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Q: What is the title of your latest book? Why did you write it?


A: My book is titled Cemetery Whites. That refers to old-fashioned white irises, still found growing at old homesteads and in old graveyards. My book opens with a body found lying in a patch of Cemetery Whites.


Q: Why did you write Cemetery Whites?


A: I chose to write a mystery, and I decided to set it in Texas, in the country where my father’s family settled in the early 1800s. Then I started thinking about the plot, the characters, the tone and style. Things changed and developed as I wrote.


.Q: If you could only publish in a single genre, what would it be? Why?


A: Right now, the cozy mystery genre suits me very well. I want to establish a series around my amateur detective, Caroline Hargrove Hamilton, and her friends and family living in rural Texas near San Antonio.


.Q: How long did it take you to get published the first time?


A: The very first thing published was my prize-winning poem in the eighth grade. I wrote a newspaper article in high school, too. It focused on racism and integration, and was published by the Catholic newspaper in San Antonio.


Q: With more books being released each month now than ever before, what do you believe sets your work apart from the others?


A: I believe everybody’s work is different, reflecting their experience and views of life, their ambitions in writing, their personalities.


I’m delighted to hear from readers of Cemetery Whites who tell me they enjoyed reading it. That’s my goal. I want readers to enjoy my books.


Q: Share with us a brief summary of Cemetery Whites.


A: In Cemetery Whites, Caroline Hargrove Hamilton and her cousin Janet Judson solve murders from 1875 and 2010. They find Professor Harrison, a black man, lying dead in a patch of white irises in the Hargrove Family Cemetery in DeWitt County, Texas. He lies close to a grave where it’s rumored a second body is secretly buried.

Caroline and Janet become amateur detectives, uncovering half-a-dozen family secrets related to both murders. Research involves trips to historical sites in San Antonio, a night at a country bar, and another one at a rooster fight. Letters, journals, and oral histories reveal more and more information.

When the murders are solved, a treasure is found. It answers a question no one—except Professor Harrison—knew to ask.

Q: Where can we buy it?


A: It’s available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as Kindle and Nook eBooks. You can check it out on their websites, and on mine, Its price is $4.95.

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Cemetery Whites CoverCEMETERY WHITES


  • Paperback: 186 pages
  • Publisher: Black Rose Writing (March 3, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1612960138
  • ISBN-13: 978-1612960135

March 3, 2011
A MYSTERY Professor Harrison, a black man, lies dead in a patch of white irises in the Hargrove Family Cemetery in DeWitt County, Texas. He lies close to a grave from 1875, where it’s rumored a second body was secretly buried. Caroline Hargrove Hamilton and her cousin Janet become amateur detectives for their family, uncovering half-a-dozen secrets related to both murders. When the murders are solved, a treasure is found-a mystery with an answer nobody expects.



Connie Knight grew up in San Antonio, Texas, with many childhood visits to her family in DeWitt County. Cemetery Whites is based on memories and stories shared, but all characters in this mystery novel are fictional, and so are the events.

Connie began writing in junior high, studied English and journalism in college, and worked for newspapers, magazines, and public relations departments. Cemetery Whites is her first mystery novel, with a second one underway.



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  1. I learned something today! I had not heard of Cemetery Whites irises before. I do enjoy a good mystery and this one sounds really intriguing. I’m looking forward to reading it and have added it to my Wish List.

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  3. A new author (to me) and a new mystery series – works for me! I did not know about white irises, either – interesting.

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