The Reluctant Assassin – The Highly Anticipated First Book in the WARP Series – Is Available Today in Print and Digital

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New York, NY – May 7, 2013 – Disney-Hyperion, an imprint of Disney Publishing Worldwide, releases WARP Book 1: The Reluctant Assassin by the internationally best-selling author of the Artemis Fowl series, Eoin Colfer. The title will be available simultaneously in print and digital on May 7 with a first printing of 750,000. On the heels of his overwhelmingly successful U.K. tour, Eoin Colfer will bring the magic of his new series to life in a nine-city tour across the U.S. this month.

“WARP, which stands for ‘Witness Anonymous Relocation Program,’ is an action-adventure series full of mayhem, magic, and murder—with a villain to die for,” said Eoin Colfer. “I think of this series as Oliver Twist meets The Matrix.”

“Eoin has created three vivid new characters and taken them on a high-stakes, high-tech pursuit through time that’s truly mind-bending,” said Stephanie Lurie, Associate Publisher of Disney-Hyperion. “And the book has all of the wit that made Artemis Fowl so popular.”

In WARP Book 1: The Reluctant Assassin, Eoin Colfer introduces a new character named Riley, a teen orphan boy living in Victorian London. He has had the misfortune of being apprenticed to Albert Garrick, an illusionist who has fallen on difficult times and now uses his unique conjuring skills to gain access to victims’ dwellings. On one such murderous escapade, Garrick brings his reluctant apprentice along for his first killing. Riley is saved from having to commit the grisly act when the intended victim turns out to be a scientist from the future, part of the FBI’s WARP program, and Riley is transported to modern-day London, followed closely by Albert Garrick.

In support of the release of WARP Book 1: The Reluctant Assassin, Eoin Colfer will embark on a two-week, nine-city tour accompanied by a magician, kicking off in Paramus, NJ, and continuing on to Minneapolis, MN; San Diego, CA; Mission Viejo, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Wichita, KS; Houston, TX; and St. Louis, MO. The series will also launch with a multiplatform advertising campaign that includes television, print, and online.

Eoin Colfer is the New York Times best-selling author of the Artemis Fowl series (dubbed “Die Hard with fairies”). Since 2001, it has sold over 13 million copies in the United States alone. Starring an irresistible antihero, these middle-grade must-reads follow Artemis on his James Bond–like adventures. In 2012, the conclusion to the Artemis Fowl series, The Last Guardian, was published and supported with Colfer’s live “8-in-8” stage show. Colfer has also written the notable Plugged, Airman, The Supernaturalist, and many other popular books. He lives in Ireland with his wife and two children.

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W.A.R.P Book 1: The Reluctant Assassin

By Eoin Colfer


Publication Date: May 7, 2013

ISBN: 1423161629 Price: $17.99 • Ages 12 and Up