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In HARD TRIGGER by S.L. Hannah, Victoria finds herself entwined with a lover on the opposite side of a bloody feud. Seeking revenge to stop the flow of opiates that are killing her mother—she must spill the blood of her lover’s family to do it. Fans of RUIN by CD Reiss and SIN WITH ME by JA Huss & Johnathan McClain will devour this dark and sexy enemy to lovers tale where loyalty is in the eye of the beholder.

Title: Hard Trigger
Author: S.L. Hannah
Release Date: August 28, 2018
Publisher: AOH Publishing
Genres: Romantic suspense
Word Count: 30K
Format: Print and digital




“Your mother’s opiates are coming from Jose Herrera’s distribution network.” My pulse races as my stepfather speaks these words. Because taking on the Herreras also means taking on Diego.

Reckless, and hardened by a volatile past, Victoria does not see a future with Diego Herrera as a realistic option. As their childhood friendship ignites, they find themselves on opposite sides of a bloody feud between the two most powerful families in Mexico City. And she’s a Moreno now—brought up to be the secret weapon nobody suspected.

But Victoria can’t deny the attraction. Diego’s commanding muscles, the coarse, dark hair of his solid chest, that rugged scar above his sensuous lips…

Loyalty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Copyright © 2018 S.L. Hannah

My body is spent. I want to feel him release inside of me. I want to collapse on top of him. I want to keep f**king like two animals that want to survive a wilderness that is both beautiful and vicious. Our chests heave in a unison that signals it’s not over and he starts pumping into me…
Except I’m not just an animal. I turn my head towards the end table, lean over and grab his cell phone.
“Call them off.” I shove the phone into his palms. “All of them. Tell them I’m not here. That they made a mistake.”
Still pumping into me, his eyes grow wider. “Don’t be f***ing crazy. Let me walk you out of here and make everyone believe that you’ve disappeared. At least for a little while.”
He’s hitting that spot. That warm and sensitive spot that makes me second-guess every decision and every goal. That makes me curl up and want to be swept away and taken care of even though I’ve never wanted it to be part of my long-term plan because I’ve seen everything that my mother has gained and lost by…being taken care of.
He searches my face for a place to reason. “What I’m offering…they’re going to catch up to you eventually. And before you catch up to my uncle again. He’s the second-in-line to a multi-national business. You killed one of his men last night. You almost killed him. You think no one noticed? This would give…us a chance.” he pleads. Even though he doesn’t say it, it’s the same proposal that he made on our trip, except without the ring. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted. I’d always been tempted.
I freeze. He’ll never know how many times I ran over the circumference of the diamond band on that night stand before I drove off, deciding on a different destiny. I knew the moment I stepped in the old Peugeot that the tread would be forever imprinted on my fingers.
“I can’t.”
The admission makes him choke on whatever he was about to say and roar in frustration, because he’s not the type of man to accept defeat.
His fingers fumble on the screen. Awkwardly he holds the cell against his ear, spitting in Spanish. He’s done what I’ve asked him to do.
He throws the phone, and then locks his forearms around my neck, leading me closer to him. His c*ck is still stiff, and it throbs inside of me, reminding me of why we’re even in this position.
Cursing, his lips find mine, biting, absorbing, demanding. And I reciprocate. I’m not unwilling. I never have been. Our tongues tangle as our bodies begin to move in unison again.



About S.L. Hannah:

S.L. Hannah was born in Poland, grew up in Canada, and moved to Southern California to pursue her love of single-engine airplanes. Her latest rogue romance, Hard Trigger, will be published on August 28th, 2018. Visit her online at www.slhannah.com to learn about her other books, to get updates about her new release, and to connect through social media. S.L. Hannah lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and garden of succulents. When she’s not writing fiction, she continues to solve the aviation problems of the world.


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Addicted to the Duke

Imperfect Lords series book 1 – sexy, swashbuckling novel


Addicted to the Duke

A lovestruck lady charms the duke of her dreams during an expedition on the high seas in this sexy, swashbuckling novel from USA Today bestselling author Bronwen Evans.

Alexander Sylvester Bracken, Duke of Bedford, has a mission: sail to the Mediterranean and track down Lady Hestia Cary’s missing father. It is a straightforward task, but for two rather vexing complications. First, the sea holds painful memories; second, for her own safety, Hestia is to accompany him. As Alex battles the demons of his past, he must also resist Hestia’s surprisingly skillful attempts at seduction. After all, Alex has sworn to leave her untouched, and he intends to honor that vow—until he can properly ask the Earl’s blessing.

Ever since His Grace rescued Hestia from the arms of a Turkish pirate six long years ago, her heart has belonged to Alex. So when he agrees to help find her father, Hestia is thrilled. Although Alex tries to hide it, there’s passion in his eyes—and a frisson of desire in the air—whenever they meet. On board ship, miles from home, Alex won’t be able to deny her any longer. But with scoundrels lying in wait, she may not live to tell the tale of her conquest.

I think you wrote a brilliantly and masterfully work of romance! Such feelings and emotions shown throughout this powerful and compelling story are hard to convey to readers.  But you managed it beautifully. Very impressive! P.S. I read this in one day. I couldn’t put it down. I was glued to the pages of Alex and Hestia’s story, from the first page to the last.  – AprilR


Coming June 2017

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About the author…..

Author Bronwen EvansUSA Today Bestselling author, Bronwen Evans (Bron), loves story-telling – gobbling up movies, reading books and attending the theater. Her head is always filled with characters and stories, particularly lovers in angst. Is it any wonder she’s a proud romance writer.

