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Thank you so much to the ladies at My Book Addiction and More for having me on today.


This might seem rather obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: I write books!


Many readers probably already know that a good part of writing is actually research.


If an author writes only about modern-day in their city or town, that reduces a lot of general research and leads them to focus more on specifics that relate to their book.


I write historicals, which in turn gives me a little more research to do: fashion, speech, world events, how advanced things were at the time such as medicine or conveyances, etc.


In my study of historical facts, I’ve found out all sorts of interesting tidbits (most times not even by trying).

So today, we’re going to play a modified game of Fact or Crap for a chance to win a $25 gift card for Amazon.com.


In the comments, write which of my statements you think are facts and which are made up (crap). I’ll post the answers in the comment section on Friday when I post a winner so good luck!


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YOU MUST follow the author’s statements above!

1.      Herbert Hoover gave half of his presidential salary to charity.

2.      Jefferson Davis declined to accept amnesty from the president for joining the Confederacy.

3.      In 1560 King Charles IX of France enacted a law regarding waffles.

4.      The first currency in the United States had “Mind Your Business” imprinted as its logo.

5.      President Lincoln’s oldest son, Robert, was once arrested after being accused of being a sympathizer of the Confederacy

6.      The Pony Express was a booming business that made its fortune as being an inexpensive way for Americans to send letters across the country in the late 1800s

7.      The United States National Anthem was originally a poem that was chanted to the tune of an English tavern song.

8.      John F. Kennedy was the youngest president of the United States.

9.      On the spot where Mrs. O’Leary’s barn once stood (before her cow kicked over the lantern and started the Great Chicago fire) is now the land on which Chicago’s Fire Department Academy stands.

10.  During the Victorian Era wearing gloves at the table (no matter your rank) was frowned upon unless you had some sort of ailment that required them.



*This is open Internationally though the amount might vary due to currency exchange rates.

So come on everyone and join in for this fun game with our guest! Spread the word on all the fun,don’t keep it a secret~

Thank you Rose for spending time with us and our readers today!


PictureHis Yankee Bride–Banks Brothers Brides, Book 2

At nineteen John Banks decides to board a ship bound for America—oblivious of who he’ll find when he arrives.

Having grown up on a large indigo plantation, the expressive and possibly overdramatic, Carolina Ellis can hardly wait to see what the gentlemen of Charleston will be like. But alas, they were not what she’d been hoping for. Ball after ball and dance after dance, Carolina is disappointed time and again.

Then she sees him…

Boston and Philadelphia held no appeal to John, so on a suggestion from a friend, he headed south to the booming town of Charleston, South Carolina. Not meaning to become the center of attention, John becomes exactly that when he walks right into the largest social event of the year dressed like nothing more than a poor drifter.

So what is a penniless man to do when in such a situation? The only thing he can do: rely on his sense of humor to extinguish the tension.

Immediately, Carolina takes a shine to this unusual man and his equally unusual humor and is determined she will do whatever it takes to marry him—Southern aristocracy be damned.

About me…

I’m an unusually unusual individual who writes for the love of the characters and the story they create.

I have an accounting diploma that hangs above my desk,  a box of model rockets in the closet, dozens of history and science textbooks on my bookshelf and even a few “FOR SALE” signs in my garage. To say I dreamt of being a writer all my life is far from true. But nonetheless, it’s what I enjoy the most.

About my books…

My stories aren’t your typical cookie cutter Regencies. My heroines have brains, backbones, and are undeniably flawed. As are my heroes. But for as flawed as they are, my heroines are ladies I’d want to be my sisters and my heroes are men I’d want to fall in love with. They might do a jerkish thing every now and then, of course, but as a whole they’re not afraid to fight their feelings for the heroine overmuch.

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  1. So much fun thank you!! It will be very interesting to see the answers.

    1 – C
    2 – C
    3 – T
    4 – C
    5 – T
    6 – T
    7 – T
    8 – T
    9 – C
    10 – T

  2. Thank you Rose for taking the time to visit with us and our readers today! What a fun game! Let me see if I can get any of these correct!

    1. Crap

    2. Crap

    3. Truth

    4. Crap

    5. Truth

    6. Truth

    7. Truth

    8. Truth

    9. Truth

    10. Crap

    So readers, you really must check out this fun game,and I hope you know your history!

    Thanks for joining us today everyone!


  3. What a fun game.

    1. Crap
    2. Crap
    3. True
    4. True
    5. Crap
    6. Crap
    7. True
    8. Crap
    9. True
    10. True

  4. Here goes, Rose,

    1. Crap (he gave all his salary to charity)
    2. Crap
    3. True
    4. True
    5. Crap
    6. Crap….wasn’t late 1800’s, it was around the 1860’s, I think…
    7. True
    8. True
    9. True
    10. True

    Keep writing those great books!!!

  5. Well, this is certainly different.
    1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 are crap.
    2, 5, 6, 10 are fact.,


  6. 1. Fact
    2. Fact
    3. Crap
    4. Crap
    5. Crap
    6. Crap…not inexpensive just faster
    7. Fact
    8. Crap
    9. Fact
    10. Fact

  7. 1. True
    2. true
    3. true
    4. true
    5. crap
    6. true
    7. true
    8. true
    9. true
    10. true

  8. Thank you all so much for participating. Here are your answers:

    1. Crap–President Hoover gave his entire salary to charity
    2. True–Christmas Day, 1868 President Andrew Johnson was to pardon all Confederate soldiers and others involved with the creation of the Confederacy–Jefferson Davis refused to accept.
    3. True–This fascinated me so much I actually wrote it into a book. Apparently during the 1500s people really, REALLY liked waffles and the vendors would argue about whose customer was whose, so there was legislation passed regarding how far apart waffle vendors had to stand.
    4.True–this was in place of “In God we trust” which didn’t come onto coins until 1864 and paper until 1957
    5. Crap–He actually wanted to fight in the Union Army, but his mother and father wouldn’t let him.
    6. Crap–The Pony Express did allow for mail to be sent across the entire US, even to places not otherwise reachable at the time. But it was extremely expensive both for the customer and for the business. A simple letter would cost as much as the equivalent of $90 today to send and due to the expense of postage deterring some customers and the amount of horses/riders needed to deliver the mail, the business was bankrupt and out of business in less than 18 months.
    7. True–The Anacreon from Heaven is the original song–a song Englishmen would sing at their clubs. During the War of 1812, the English had come to fight in the United States and naturally got drunk and sang the song. The tune caught and Sir Francis Scott Key’s poem was changed to the same tune.
    8. Crap–This was kind of a trick. JFK was the youngest elected president, but Theodore Roosevelt was actually the youngest after he was sworn in following McKinley’s assassination.
    9. True!
    10. True–it was bad form to wear one’s gloves at the dining table unless there was a disease or infection or something similarly repugnant that needed to be hid.

    Thank you ALL so much for participating. Thanks to radom.org….Priscilla is the winner of the $25 gift card to Amazon! If you’ll email me with your email address, I send it on its way!

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