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Good morning,CJ and welcome to My Book Addiction and More today…

MBA:  Tell our readers a little about yourself?

CJ: Thanks for having me here at My book Addiction and More!  I’m a father of two girls; my oldest is currently learning to drive. I’ve written six suspense novels and I enjoy outdoor sports. In the last two years I’ve begun exercising and eating healthier and I’m feeling better than I have in a decade.


MBA:  What if anything made you decide to write “Addicted To Love”?

CJ: I began writing Addicted To Love at the end of my marriage. I was troubled by the failure of my family and at the same time, I have this shining example of love and companionship in my parents. I wanted to explore a place where everyone felt passion and love for their spouse the way my parents do. Of course there is trouble in Highland Falls, but it all began with the seed of undeniable love.


MBA:  What has been the most powerful thing you have happened in your life recently, if anything?

CJ: The most wonderful thing happened to me this year. I fell in love with the most caring and beautiful woman on the planet. She brings me the most overwhelming feelings of joy. Being truly known by someone is a feeling that defies words.


MBA: What is a typical writing day like for you?

CJ: My writing days really vary. For novels I like to get up in the morning and work most of the day. By that I mean all the time that I’m awake. I’ll do this every day while I’m drafting a new book. I also write murder mystery shows, which are less formal. I’ll draft those anytime my schedule allows.


MBA:  Out of all the stories you have written, which one if your favorite of yours so far, if any?

CJ: I really shouldn’t say this, but I have a special place in my heart for Sin & Vengeance and The End of Marking Time. Sin & Vengeance is an intense revenge story and the plot and the characters really speak to me. The End of Marking Time could be the most important book I ever write. It shines a light on the problems of trying to let our criminal justice system solve the social problems that stem from broken and underprivileged families.


MBA:  What where some of the challenges in writing “Addicted To Love”?

CJ: In Addicted To Love, the characters are hyper attracted to each other. The book could have easily become a teenage sex romp, but that was not my plan for the book. I wanted to explore real emotions and I also wanted the book to have elements of danger and suspense that would appeal to my male readers. I did my best to portray sexual relationships that grow out of love and so are shown playfully and romantically unlike many steamy romance novels. The characters is Addicted To Love are looking for love and not a good time. Writing this without having characters constantly in bed was a challenge.


MBA: Tell our readers where to find you and where your books are available.

CJ: I can be found on my website (, on facebook (

and on my blog ( I’m also @cjwest on Twitter.


Thank you CJ for visiting with My Book Addiction and More today.

           CJ,  Is there anything you would like to add?


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Wes Holiday sells his landscaping business and retreats to a quaint mountain town to heal after ending a ten year relationship with a woman he couldn’t bring himself to marry. In three weeks he is so captivated by a hair stylist that he deprives himself of food and sleep to be near her. When the local sheriff is murdered, Wes is recruited to keep the peace in the town his parents built, but he knows nothing about law enforcement and he’s struggling to understand how a woman he just met can dominate his every waking thought. Soon the idyllic town with a penchant for romance is rocked by a bizarre series of murders that defy explanation and it is up to Wes to stop a raging epidemic of violence.

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