Bronwen attended Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand earning a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Administration, majoring in Marketing and Accounting. She was all set on building herself a business career (which she did along the way).

But life never turns out exactly as one thinks. After working for a few years in marketing roles within New Zealand financial institutions, she left for a 6 month overseas experience in London, England. She loved England. She spent several years living in London, using it as a base to be able to work and travel from. She visited all four corners of the world. Her most interesting trips were a camel safari in the Sahara, a trip through Russia, a safari through Africa with her mother, and three months in the Mediterranean.

It was while living and working in London she discovered the offices of Mills & Boon and the germ of an idea to embark on a romance writing career was born.

Almost eight years later, on her return to New Zealand, encouraged by a close friend battling a life-threatening illness, Bronwen finally started down the path to publication by joining RWA, The Beau Monde, RWAustralia and RWNZ.

Bronwen’s first manuscript, INVITATION TO RUIN, was completed late 2009, and was sold to Kensington Publishing early 2010, in a two book deal. Her debut novel, INVITATION TO RUIN, received a 4.5 star rating from RT Book Reviews and was nominated in the RT Reviewer’s Choice Awards – Best First Historical. Invitation to Ruin was also won the RomCon Readers Crown Best Historical 2012.

Bron’s since gone on to win the RomCon Readers Crown three times. Her first book in her Disgraced Lords series hit the USA Today bestsellers list and she has hit it several times since.

She lives in New Zealand in sunny Hawkes Bay with her two Cavoodles named Brandy and Duke.


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Author, Bronwen Evans



Happy release day, Cecelia Mecca to My Book Addiction and More, today!!

All of us at MBA&M, wish you a very successful adventure!

Without further ado, meet, Dubut author,  Cecelia Mecca!!

The Border Series is set along the Anglo-Scottish border in the 13th century. Why that time and place?


I’ve always known I wanted to write an English medieval romance. Although I personally read and love Highlander romances, my primary interest has always been in England; I am an unapologetic Anglophile. I thought it might be fun to use the tumultuous border region with divided loyalties between the English and Scottish as a backdrop for the series. As for the time period, I wanted to pre-date the Scottish Wars of Independence since so much has already been written during that time period.


 MBA&M: Where do you get your story ideas?

I begin with the history. One detail from a real-life event or person often sparks an entire story.


And the characters?

Again, real-life inspiration is essential. Rather than flush out every aspect of a character, I usually begin with a person I know in mind. From there I conduct a character interview and am continually asking myself what motives the character? What are his/her external and internal goals? How does every action in the book reflect the desire to achieve those goals? I keep a chart of every scene and “fact check” myself against it after each writing session.


How many books will the Border Series include?

This has been the number one question I’ve received thus far. The prequel novella is out now and book one, The Thief’s Countess, has just been released. I’m currently editing book two and have already begun to plot book three, both of which are expected to release in 2017. In addition, there are at least five or six characters already mentioned whose stories I can’t wait to tell. So I don’t see an end to the Border Series any time soon, although I do not currently have a set number of books in mind.


What has been your favorite part of the process so far?

That’s an easy one. Interacting with readers. It’s been so much fun to talk about the characters I’ve lived with for so many years with others. The feedback and support has been almost overwhelming. I began a weekly live video chat on my Facebook page, #MedievalMonday Q&A Giveaway to answer some of the questions I’ve been receiving and reward my amazing readers with goodies along the way. My readers rock!



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Join the CM Insiders to receive a free prequel novella or purchase on Amazon for .99. Although it can be read as a stand alone, The Ward’s Bride gives a bit of background to Border Series Book One, The Thief’s Countes.




A thief turned reluctant protector… A countess who resents but can’t resist him…

The Reiver

Sir Geoffrey has dedicated his life to exacting revenge on the men who killed his parents and stole his birthright. The son of a baron, he has been reduced to stealing the resources he needs to reclaim his family legacy. Just when he’s on the verge of success, his uncle asks him to put his plans on hold to help protect a wealthy countess. It’s a distraction Geoffrey resents, even more so when he meets Lady Sara. The gorgeous, complicated and alluring lady is everything he’d want in a woman—and everything he can’t have.


The Countess

With her betrothed coming to claim her hand in marriage and a distant cousin intent on usurping her earldom, Lady Sara Caiser feels beset by controlling, unwanted men. As if that weren’t enough, her father’s deathbed request was for two lawless border reivers to serve as her protectors. Despite her misgivings, an undeniable attraction pulls her into Sir Geoffrey’s arms. The man she thought nothing more than a thief is more dangerous than she believed, for he’s noble, caring and sinfully attractive. As the threats against her continue to mount, Sara must decide what’s more important—her duty or her heart.


You can purchase The Thiefs Countess on Amazon for $2.99. A limited-time special edition includes chapter upgrades, similar to “DVD extras. The upgrades will expires in two weeks.



Author Biography

A former English teacher, Cecelia combines two of her passions, romance novels and the middle ages, in debut novel The Thief’s Countess. Combining alpha male types and strong female heroines, Cecelia transports readers to an admittedly romanticized time of knights and castles. She lives in Northeast, Pennsylvania with her husband and two young children where she can be found either planning a Disney trip, watching period dramas or convincing her children to watch Star Wars. She is firmly House Stark and Gryffindor.


