MBA&M: Please tell our readers about yourself Elizabeth?

ELIZABETH: Hello everyone fromSydney,Australia.  It is great to be invited on My Book Addiction and More. Being a Librarian I have a serious book addiction which has overtaken my home – so I may happy to have found a great support group.

I worked as a Reference Librarian mainly in Educational and Public Libraries. I spent most of my time helping people find the information they needed. Secretly I have always wanted to help people on a bigger scale.

MBA&M: What if anything inspired ‘No Problem! how to focus on solution’?

ELIZABETH: Dr Phil was actually the catalysts for the book…. he gave me a massive wake-up call!

Some years ago I ran into some major life problems that hit me one after the other – my life felt like an awful mess.  It was the most difficult and upsetting time I can    ever remember. For example, where I worked management informed us due to the economic downturn 1 in 3 of us would lose our jobs and we won’t know who for some months – talk about torture.

I was so upset, unhappy, stressed, you name it – and not enjoying life. I went home early one day, turned the TV on and caught the Dr Phil show.

Dr Phil asked – if you had a business and the manager was running it into the ground, would          you keep hiring them or fire them?

Dr Phil then said – you are the manager of your life – are you getting the results you want – happiness, success and good health – would you keep hiring yourself or fire yourself?

That was a pivotal moment for me.  I remember thinking – oh, I am so fired!

I realized then… problems were sucking the joy out of my life and I was letting it happen. I was a terrible life manager. So I fired the ‘old me’ and hired the ‘new me’.       I decide to start managing my problems – instead of letting problems control me.

MBA&M: What were the challenges in writing ‘No Problem! how to focus on solution’?

ELIZABETH: Being a librarian – I embarked on what you could call a personal transformation –       I read all the best selling self-help books and any book that would help me deal with problems and still enjoy life.

While I was reading – most of the books were between 300 – 500 pages long – the problem was by the time I got to the end of the book, I had forgotten what I read  at the beginning.  So I began taking notes on every book. I read some 2 or 3 times – essentially studying the book and taking extensive notes.

I collected a lot of information so it was a very big challenge deciding what would    be the best information and putting it in my own words.

I grouped all the wisdom and discoveries under four simple tips – so I could easily recall them when dealing with problems. That is how the No Problem! book was formed.

MBA&M: Why write nonfiction instead of romance, adventure, suspense or such?

ELIZABETH: Before I started on the No Problem! project I wasn’t enjoying life – my life felt like a big mess. I was struggling to get through the day and didn’t feel like reading romance, adventure or suspense novels – let alone actually writing one. Necessity to improve my life was what led to the creating of the No Problem! book.


MBA&M: What do you have planned for your future endeavors?

ELIZABETH: At the moment I am working on my next book – Disagree and Stay in Love – it gives people easy to use and easy to remember ‘tips on fighting fair’ so their relationship will last in the long run. Having good relationships with the people we love, I think                      is one of the most important things in life.

MBA&M: Who would you say influenced your writing career and why?

ELIZABETH: As I mentioned previously – Dr Phil was the catalysts for No Problem! and he gave   me a big wake call about being a better life manager – to give myself the best life. Other authors that I really admire and would love to meet one day are – Stephen Covey, Louise Hay, Susan Jeffers, M Scott Peck and Anthony Robins.

They are all best-selling authors and I have read and studied most of their books – the change in my quality of life is like comparing night to day.  Before I wrote          No Problem! I felt like I was struggling in the dark, now I walk in daylight everyday    and I can’t help but enjoy life. Despite problems – I am enjoying a No Problem life.

MBA&M: What is your life’s passion, if not writing, of course?

ELIZABETH: When working as a Reference Librarian – I really enjoyed meeting and talking to different people and helping them find the information or books that they needed.

I believe that every life is a miracle and very person deserves to be happy – so I think is it a real privilege to be able to help people improve and enjoy their life.

MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to find you and where ‘No Problem! how to focus on solution’ is available?

ELIZABETH: No Problem!  how to focus on solutions can be purchased on our website – it is postage free! Also No Problem! is available on

I can be contacted by email –

 and would  love to hear from anyone that has any questions or would just like to contact me.

Thank-you again for having me on My Book Addiction and More. Wishing you all good health, success, happiness and enjoy a No Problem life.

 Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us and our readers today!




List $24.95
Trade softcover 208 pages
Livre Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9775872-4-7
Workbook and CD – ROM also available.
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Yes! You are in control – Solve your own problems your way

When Elizabeth Hanley talks about problem solving, you can hear, see and feel the passion of her convictions. She shines.

She was faced with a layoff from a dream job, evicted from her rental place and the writing was on the wall with her boyfriend at the same time. She was so down and depressed she took off from work, crawled in bed and hid beneath the covers. She slept till noon and finally switched on the TV and through her tears heard Dr. Phil ask if, ‘if you were the owner of your own business and you had a manager who was running the business into the ground, would you keep hiring them or fire that person?’

Then continued: ‘You are the manager of your life, are you getting the results you want out of life? Are you achieving happiness, health, success or are you miserable, unhealthy and feel like a failure? Would you keep hiring yourself or would you fire yourself?’

“Oh I am so fired!” she realized, and the light bulb went on when he explained ‘you need to require more of yourself’. She realized she needed to fire the old me and get the new me started on better managing her life. Being a librarian, she embarked on a nearly obsessive research effort that would bring about a personal evolution and transformation.

Her new book, No Problem! How to Focus on Solutions captures the wisdom and essence of her most important and helpful discoveries and guidance about how to thrive and not just survive.





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