psychology. A few months after getting married she moved temporarily with her husband to Australia leaving everything behind and putting other plans on hold. The change seemed to be the right one, since it brought to her enough inspiration and time to write her first manuscript and she took the chance and published her first book. The goal-driven Alina B, plans to be a full time writer as soon as possible and a mother of two when the time is right.



the planBook Name: THE PLAN
No. of pages: 218
Author: Alina B.
Release date: 06th of June, 2013


Genre: Fiction/Romantic Suspense/Mystery/Romance
Word Count: 92.800 aprox.
Book synopsis
Jane O`Donnel, is a girl from a rich family who tries to prove herself she can make it on her own without her family`s help. An unexpected event turns her world upside down and brings the attractive Dr. Smith in her life. She is being kidnapped. Like it wouldn`t be enough, the terrible event brings with it something she could never be prepared for. 
Can Jane find out who is behind all this? Could her father have something to do with it? Will she encounter people who don`t want her to know?
Filled with hard decisions, love and hard times, THE PLAN shows how one’s life can suddenly change and never be the same.
Buy links: 



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