Connect with Cecelia: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads




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Author, Cecelia Mecca

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The Carlisles are back…and England will never be the same! Known as the “Scourge of Mayfair,” the infamous brothers enjoy nothing more than having a good time and striking fear into the hearts of marriage-minded mamas. But when the three brothers cross paths with three very special women, they’ve finally met their matches–in more ways than one.  


Miranda Hodgkins has only ever wanted one thing: to marry Robert Carlisle. And she simply can’t wait a moment longer. During the Carlisle family masquerade ball, Miranda boldly sneaks into his bedchamber with seduction on her mind. Soon she’s swept into rock hard arms for the most breathtaking kiss of her life. But when the masks come off, she’s horrified to find herself face-to-face with Sebastian, the Duke of Trent—Robert’s formidable older brother.


Shocked to find Miranda in his bed, Sebastian quickly offers her a deal to avoid scandal: he’ll help her win his brother’s heart if she’ll find him the perfect wife. But what begins as a simple negotiation soon spirals out of control. For the longer this reformed rake tries to make a match for Miranda, the more he wants to keep her all to himself. 

Available, today, February 28, 2017….



  • Series: Capturing the Carlisles (Book 1)
  • Mass Market Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Forever (February 28, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1455597252
  • ISBN-13: 978-1455597253
  • Length: 368 pages



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About the author….

I fell in love with historical romances and all things Regency—and especially all those dashing Regency heroes—while living in England, where I spent most of my time studying the Romantic poets, reading Jane Austen, and getting lost all over the English countryside. I love the period’s rich history and find that all those rules of etiquette and propriety can be worked to the heroine’s advantage…if she’s daring enough to seize her dreams.

I am an avid traveler and have enjoyed visiting schools and volunteering with children’s organizations in Peru, Ecuador, Thailand, and Mexico, and I have amassed thousands of photos I unleash on unsuspecting friends who dare to ask about my travels.

I love to be outdoors! I’ve been hiking in Alaska, the Andes, and the Alps, and I love whitewater rafting (when I don’t fall in!). I earned my pilot’s license at Chicago Midway (To all the controllers in Chicago Center—I greatly apologize for every problem I caused for you and Southwest Airlines), and it is my dream to one-day fly in a hot-air balloon over Africa.

I adore all things chocolate, ice cream of any flavor, and Kona coffee by the gallon. A Doctor Who fanatic (everyone says my house is bigger on the inside), I am a terrible cook who hopes to one day use my oven for something other than shoe storage. When I’m not writing, I like to spend my time trying not to kill the innocent rose bushes in my garden.

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Grand Central Publishing

“The Carlisles are back…and England will never be the same! Known as the “Scourge of Mayfair,” the infamous brothers enjoy nothing more than having a good time and striking fear into the hearts of marriage-minded mamas. But when the three brothers cross paths with three very special women, they’ve finally met their matches–in more ways than one.”
“If The Duke Demands” is an exciting premise to a brand new series by Anna Harrington, “Capturing the Carlisles”.  What a delightful, fun, romp through Regency England!
This is the story of Miranda Hodgkins and Sebastian, the Duke of Trent. Miranda, sneaks into what she believes his Robert Carlisle’s bedchamber, with seduction on her mind, instead after the mask comes off, she finds Robert’s formidable older brother, Sebastian. Oops, yes, Miranda, wrong brother! Miranda is horrified to find in her haste to capture Robert, she finds Sebastian instead. What’s a girl to do? Shocked to find Miranda in his bed, Sebastian offers her a way out of scandal, if she will find him a suitable and perfect wife, he will help her win his brother’s heart. We all know is to be a terrible mistake!
The closer Sebastian gets to Miranda, the more he wishes to keep her for his own. Can these two perfect people, find their HEA in each other’s arms?
Well written, with likeable, funny and engaging characters. The plot is absolutely a delight to read, with twists and turns, witty dialog, and a perfect match. Miranda has such a lovable personality, she brings so much to this story. She has a zest for life, is witty, smart, loyal and dreaming for the prospect for  love. Sebastian, on the other hand is a bit stodgy, he wishes to be proper, honorable, honest, loyal and has a wounded soul. Together, they prove opposites do attract.
I found myself laughing out loud at moments, teary at others, especially, when Sebastian reveals his concerns and his past. He is trying to be the man he believes his father wanted him to be, before his father’s death, he has a lot of guilt.
Fun, romp through Regency England with side trip through, life’s ups and downs, the struggles of life, and the demands of being a Duke and the challenges of falling in love.
Historical Romance fans are sure to adore, “If The Duke Demands”. It has everything a romance reader finds exciting and not oppressive or mind boggling. Simple put, a romance you will wish to re-read over and over again.
An absolute delight to read! I read in one setting, once I got started reading, I was glued to the pages of Sebastian and Miranda’s story. Great job, Anna Harrington!  I can’t wait to read the Carlisles’ next grand adventure! A definite must read!!
** There is a preview of her next book, “When the Scoundrel Sins”, included at the back of “If The Duke Demands”, which shows that the next book will be about, Quinton Carlisle, youngest brother to the Duke of Trent and Annabelle Greene’s story**
I received a complimentary copy.
Rating: 4
Heat rating: Mild
Reviewed by: AprilR


Love Me and Heal Me

Bronwen Evans, is launching a new Coopers Creek contemporary romance series 13th February 2017. Here’s the first 3 chapters of each book so you can TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.

LOVE ME (Coopers Creek book #1) Kindle File 

LOVE ME (Coopers Creek book #1) ePub File

HEAL ME (Coopers Creek book #2) Kindle File

HEAL ME (Coopers Creek book #2) ePub File

I’d love to know what you think?

