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 According to legend, when the Mormons were forced to flee Missouri in 1838, they left behind a cache of Mormon gold. Mob boss Alex Nicas desperately wants it, and he’ll do anything to obtain it―including abducting two youth participating in a pioneer trek.

Here is a brief description of the book:

When Jimmy agreed to lead a youth activity through the historic Missouri countryside, he had no idea what he was getting into. Now he and his friends Paul and Emily must race to recover a long-lost treasure and rescue two teenage hostages before the conflict tears an entire town apart. This action-packed thrill ride of a book doesn’t disappoint!


Meet the Author:

My wife and I have lived in small town, rural Missouri for 12 years and have 4 entertaining and wonderful children. I never expected to be living on a farm with chickens, cows, kittens and a dog. The kids love ‘em. My life revolves around spending time with my family. Being a father and a husband are the most important things I can concentrate my time on and I enjoy it. I published my first novel, DEFENSIVE TACTICS, in August 2010. My second novel, Crater Lake: Battle for Wizard Island is under contract with Cedar Fort Publishing and should be released in the Spring of 2012. To learn more about Gold Clash and author Steve Westover, visit: http://stevewestover.com/Home.html.





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