MBA&M: Please tell our readers a little about yourself?


Rita: Thanks for inviting me here today! I’m a native Bostonian now living in Western New York with my husband, our two sons, a couple of spoiled shelter dogs, and thousands of paperback books. I love reading, chocolate, men with tattoos, and banana flavored ice cream. Second Chances is my third published novel.



MBA&M: What was the inspiration behind writing this genre?


Rita: As a reader I love pretty much everything. Contemporary. Historical. Paranormal. YA. When it comes to writing my voice seems to resonate most strongly with contemporary stories. At some point I might try to branch out with a YA novel that has been swishing around in my head for months.


MBA&M: How hard was it to get published in your genre?


Rita: Second Chances is my third published contemporary novel. It’s my first release from Entangled, which makes the whole experience feel brand spanking new.  The Wild Rose Press picked up my first book ‘Ready to Take a Chance Again’. A short time later Samhain Publishing contracted my second novel, ‘The Catcher and the Lie’.

That’s not to say I didn’t suffer rejection. In my desk drawer I have two lovely rejection letters from another well-known category romance publisher. Both letters contained valuable editorial feedback that helped guide my revisions.



MBA&M: Did your characters come to you all at once,or slowly?


Rita: I’m a complete pantser so the framework for the main characters came quickly. I knew who they were individually and then as I moved forward in the story I slowly discovered who they were as a couple. On the surface Brenna, my heroine, had a more challenging struggle. She grew up in a dysfunctional environment, which impacted her ability to connect fully and honestly with Luke. Even though Luke comes to the relationship with less baggage, he still needs to discover how his desire to rescue Brenna is actually holding her back.



MBA&M: We all know the hero/heroine,but very few speak of the

secondary characters.So without further ado,please give our readers some insight into some of the secondary characters?


Rita: One of the pivotal secondary characters is Brenna’s grandmother.  She represents the only healthy part of Brenna’s childhood. As the story opens her health is in steep decline, which pushes Brenna back to Boston, back into the arms of her former boyfriend Luke.


Other background characters like Luke’s brothers, Mike and Sean, help guide and support the main couple as they stumble back into a relationship. I had a lot of fun writing Mike and Sean but a final round of edits meant cutting some of their scenes out completely. Still sad about that.

MBA&M: Who would you say inspired your writing career?Why?


Rita: This might sound cliché but my parents are probably most directly responsible. They both had an incredible love of words. I can’t count the number of nights we would sit around the dinner table talking about the latest novel we had read or the editorials in that day’s newspaper. Every room in our house had a stash of books, magazines, newspapers, and dictionaries (If you didn’t know what a word meant you had to look it up on your own because my father insisted that was the best way to memorize it for the future).

While my upbringing fueled my desire to write, my husband was the one who always believed I could write a book that a publisher would want to contract.  It’s funny – I was shocked when my first book was picked up. His reaction was excited but not surprised.

MBA&M: What are some interesting quirks about you?


Rita: I show up early for everything. If I need to be somewhere I arrive anywhere from ten to twenty minutes ahead of schedule. This means I spend oodles of time sitting in my car listening to the radio waiting for other people who aren’t whacky about time to arrive.

I still skip to the back of most books and read the end. This is a habit I’ve tried to break without much success.

Oh, the smell of hot dogs makes me nauseous. But that’s probably more than you wanted to know.


MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to find you and where to find your title?


Rita: You can visit me at my website: http://ritaoberlies.com where you can find links to my blog, twitter, email and facebook accounts.

You can pick up a copy of Second Chances from:

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               Do you have anything you would like to add?


Rita:  Thanks for letting me visit with you at My Book Addiction and More.  Oh, and readers interested in a variety of new releases should check out Entangled Publishing at http://www.entangledpublishing.com.





Imprint: Indulgence Title: Second Chances Author: Rita Oberlies Genre: Contemporary Category Romance Trope: Enemies to Lovers Tone: Light w/some serious overtones Heat: Playful, 2/4 Length: 60,000 words Release date: May 15, 2012 AISN: B0083MOHPK Marketing elements/tags: second chances, reuinited lovers, dealing with past, coming home

Will the past keep them apart?
High powered attorney Luke Braden knows that perfection only comes once in a lifetime, and for him it came and went in the form of his college girlfriend, Brenna Morgan. Circumstances beyond his control separated them before, but now that she’s back in Boston, Luke won’t let her slip away again.