The first book in USA Today bestselling author, Bronwen Evans’s flirty new contemporary romance series…

Stacey Stanford’s trip to New York, and her plan to bring her orphaned goddaughter home to Coopers Creek, backfires. To her horror she’s hired as Hayley’s nanny and moving in with her ex-lover, Hayley’s uncle, the handsome cowboy come banker, Tyler Jeffries. He still makes her heart pound-even though four years ago he walked away from their relationship without a backward glance.

Tyler hates that he has no choice but to let Stacey move in, but this is about Hayley and what she needs. He can’t believe the woman he blames for his sister’s death still fiercely fires his blood. Out of his comfort zone, coping with PTA meetings and white picket fences, he lets his heart’s defences down, only to have Stacey betray him again…

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Author, Bronwen Evans


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Chloe by
Lacey Silks ~ Axel Wagner saved me in more than one way, and then I ruined it
by letting him touch me. He’s no longer just an employer–he’s my

Dream On by
Blair Babylon ~ A new story about Alexandre and Georgie, the Duke and Duchess
of Valentinois, and other rock stars. 

Bumpy Ride by
Olivia Rigal ~ You’d think I’d know better. Better than to fall for a biker,
and one from a different MC. Better than to get knocked up by a Nomad who
vanished without a trace. Better than to try and hide it from my family. 

Banshee by
Sarah M. Cradit ~ I was eighteen when I died. But then, at eighteen, I was

Picked by the Billionaire by
Daizie Draper ~ The fiery rebound-sex arrangement a dumped and already broken
florist dives into with a tech mogul puts her heart in peril again. 

Two Much for You by
Sky Corgan ~ Two hot men just moved in across the street. I never thought they
would show up on my doorstep. And what they want is far from

Two Wingmen and a Baby by
Daisy Prescott ~ Hold onto your ovaries because this short features John, Tom
Cat, and sweet Baby Day. Surely two alpha men can take care of one baby,

Witch In the Window (Bend-Bite-Shift
Next Gen-1 by ~ Olivia Hardin ~ As if college finals aren’t bad enough,
Chelsea’s witch radar tells her the delivery man who frequents her front door
is more than he seems to be. 

Right: A Hitman Romance by V.
J. Chambers ~ Giovanni Gallo meant to kill Sable Clarke, not fall for her. What
seems wrong actually turns out to be something so right. 

Tutoring the Wolf by
Jacqueline Sweet & Devon March ~ When she’s forced to tutor to a bad boy
shifter, Cassie has no idea how much she’ll learn about herself, or how much
fun she’ll have doing it. 

Yours by
Kim Linwood ~ Bianca met the man of her dreams in paradise, but their real
lives are an ocean apart. Can he convince her that their love is worth the risk
after the fairy tale ends? 

Blooming Hearts by
Felicia Tatum ~ First love blooms as Francesca and Cade slowly begin their
descent into the depths of true love. 

Taking Charge
Shannon Macallan ~ Miranda expects Charleston to be hot, humid and boring as
hell. What she finds instead is an entirely different heat with a cadet from a
South Carolina military academy. 

Chasing Shadows by
Sophia Barron ~ When Delilah’s witchy ways threaten to pierce Joe’s shadows;
the jaguar shifter must choose between darkness and light for eternity. Will
bonds of love save their world or destroy it?

Here are a few excerpts

Two Much for You

Sky Corgan


What am I doing? This is exactly what I said I
wouldn’t do. It’s too late now though. My hormones bowled me over the second I
stepped out of the bathroom and saw Gareth standing there shirtless. He looked
like something from my own personal fantasy collection. Maybe because he is.
I’ve pleasured myself to thoughts of being with him—thoughts of being with both
of them—before. Now the alcohol has gone straight to my vagina, melting me into
a puddle of wanton desire.

