It’s important to know that I grew up in church. Went every Sunday, usually twice, and again on Wednesday nights most of the time. As a child, it wasn’t a choice, it was just what we did. I’m thankful for that, and for the people that became a part of my childhood as a result. The thing is, though…maybe I can explain it better this way…

There came a time in my young adult life, that I moved away and quit going to church. Mostly because of my work, but there were other reasons, too. Instead, I did something that would have a far-reaching impact on my life. I actually read my Bible…and fell into a whole new world that I knew very little about, in spite of my upbringing.

I also began to realize that many of us think that, because we go to church every Sunday, we might know a little bit about salvation. And, we’re right. We do know a little bit. So little that we come off looking like hypocrites, bigots, idiots and a host of other undesirables…then we sit around wondering why some people are so put off by Christianity…

I discovered things that just can’t be revealed in a few minutes on a Sunday morning. Or in a few minutes on many, many Sunday mornings. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love going to a good church! A good church is great! But church should not be the Source. Only the Source can be the Source! Church is more for encouragment, support and building knowledge on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

That is the inspiration behind my books. Providing a foundation of Jesus Christ for those who have spent a lifetime in church, but have never cracked open their Bibles! Or maybe they have read the Bible, but have done so wearing the mental blinders of one particular denomination or another.

It is my hope that my books will inspire others to seek the Source, rather than to be content with the scraps that get tossed out in those short segments of time we spend gathered together in a building for a few minutes each week.

Many of us, even as believers, struggle in daily battles against life in this world. I don’t have to be told that it can be a tiresome and frustrating experience, because I’ve been right there beside you and all the rest, fighting my own battles. And it’s hard, sometimes. Sometimes, it seems like it would be a lot easier to just sit down and give up. Been there, done that. I don’t have to be told. I know.

But God didn’t create us to be quitters. He didn’t create us to simply be punching bags for the enemy. He created us to be victors! Not victors through hypocricy and bigotry…but victors through Jesus! That’s what my book, “Hail, Ye Knights of the King” is about. Victory through Jesus…

I have found that when I write, I normally learn more than I attempt to teach. “Hail, Ye Knights of the King” is no different. I found myself amazed and humbled at the journey I was allowed to take during the writing of this book! I must also confess that I had one thing in mind when I started, but ended up with something so totally different…for which I am thankful!

It amazes me how everything in the Bible is tied to one Person…one event. From Genesis to Revelation! The armor of God is just one of the tiny pieces that fit together in the grand scheme of things. This book takes a look at the armor of God, perhaps, like you’ve never seen it before…adding a strength we cannot possibly fathom.

We aren’t helpless. We can stand. If we’ll just learn to use the tools we were given….

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me n punkin andy sayas(Hail ye)A bit about the author:

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Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit more about me and the things I stand for!

I firmly believe that the kingdom of God is within you…and it’s my goal to help as many that are willing, to enter the gates. As an author, my books are written with that goal in mind. While I claim to be non-denominational, in that I don’t particularly follow any one denomination, I am also made up of a bit of each, as they all have certain aspects that make up faith in Jesus!

With that said, feel free to kick your shoes off and browse around a bit!

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March 2, 2013
As long as we live in this world and in this flesh, we’ll have our flaws to deal with. That’s enought to keep us busy even without all our other adversaries.That’s why we need our armor. The following pages are about the armor that God has provided for us. Not so much the functions of the armor, which has already been studied and written about countless times, but more about the creation of the armor…so we can rest assured that the armor really isn’t flawed. Because if the armor is flawed, then how can we be sure our salvation isn’t flawed too?
Let your imagination wander just a bit, if you will, to a time of knights and armor. To a world of fairy tale-like magic that’s not magic at all, but the power of the living God. A place where the dragon really is a dragon, but it has already been slain…not by a knight, but by a Lamb. Instead of the ancient, dusty streets of London, we’ll take a quick peek at the ancient, dusty streets of Jerusalem…where the true King became a pauper, so that we paupers could become kings…
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