An Annoucement!! Please Read!

Hello everyone. I wanted to let you know first that we had a glitch in the system and the comments were cut off, that is fixed now we hope. So if you have any problems commenting please let us know via email or twitter/facebook.


We had a post that should have gone live today and didn’t that was my fault. I had issues and didn’t get it posted correctly. It will go live tomorrow. I hope you will visit us for a great guest blogger.

And if you notice my mom, AprilR, is not posting or commenting or around it’s because she has done something to her back. Years ago my mom had a spinal fusion. For those who don’t know she’s a retired nurse, who had to retire due to this injury and surgery to repair said injury. She loved nursing and misses it. Now she is having severe pain and numbness in her leg. She went Friday to ER and today to a specialist. We are looking at more doctors and c-scan in the near future but for now they’ve put her on meds they hope will help with the pain. So for the foreseeable future I will try to keep up with the blog posts.


We are asking you to send my mom, AprilR, Good Thoughts and prayers if you are so inclined.


Thanks everyone and stick around, I have plans to start offering up a monthly gift card drawing for our regular commenters who comment on every post.


thanks everyone,




6 Replies to “An Annoucement!! Please Read!”

  1. Thank you, Wendy, for letting us know about April. I'm hoping she recovers soon. I'll keep her in my prayers. 🙂

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