Maybe I could have held my
resolve if I hadn’t touched him. But the second that I felt the wall of hard
muscle beneath the towel… that was the end of me. Or was it when Devlin took
the towel away? Or maybe it was the way that Gareth looked at me. His expression
was so earnest, so full of adoration. I don’t think it matters anymore. When he
kissed me, it was over. And now I’m lost in his lips. In the feel of his hands
on my body. In the headiness of his cologne.
In knowing that Devlin is
standing only a few feet away and I’m going to get to kiss him too. This is so
wrong, but I can’t stop it. Even if they’re just playing me and I end up
emotionally destroyed afterward, I want to feel this—want to know what it’s
like to be with two beautiful men at the same time.
Can I even handle both of
them at once? I guess I’m about to find out. Gareth’s mouth is hot against
mine. He’s holding me like he doesn’t want to let me go—like he doesn’t want to
share. I slide a hand around the back of his neck, my fingertips gliding into
the hair at his nape while I stand on tiptoe to deepen the kiss. He tastes like
wine and trouble.
I don’t care anymore though.
I want trouble. Double trouble.
Picked by the
Daizie Draper
Colton blinked slowly and crimped the corners of his eyes
with his fingers like the emotional pain hurt his head. After a few deep
breaths, he released his face and clutched my bare knee instead. Unexpectedly,
he stayed there and scratched at it, as if he could feel tendrils of fire and
sparks the same way I did and relished the sensation. “So, sweet Carys … tell
me about the very first article you wrote.”
I shook my head, baffled. “What?”
“I wanna know when you got bitten, got that first prick
of inspiration.”
“Why? That’s weird and random, especially right now.”
“I just do. Tell me.” He was still scratching my knee,
but his touch shifted slightly beyond the bend of it up under the ruffled hem
of my dress skirt.
I cleared my throat and shivered. I glanced down but the
red table cloth was billowed out over part of my leg, so I couldn’t see the
bulge of his hand moving up under the edge of baby blue ruffles. He traveled
more adventurously up and down my quivering thigh. I licked, then bit my lip.
“Why, uh, why do you want to know?”
“I only brought champagne and don’t think that’ll be
enough to numb me. I want to think about anything else besides this
heart-wrenching debacle, and learning more about you, to feed my ever-growing
curiosity, will assist me in that. Help me, please. Keep me from drowning. Tell
His stroke sliding up and down my thigh was driving me
mad and stirring up tingles. “Okay. Well, um, my first, my first, huh, writing
gig, was an assignment for the college paper. I started as a special interest
writer. I interviewed the Biology Club, which I actually ended up joining
because of all the outdoorsy things and expeditions they took part in, and I
never even knew. Neither did most people. My article got them thirty-one new
members. That was exciting.”
“Sounds great. Go on.” He reached under the tablecloth
with his other hand too and lifted my leg and extended it across his lap.
A gasp of surprise jiggled my upper body and breasts,
which he noticed.
He slowly lifted his gaze and studied my face. “In case
you can’t tell, I’m a leg guy. And an ass guy. And throat, God, the throat.
Mmm, and you have a trifecta of deliciousness, beautiful girl.” With my leg on
his thighs, he said, “Hold on,” and sent a couple of texts, but I couldn’t tell
what he was writing. He set his phone down on the table when he was finished
and resumed his gentle escapade. With both hands, he massaged my foot and
traced the slim line of my leg with a wavy, swirling caress that stopped at
mid-thigh. “Okay. Continue. This truly is fascinating me, and helping.” His
unexpected touch was making me tremble and swoon.
My inhale stuttered on the rocky journey to my lungs.
“Mmm. It wasn’t … it wasn’t until I earned my own weekly column and also
started writing about deep topics for random articles. That’s when I first got,
um, bitten by inspiration and drive. I was intending on editing with my degree,
but I knew my true calling was in the stringing together of words not
correcting or sharpening them.”
“Mmm, that’s because you’re a creative soul, an artist at
heart, with a love of depth, beauty and perfection.”
“Yes, I am.” Had Max ever said anything remotely like
that? Has he ever seen that? I couldn’t recall. And that bummed me out. How is
it that this guy knows me better? It feels like we’ve known each other for ages
rather than days. A soft flute sounded in the distance. I gasped and looked
over my shoulder in that direction. “What are you doing? You told them to go?”
“I did. Why should we waste this moment?”
“But…you’re not proposing.” I shook my head.
More instruments blended in and started edging closer, filling the night sky with “Arms” by Christina Perri, but it didn’t sound as cool without her lilting voice.


“No, I’m not. I’m living, hard, so I’m not crushed by anguish. Remember what I said was the
key to overcoming a funk. You just have to plow through and live life to the
fullest, even when you don’t feel like it. I have to thrive and feel something
else, something so much better. Something … like this.” He went deeper up my
skirt, so deep, he was hooking his finger into my bikini string and now
scratching at my hipbone.

Blooming Hearts
Felicia Tatum
My nose was stuck in my
current romance novel. I followed along as the girl fell in love with her best
friend (the bad boy), wishing life was really that way.
I didn’t even notice when he
walked by me on the sidewalk. Or when he stopped a few yards from me, and came
back in my direction to take a seat beside me.
“Hey. Do you want a cracker?”
a velvet voice asked me.
I didn’t look up, I wasn’t
sure if he was even talking to me. Why would an attractive senior be talking to
“Hey, I’m talking to you,”
he said, a chuckle in his voice.
I slowly lifted my head,
peering at him from under my long lashes. His dark brown hair swept across his
forehead, and his deep blue eyes made me gasp. He wore the ultimate laid back
style, a white t-shirt and jeans. All he needed was a black leather jacket, and
he would be the bad boy from my book. The smile on his face was breathtaking,
and I found myself unable to speak.
“Hi, I’m Cade,” he said, a huge
grin on his handsome face. He sat beside me.
“Hi, I’m Francesca.”
“Why are you always sitting
here alone, Francesca?” he asked, placing his hand on my knee.
Shivers went up my spine
while butterflies flew rampant in my stomach.
A hot senior guy had his hand on my knee. My eyes looked at it,
wondering what was happening. Was the world ending? Was this a prank? Did he
mean to do that?
“I like to read,” I stated
lamely. God, I sounded stupid.
Laughing, he replied, “I can
see that. You didn’t hear me ask if you wanted a cracker.” He held out a pack
of peanut butter and cheese crackers. I always thought they were disgusting,
but I considered taking one in that moment.
“No, thanks,” I said,
shaking my head. I gave him a warm smile.
“Ok,” he said. Before he could
say more, my bus pulled up. Right on time, of all days.
“That’s my bus,” I told him.
“Ok,” he said, finally
lifting his hand from my leg. “Do you mind if I come back sometime?” he asked,
a twinkle in his eyes. Standing, he held a hand out to assist me.
“Not at all,” I said, giving
him a genuine smile. He seemed nice. New friends weren’t a bad thing. Why was
his hand so warm? Was my palm supposed to be tingling?
He walked me to the bus.
“Ok, good. Maybe I’ll see you around school sometime. You should say hi.” He
sauntered off, looking back long enough to wave.

