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Find the Cutes is a fun activity book for kids. It has 12 search pages with a total of 4,785 characters, a story line and answer pages.

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7-Soccer-gameReasons to buy this book
We knew our book had to stand out. It had to have that extra something that makes you want it and be impressed with it, so that you recommend it to others personally and in reviews. You need to feel your money was worth it. So why buy “Find the Cutes – Playtime?” 9-Ballet-Studio - CopyBecause it’s not a regular children’s book.

– It keeps you and your children entertained for hours.
– The illustrations look beautiful.
– It’s educational.
– It’s cute and funny. 

10-things-your-child-can-leWhat is “Find the Cutes – Playtime”?
Children are creative and have a huge imagination. In society today, despite all the technology and opportunities, the greatest happiness is often found in the home. Children give families that extra enthusiastic energy. “Find the Cutes – Playtime” is based on that concept. It sparks the imagination, stimulates dialogue without words, educates, entertains, and inspires.

What inspired you as an artist?
As a child, I was much intrigued by search books. I spent hours looking for the right characters and objects on every page. But I discovered there weren’t many different ones out there. Over the years, I developed a unique cartoon style that I was able to use for several companies and assignments. Together with my ideas and the concept of a search book, my wife and I came up with a search book and a fun family as the main characters.


Carissa-(30)Who are the Cutes?
The Cutes are a family. Their last name is “Cute” and all the kids’ names start with a “C”: Carissa, Chaz, Cade, Cammy, and Cindy. The story is based on the “second-mom” phenomenon: As the oldest daughter you might get to babysit your younger siblings a lot. That’s how it sometimes works in bigger families. In every illustration I tried to show the Cutes’ innocence and playfulness.

Chaz-39 - CopyHow did you come up with the pages?
Children can be very silly. So I think of what they’d do with a balloon, like rubbing it over their hair, letting it go into the air, binding it to their ears, popping it, etc. Each page took almost 100 hours to sketch, draw, color on the computer, etc. Every person is hand-drawn and colored in Photoshop. My wife, Celestial, did most of the storytelling. The whole book took a year to finish. Some drawings are based on real events. Sometimes something funny that happened in our lives, comes back in the drawings.

Cindy-46Who should read the book?
Children ages 3 and up. Adults could enjoy it too. With 12 pages of things to search for, kids could be entertained for hours. Not only are we going to make a book, but we are planning on making it a tablet game for the ipad, kindle, and other devices, depending on cost effectiveness. That will be a stretch goal if we make it.

Will you make a sequel?
Yes. We are planning on an entire series of 10 books. We created two new characters for the 3rd and 4th book. The 2nd book will be called “Find the Cutes – Festival Fun” and will have fun search pages about Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, but also about the Tomato Festival in Spain, Songkran in Thailand, and Sinterklaas in the Netherlands. It will also have 12 pages and a story line. We already started working on it.

Are you on social media?
We have a website,, which will be the means of selling our book once it’s updated with a payment system. We are also on Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr. Feel free to look us up, share our pages, and follow us.

What do you need funding for?
We cannot do this without you. Our dream is to start a search book series that will inspire each child, build family relationships, and become a great product for entertainment. We put hundreds of hours of work into making it happen. Now we need your help to cover costs. This is what we need funding for:

Production costs – We calculated no immediate reward for the 1,500 hours of artwork and story writing we’ve done. We did all that for free so far, and hope to make enough profit on sales to compensate for the valuable time we put into it.
Kickstarter/Amazon fees – Approximately 8%-10% of final funding
• Taxes – Self-employed rates apply.
Advertising – Goes to bookmarks, stickers, business cards, posters, drawing materials, paper, event fees, etc. We already spent a lot on that, without receiving anything back except for name recognition and materials to create the book.
Printing costs – These rates vary depending on amount ordered, but takes up a lot of funds. You can imagine hardcover books and other materials are costly.
ISBN Number, copyright registration, etc. – Not cheap, but necessary for any book and company online, but affordable if you help us.
Shipping & supply – Another large part of it, especially for those who have a reward with “free shipping.”
Buffer amount – This should be included in any Kickstarter project. This includes money aside for dropped pledges, lost books, refund requests, and errors and miscalculations.

 How Kickstarter Works
With kickstarter you are not just buying an item for precise arrival, you are joining us in our personal adventure to make this happen. Kickstarter is about supporting ideas, people, and projects. You support us to help make the dream come true and receive great rewards in return.

• Step 1. Create a Kickstarter account, and determine payment method.
• Step 2. Decide which reward you would like, taking special note of any shipping estimates.
• Step 3. Wait and see what happens! If our campaign is successful at the end of it, then your card will be charged and your reward is secured. If our campaign is unsuccessful, then your card will NOT be charged.
• Step 4. (optional) If you would really like to see this project succeed, then the most helpful thing you could do is help spread the word! Look us up on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, or Tumblr, and share our work with your friends. We would really appreciate it!

We are not asking for money without giving something back. So here is a list of the great rewards for our backers:

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  1. I just wanted to let everyone know that the book “Find the Cutes – Playtime” is now for sale on Amazon and on Despite the unsuccesful Kickstarter project, we have pulled it off and sold about 50 copies. Yay! Feel free to order one or share this with your friends.

    Vincent Noot, illustrator of the “Find the Cutes” series

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