If you took a look at my nightstand, you would probably think that some seriously demented dude has been using it to stash all his personal belongings. Below a lamp sits a strange variety of items: a zombie novel, a Joker bobble-head, a Yoda figurine, printed out chapters of a novel that have been marked red with corrections, and a notebook filled with a combination of doodles, ideas, and characters. Even as I look at it, I can’t help but think to myself, “How the hell did I get all that stuff?” It’s no mystery really. Some of the items are things that I grew up with, characters that inspired me when I was young. The others are stories and ideas that have come from others that peek my interest and make me think. The rest have come out of my own mind and will, hopefully, inspire others in due time.

In December of 2010, I released my first horror novel, Fiend: The Manifestation, as an eBook. This took some of my friends and family by storm. One friend said to me over a cold beer, “Phil, you’re a history major with a Masters degree in English Second Language. Why are you writing scary books? Shouldn’t you be writing historical stuff?” My answer was simple. No, I shouldn’t. I tried my hand at writing historical documents in my undergraduate years, and I have to say my hat is off to anyone brave enough to tackle that field. No, writing history was not for me. It just wasn’t fun enough. What is fun is taking reality and adding something that shouldn’t be there. Adding something that makes your skin crawl and keeps you up at night. That was why I first got into writing short horror and paranormal stories. It was fun. Early on though, I figured out that if I was going to learn how to write this genre, I needed to dive into it and read as much as I could. A lot of what I came across was good, some of it was terrible. But one nagging truth stood out to me: most of it was stale. As I read different authors and touched on different subcategories, I found that I kept reading the same story. Sure, they had different titles and different authors, but the storyline and themes were so similar at times I couldn’t tell them apart. That was where Fiend: The Manifestation came into play. I decided I needed to try and come up with something that no one in horror had come across before. So, I set off to create a short story that was unlike any written before. Three years and over 130,000 words later, the short story had become the first two installments of a trilogy with The Manifestation being the first. I didn’t plan it that way, but I think that makes the story special. It literally has taken on a life of its own and has grown faster than I would have ever believed.

As he finished reading the manuscript for The Manifestation, my Dad asked me, “Did you make all this up or is any of it real?” Most of the novel is 100% fictional, but there are parts that are rooted in truth. The setting of the story, a town in Wisconsin, is based on an actual town called Minoqua. The historical basis of the evil entity is based on actual facts from European history, although fictional parts have been added for effect. And the characters in the story, although fictional in their own right, are all based on people I know and spend time with. It was fun to have those people come to me and say, “So…this guy Thomas in the story…is he kinda like me?” Why yes he is, buddy, and thanks for noticing!

I don’t know if The Manifestation is going to be a success or not. But, what I can say is that it has been the most fun I have had in a long time. Creating my own version of good and evil has given me insight into my own mind like I have never had before. Drawing on inspiration from my past and the people and events around me has given me a unique opportunity to come up with an idea that is truly one of a kind. But, like I said, I don’t know if it is a homerun yet. That is where the readers come in. So, interested in finding out how good it is? Want to see if I am telling the truth or just running my mouth? Check it out and let me know your thoughts. I dare you…


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Fiend Comes Out of The Shadows – “Fiend: The Manifestation” a New Type of Horror by Phil Bolos Bolos

Fiend – The Manifestation by Phil Bolos

Nothing much happens in the sleepy resort town of Larkin, Wisconsin. Until Adam, the town’s sheriff, begins having the same nightmare over and over. Is it a sign of things to come or is Adam just going insane?

When Adam is visited by a mysterious woman who only he can see, he realizes that things are about to get a little more harrowing in his small town. His dreams are visions of the future and it is up to him to keep his town safe from the terror that is about to unfold.

Fiend, is a gripping tale told by new author, Phil Bolos. Chilling and disturbing, Fiend will keep you turning the pages to discover who wins the gruesome, apocalyptic battle between good and evil.

Author Name:: Phil Bolos

 Author Website::

Book Title:: Fiend: The Manifestation


 Publisher:: 10 Day Book Club

Release Date:: December 20, 2011

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