Witch in the Window
Olivia Hardin

“You’ll need to sign for it.” He set the box on the rail beside the door, then
made a move to take the book from her hand.
“Don’t touch me.” Chelsea
backed up into the door frame. She slammed the textbook closed, mentally
cursing herself for not thinking to mark her place, then reached into the house
and placed it on the table to the left of the door.
The delivery man smirked at
her as he pulled an electronic device from his back pocket and scanned the box,
then handed her the pen so that she could write onto the pad. She managed to
get that chore done without allowing her skin to make contact with his. He
smiled and shook his head in amusement when she handed the scanner back to him.
“I wish you’d get another
route,” she told him as she took the box.
“Little witch, if that’s
what you wish, you could just stop sending packages to yourself.”
Her face flamed in
mortification and she cut her gaze up to the perch where two of her roommates
were hiding, watching their secret obsession from above. With narrowed eyes,
she turned back to him and snarled low, “You think you know so much. But I know
what you are.”
He tilted his head to the
side. “You don’t know so much.” He reached out his hand, scissoring a lock of
her blond hair between two fingers.
Chelsea wanted to stop him.
She wanted to pull away and
run back into the safety of the house.
She wanted to slap his hand
But she couldn’t do any of
those. She stood frozen, mesmerized by the dark appreciation in his eyes as he
examined her hair.
“Your walls are strong,” he
murmured, his palm so close to her cheek that she could feel the heat of his
skin. “Why are you afraid of me?”
Chelsea swallowed, unable to
clear the lump developing in her throat. “I’m not afraid. I’m cautious. I don’t
associate with demons.”
He laughed, then pursed his
lips as he stared into her, “You really don’t know much, do you?”
Her tongue darted out to wet
her lips, and she turned her head towards his hand, closing her eyes when he
cupped her cheek. A rush of excitement sped from her fingertips along her arms
and settled in her chest as she sucked in a breath of air.
“Please stop,” she begged
His thumb caressed her cheek
along her eye socket. With her eyes still shut, she felt his lips brush across
hers. And suddenly his touch was gone, and she snapped her lids open wide. He
was walking away from her, a confident swagger to his steps.
She didn’t even know his
“I’m called Rinu.”

Lacey Silks

“Don’t do it,” someone whispered from behind me.
That alone made me want to take a step forward, but the
soothing voice stilled my whole body.
“Come on. Life can’t be that bad, can it?” he asked.
I looked to the side, where a handsome man in a white
shirt was leaning over the railing, looking down instead of at me. Scratch that
– handsome was a definite understatement of his perfectly chiseled jaw line,
broad muscular shoulders, and shoulder-length hair tied into a bun. Not the
man-bun type right on top of the head, but one tied a bit lower, ponytail
style, with the perfect tease all around to give his curls a puffier look.
“Are you trying to get me to talk?”
“Obviously it’s working,” he smirked, finally meeting my
gaze. Those eyes were so captivating that I wondered if he’d been sent here by
my guardian angel to save me.
“So, you’re the smart-ass type?”
“I’d say it takes one to know one, but I don’t want to
anger you. Come on, beautiful, take my hand.” He reached out.
Why did he call me beautiful? I fell for it before, and I
wasn’t about to fall for it again. I shook my head and tiptoed further away.
Fear flashed across his face before the composed look of
I can handle anything the world throws at me returned. “You won’t jump,” he
“This isn’t Titanic. And you’re not Jack. Even if you
were, I hate the name Jack, so there.”
That was true. Although Jack had been the instigator of
my troubles, they were now fueled by someone much more dangerous. It was a
wonder how much trouble a girl could get into in less than a month away from
“Ok, well, do me a favor, then. Let me at least call your
parents to tell them their daughter is a pancake.”
“I don’t have any family, and eeww, that’s gross.”
“What? You think once you hit that pavement your pretty
face will remain that way? No way, honey. Every bone in your body will break.
Did you know there are two hundred and six bones in a human body? And the tiny
ones, like your fingers and toes, hurt like a bitch. Trust me, I know.”
He cracked his knuckles as he reached out his hand, and
though I looked for a crooked finger, I couldn’t find one. Instead, I couldn’t
help but stare at the fine lines of his digits, their length and strength.
“And yeah, you may say that it will last only a second.
But heck, I wouldn’t want to experience the last second of my life as the most
painful one. I’d rather get a heart attack from fucking too hard.”
Chasing Shadows
Sophia Barron