Or give them a second chance at love?


For Brenna Morgan, returning home is the very last thing she wants, especially when it means facing the man who once became her salvation—and then dumped her at the first sign of trouble. But Luke is determined to make up for his past mistakes, and Brenna finds herself weakening against him. A decade of deceit lies between them, and he’ll have to fight if he wants to keep his second chance at love.



Good morning, and welcome to My Book Addiction and More!
AB: Thanks for having us! It’s great to be here.
MBA&M: Please tell our readers a little about yourself?
AB: My name’s Aleah Barley. I like French cheese, German Sausage, and American men. Actually, I’ve never been out of the country. American men are just the ones I run into the most… in America. Ooh! One of my best friends is Russian. I also like Russian men. 🙂
MBA&M: What was the inspiration behind writing this genre?
AB: I write humorous (I hope) contemporary romance novels, mostly because that’s what I like to read. Then again, I’ll read anything well written and hilarious. Suggestions?
MBA&M: How hard was it to get published in your genre?
AB: Softer than diamonds, harder than 22 kt gold. 🙂
MBA&M: Did your characters come to you all at once,or slowly?
AB: Both? Is both an okay answer? I get a glimpse of a person in my mind (usually saying something snarky) and it builds from there. In my new book Too Hot to Handle the main characters are Jack Ogden–a sexy LAPD detective recovering from a bar fight–and Honey Moore–the spunky ex-car thief who turns to him for help after an arsonist burns her house down. The mystery is almost as explosive as the history between the two characters. The initial sparks were easy, the history came more slowly.
MBA&M: We all know the hero/heroine,but very few speak of the secondary characters.So without further ado,please give our readers some insight into some of the secondary characters?
AB: My book is full of secondary characters, some who never actually appear on the page. One of the characters who I truly adore is Jack’s sister Jessica. She’s a ballet dancer with a bad habit of marrying wealthy older men. She’s usually on a diet, but she’s always willing to make an exception. Her signature color is yellow, and she just wants what’s best for her brother.
MBA&M: Who would you say inspired your writing career?Why?
AB: When I was in third grade I wrote a story using characters from Abel’s Island. My teacher thought I was a genius. My mother wasn’t so impressed. She told me it was derivative and I could do better. She was right.
MBA&M: What are some interesting quirks about you?
AB: I don’t like molasses, maple syrup, or frosting. I’m currently hiding from my cat (it’s really hot out and he’s trying to be friendly). While my heroine has a penchant for fast cars, I only just learned how to drive a few months ago.
MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to find you and where to find your title?
AB:  Like me at www.facebook.com/aleahrbarley and follow me at www.aleahbarley.blogspot.com! My book’s called Too Hot to Handle. The tagline is “He stole her heart, she stole his car” and you can find it at http://www.entangledpublishing.com/
Do  either of you have anything you would like to add?
AB: Thank you so much for having us both!
Thank you for taking the time to visit with us and our readers!


She was playing with fire…

Honey Moore has made her pledge: no more stealing cars and no more lusting after Jack Ogden. But when an arsonist torches her house and chases her all over Los Angeles, she’s forced to throw herself on Jack’s mercy. No one will look for a convicted felon in an LAPD detective’s apartment, right?

…and he didn’t want to get burned.

Jack doesn’t need a woman like Honey in his life. She might be sexy, but trouble follows her everywhere. But it’s hard to walk away from someone who lives at full throttle—and even harder to keep her safe. Now he’ll have to sacrifice everything to protect Honey from the arsonist determined to kill her.


Imprint: Indulgence Title: Too Hot to Handle Author: Aleah Barley Genre: Contemporary Category Romance Trope: Bad Girl/Rich Boy Tone: Light, Humorous, Irreverent Heat: 3/4, spicy Length: 50,000 words Release Date: May 15, 2012 AISN: B0083NTXQ8


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