Odd, that the brujo would be worried over such a small use of magic. Unless, he
wanted the job, and was offended he hadn’t been asked. Delilah hadn’t figured
out precisely how Joe tied into so much of the shifter community, but this was
a theory she could test. “Have you tried to hire anyone else?”
“Nope.” Faith’s answer was simple, but Delilah caught the
girl’s eyes following her gaze.
Joe flushed under the Faith’s calm regard, and shifted
his weight back and forth as the moment, and the silence, stretched almost to
the breaking point.
Finally, Delilah broke the tension. “Why not? I bet Joe
knows some pretty neat spells that could do what you’re asking.” She couldn’t
help but grin at Joe’s obvious discomfort.
Faith shrugged, and her chin dropped. Delilah could
practically see the thoughts spinning in the girl’s head. She didn’t miss the
furtive glare the girl sent toward Joe, either. Interesting, indeed.
Delilah cleared her throat, and deliberately bumped the
candy jar. That was enough to drag an answer out of Faith.
“His magic’s too dark, and too old. Besides, he’s always
grumpy, and this is supposed to be a party.” The kid drew out the word party in
the most amusing way. Still, something about that simple, direct answer had
Del’s nerves on edge.
She’d been leery of Joe for a while. But Del surely wouldn’t
call him old old. The man had a long way to go to hit gray hair and rocking
chair days. He couldn’t be much more than a few years older than Del so why was
Faith worried about his magic being too old? It might be time to do a little
investigating into the man’s past. Later.
“Alright, I’ll consider it. What will my payment be?” Del
kept her whole attention focused on the little girl, determined to give this
bargain the weight it deserved. The child was young, but great power deserved
“I thought maybe I could help you with your wards.” Faith
stared at the tapestry behind Del, and goose bumps danced up Del’s arms. She
hated to turn down the kid’s payment; but that was too much to ask of such a
young child. Even though Del knew in her heart their magic would intertwine
perfectly, if those wards ever back-lashed—she couldn’t put the kid in the line
of fire.
“Honey, I appreciate the offer, but—”
A quiet cough interrupted her. “It’s too much for the
simple spells she,” Joe nodded toward Del, then crouched in front of Faith and
continued, “will need to make your party perfect.”
“Brujo, I don’t want your dark magic.” Faith’s young
voice went chill in a heartbeat. Delilah could feel the child’s magic starting
to pool. Shit.
“I know, dulcissime puer” Joe said. He rocked back on his
heels, kept his voice soft and unthreatening. “I wasn’t offering. When you
bargain with spells, you must trade like for like or reap the consequences.”
His words faded to a near-whisper as he finished his explanation.
Joe stayed crouched, calm and cool despite the looming
weight of gathering power poised to hammer him and the entire shop to bits.
Brave man, or stupid man? Heart racing, Del shoved the question aside in favor
of readying a grounding spell. Just in case. As she prepped, she took a moment
to really look at Joe. Dark hair, broad shoulders, killer ass. And apparently
patience for days.
Taking Charge
Shannon Macallan

My pulse is racing.  I’ve just asked her
out.  She hasn’t said yes yet, but she
also didn’t just immediately say no.  Did
I wake up in bizzaro world this morning?
The single-breasted uniform jacket is suddenly warm; my necktie too
constricting.  I can’t catch my breath.
“Well, if you’d like to explore Charleston at all, I’ve
got a car.”  Her eyes light up with
interest.  “Well, it’s transportation, at
least.  Reliable transportation.  Mostly.”
In other company I wouldn’t have any reason to be embarrassed by the
truck, but Miranda McGuire didn’t grow up riding around in that sort of
“So, dinner and you’ll show me around town?”
“If you’d be interested, yes.  I’d, ah, I’d be happy to.”  I’m starting to have second thoughts about
this.  What if she says no?  Fuck that, what if she says yes?  If she says no, I know how to handle that
situation.  I just write it off as
experience and try again with someone else.
I’ve just asked out the daughter of one of the ten richest men in
America.  What the hell am I supposed to
do if she says yes? 
“Then I’d love to take you up on it.”  Miranda sets down the cup of coffee she’d
poured for Eldridge and digs around in a small leather bag.  “Ah hah!
Here we go.”  She’s doing
something at the counter, but with her back to me I can’t tell what.  No, she’s writing something.  She’s bent slightly at the waist, and oh damn.  There’s a long, slow curve down her back,
down to where her waist pinches in, and then flaring outward again where her
skirt is stretched tight over an absolutely perfect- Down, boy!  Stop staring at that beautiful ass!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stop the clock.  What did she just
“You just said…” My voice trails off.  I know I sound like an idiot, but I simply
cannot believe that this girl, this beautiful and intelligent girl, and oh by
the way rich, may have just said yes to me.
“Yes, Jack,” she says, her voice warm.  “I’d love to have dinner with you tonight,
and I’d love it if you showed me around your city.”  My eyes are wide with shock, and I’m
absolutely sure I’m turning red.  She
presses something into my hand, closing my fingers around it with both of
hers.  It’s a business card, with a
hand-written phone number on the back.
“Give me an hour or so after we finish in the conference room today,
then call me.  We’ve got to get back in
there, though.  Uncle Gerry will be
wondering where his coffee is, and he’ll be lost without me feeding him
Her heels are clicking down the hallway before I release
a breath I didn’t know I was holding.  I
already miss the warmth of her hands wrapped around mine.  Where am I going to take her tonight?  What the hell have I gotten myself into?


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A Beginner’s Guide to Corruption

By David Misch

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July Promotional


POWER! WEALTH! SEX! What are these things without the corruption that feeds them? In A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO CORRUPTION, veteran humorist, David Misch, offers an easy and deliciously funny step-by-step guide on how to find or create corruption wherever you need it. If you appreciated America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t by Stephen Colbert, or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Book) by Jon Stewart, you’ll enjoy the many “truths” of CORRUPTION!

Join David Misch as he celebrates the release of his upcoming book, A Beginner’s Guide to Corruption, with this month-long promotional tour.


Follow the tour to these stops for exclusive content, interviews, reviews of the book, and to help David get the word out about this funny, celebrity-endorsed book.


Charmed Reflections          7/1

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Hart’s Romance Pulse       7/28




Title: A Beginner’s Guide to Corruption

Author: David Misch

Genre: Satirical/Humor

Release Date: July 21st, 2016

Publisher: Self-Published

Print Length: 71 pages

Format: Digital and Paperback

Paperback ISBN: 978-1532714504



Most people believe that the high-paying world of lying, cheating, stealing, kickbacks, bribes and blackmail is hopelessly out of reach. They’re right… unless they buy this book.


In just 71 fact(ish)-filled pages, comedy writer David Misch shows you dozens of sure-fire, time-tested and only marginally illegal ways to feed at the trough of political, financial and/or romantic depravity. But don’t take our word for it – listen to the master…


“Not everyone can be corrupt; it takes a magical combination of opportunity, moral turpitude and having something to sell: wealth, power, sex. (Got the set? Score!) Or, in lieu of those admirable attributes, a willingness to give up all moral standards and betray anyone who trusts you. Does this sound like you? Then welcome to “A Beginner’s Guide to Corruption”!”


And remember, “A Beginner’s Guide to Corruption” by David Misch has been called “The funniest book ever written about corruption” by corruption expert David Misch!


Available Here: Amazon




MischStick- Bio PicMy dictionary defines “corruption” as “the act of impairing integrity, virtue, or moral principle; the state of being debased; impurity; wickedness; depravity.”

Wow. Ol’ Dictionary’s gettin’ pretty judgmental for an inanimate object in a dying technology.

Let’s get real, peeps: corruption is deceit in pursuit of personal gain. And while we can debate whether deceit is “good” or “bad”, nobody argues with personal gain. What are we after in life – personal loss? I don’t think so. And personal gain ain’t gonna leap onto your thighs for a free lap-dance; you gotta make it come to you.

There are lots of ways to do this: Wishing. Hoping. Hard Work. All perfectly valid… if you’re the world’s biggest pussy.

No, a brief perusal of today’s headlines shows that Corruption as a route to wealth and happiness is fast, easy and effective, other than when it takes years, requires enormous effort, and doesn’t work.

But let’s face it, not everyone can be corrupt; it takes a magical combination of opportunity, moral turpitude and having something to sell: wealth, power, sex. (Got the set? Score!) Or, in lieu of those admirable attributes, a willingness to give up all moral standards and betray anyone who trusts you. Does this sound like you? Then welcome to “A Beginner’s Guide to Corruption”!

A bit of preliminary advice; before fooling others, many expert corruptioneers find it helpful to fool themselves. Believing that what you do for personal gain is actually a sacrifice for your family/company/country is crucial to getting away with it. When Chief Bill Clinton Impeacher Newt Gingrich was discovered having an affair during the impeachment, he explained “There’s no question that, partially driven by how passionately I feel about this country, things happened in my life that were not appropriate.” Ah, Newt, we miss you.

(Meanwhile, Assistant Chief Clinton Impeacher Dennis Hastert was making multimillion-dollar payoffs to one of the teenagers he molested as a high school wrestling coach.)

To be conscious you’re evil risks Snidely Whiplash Syndrome, in which the victim grows a long moustache and twirls it obsessively while chortling. (SWS is especially challenging for women, a gender generally unschooled in the craft of evil-moustache-twirling.)

This book [Note to readers under 20: A “book” (buk) is a papyrus-based wireless display device which uses ultra-thin “pages” to convey information] will reveal the secret to success through corruption (and its bff fraud) in the fields of Politics, Finance and Love, and will give you this information in less than 30 minutes, assuming you skip the first 9 pages.

Why should obscene financial wealth and supercilious social status belong only to the professionally corrupt? I dream of a time when – thanks to their purchase of this moderately-priced “book” [see above] – every American will be able to say “I’m rich! I’m corrupt! And I’m not guilty! (Although I’m willing to plea bargain.)”


Advanced Praise for “A Beginner’s Guide to Corruption”:

“I thought I knew everything about lying, cheating and stealing — this book disabused me of that. David Misch is one funny motherf@$&r.” — Penn Jillette, Penn & Teller, “Penn’s Sunday School” Podcast

“Hilarious!” – Daniel Klein, NY Times best-seller “Plato and a Platypus Walk Into A Bar… Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes

“Who needs Machiavelli when you have Misch? ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Corruption’ covers much the same ground as ‘The Prince’, at a fraction of the time and with more laffs. Read, learn, and satisfy your heart’s every evil desire.” — Ellis Weiner, NY Times best-seller “Yiddish with Dick and Jane

“Misch may be corrupt himself in saying he ‘wrote’ this book – because everything in it is 100% fact. What he HAS done, though, is figure out how to present such depressing reality hilariously. Really funny and smart.” – Paul Provenza, “The Aristocrats“, “¡Satiristas!


About David Misch:

David Misch has been a comic folksinger, stand-up comedian, and screenwriter; his credits include the multiple-Emmy-nominated “Mork and Mindy”, the Emmy-losing “Duckman”, the Emmy-ignored “Police Squad!”, the Emmy-engorged “Saturday Night Live”, and the Emmy-ineligible “The Muppets Take Manhattan”.  David wrote “Funny: The Book” (Applause), blogs for The Huffington Post, and his play “Pretty Naked People” has its world premiere in Los Angeles this winter.


David’s taught comedy at USC, musical satire at UCLA, and lectured at Oxford University, the Smithsonian Institute, and the University of Sydney (Australia); Yale, 92nd St. Y, Actors Studio, New York Public Library; American Film Institute, Burbank Comedy Festival, Grammy Museum (Los Angeles); Lucasfilm; Austin Film Festival, Midwest Popular Culture Association and VIEW Cinema Conference (Torino, Italy).  More at davidmisch.com.


Connect with David: Website | Facebook | Amazon | Goodreads