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Jayne Fresina:

Jayne Fresina sprouted up in England, the youngest in a family of four girls.  Entertained by her father’s colorful tales of growing up in the countryside, and surrounded by opinionated sisters— all with far more exciting lives than hers— she’s always had inspiration for her beleaguered heroes and unstoppable heroines. Visit for more information.

MBA&M: What made you decide to write Regency Romance?

JF: I always loved Regency romance, ever since  I read Pride and Prejudice.

MBA&M: Which character in The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine would you say you most identify with and why?

JF: I think I would have to say Sophia – I too have my scars from life and I’m trying to take a new direction

MBA&M: If you could step back into time and place, would Regency England be where you would go or somewhere else?

JF: I would love to go back in time to one of Jane Austen’s novels.  I would love to be Harriet Smith in Emma. Because she is sweet and gracious, even when terrible things have been done to her. And she ends up with the hunky farmer who clearly adores her. Somehow I think Harriet ends up happy then anyone.


 “Wanted: one husband, not too particular. Small dowry, several books,   sundry furnishings, and elderly aunt included. Idlers, time-wasters, and   gentleman with other attachments need not apply.”—Miss Sophie Valentine
Sophie Valentine knew placing an ad for a husband in the Farmers Gazette   would bring her trouble-and she was right. When the darkly handsome,   arrogantly charming Lazarus Kane shows up on her doorstep, the nosy   residents of Sydney Dovedale are thrown into a gossiping tizzy. After   all, it’s common knowledge that Sophie is a young lady In Need of Firmer   Direction. But even Sophie isn’t so scandalous as to marry a complete   stranger. .. is she?
Lazarus Kane has been searching for Sophie half of his life. She may not   remember him, but he could never forget her. But the past is a   dangerous thing, and it’s best if his remains secret if he wants to   tempt Sophie with …



Tamara Hogan:

Tamara Hogan loathes cold and snow, but nonetheless lives near Minneapolis with her partner Mark and two naughty cats. When she’s not telecommuting as a quality and process engineer for a global networking company, she enjoys writing edgy urban fantasy romance with a sci-fi twist. A feral reader with an unapologetic television addiction, Tammy is forever on the lookout for the perfect black boots. Her debut, Taste Me, was a 2009 Daphne Paranormal Winner and 2009 Golden Heart Finalist.  For more information, please visit or follow her on Twitter, @TamaraHogan1. Her latest release is Chase Me,

MBA&M: What drew you to write Paranormal Romance?

TH:  Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire was a seminal book for me. I’d been reading romance since I was about 10 years old, but something about this book, released in 1976, just dug its hooks in and never let go.  Gothic horror + romance + vampires? I was SO THERE. 

MBA&M: What or who would you say influenced you the most in your writing career? Why?

TH: I have to give the lion’s share of the credit to my high school English teachers Jill Pollar and Sally Bronski. They recognized my love of reading and writing, encouraged my love of poetry, and, when they noticed I was bored in class, they slipped me some more challenging books on the side, and discussed them with me over coffee before school started, like I was a peer rather than a student. Secondly, I would have to say my mother, who didn’t censor me, and let me read whatever I wanted. (There was no such thing as YA back in the day.) From an early age, I absorbed books like oxygen, had my little world expanded, was exposed to concepts and ideas that I hadn’t previously been exposed to…I learned there was a big, wide world—and so many possibilities—beyond the tiny mining town where I’d been born.

MBA&M: What is in your TBR list?  What genre do you usually read, when reading for pleasure?

TH: My TBR list is seriously out of hand. One thing that nobody tells you when you become a published author is that writing on deadline and under contract seriously cuts into your reading time. That said, I am a feral multi-genre reader. In my TBR is the latest Vorkosigan novel, Cryoburn, a pile of Harlequin Blazes (I’m a long-time subscriber), Kresley Cole’s Lothaire, a non-fiction book on social networks and the death of privacy called I Know Who You Are and I Know What You Did by Lori Andrews, and Dr. Michio Kaku’s Physics of the Future. To say I have eclectic reading tastes is an understatement.


The secrets she’s uncovering will be his to keep…

Centuries ago, when their ship crashed to Earth, paranormals of all types settled secretly into our world, quietly going about their business with humans none the wiser. Self-ruling and careful to stay below humanity’s radar, all is threatened when Valkyrie archaeologist Lorin Schlessinger and her werewolf geologist partner Gabe Lupinsky in advertently draw evil attention to Earth and its treasured natural resources.

As the threat intensifies, Lorin and Gabe struggle to contain the chaos they’ve unleashed, and to resist their explosive mutual attraction…



Joanne Kennedy:

Joanne Kennedy is the author of four contemporary Western romances for Sourcebooks: Cowboy Trouble One Fine Cowboy, Cowboy Fever, and Tall, Dark and Cowboy. She brings a wide variety of experience, ranging from chicken farming to horse training, to her sexy, spicy cowboy stories. She is a 2011 finalist in the prestigious Romance Writers of American RITA© Awards, for One Fine Cowboy. Joanne lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where she is working on her next book, Cowboy Tough (Fall 2012). For more information, please visit and

MBA&M: Why Contemporary Cowboy Romance?

JK: I moved to the West twenty years ago and fell in love with the setting and the people—especially the cowboys! I write contemporaries because although I love Western history, my voice and my sensibilities are relentlessly modern. Besides, I like my cowboys clean! Those guys in the old West didn’t have many opportunities to bathe.

MBA&M: What do you think is the allure of Cowboy Romance to readers?

JK: In a world that sometimes seems out of control, cowboys represent something solid and dependable. They’re strong and steady. They’re tied to the land, often for generations. They still perform their jobs as they did a hundred years ago, and even dress very much as they did back then. Their manners and attitude toward women are old-fashioned and tradition means a lot to them. The world changes, sometimes too fast. Cowboys stay the same – in a good way.

MBA&M: Which character of all your books is your favorite? Why?

JK: Oh, that’s a hard question! It’s like having a lot of kids; I love them all in different ways. If I had to pick one of my heroes, I’d pick Nate Shawcross from One Fine Cowboy. He’s the one that readers responded to in a really special way; there’s something about his strong, silent dependability that people love. I still get e-mails about him.

For a heroine, I’d pick Sarah Landon from Cowboy Crazy. She’s complicated and has a lot to learn at the beginning of the book, but she’s loyal and willing to make sacrifices for the people she loves.

There are a lot of secondary characters I really love, though. No-nonsense ranchwoman Doris from One Fine Cowboy, crotchety old Fletcher Galt from Tall, Dark and Cowboy, Crazy Mike from Cowboy Trouble, and Troy, the hero’s disabled brother, from Cowboy Fever are some of my favorites.



She kicked the country dust off her boots a long time ago…

Sarah Landon’s Ivy League scholarship transformed her from a wide-eyed country girl into a poised professional. Her job at the Carrigan Oil Company has given her the sophisticated life she longed for, but when she meets her boss’s black-sheep brother, she realizes her roots are showing.

But he’s ready to remind her she’s a cowgirl at heart.

Rebellious rodeo cowboy Lane Carrigan is determined to save the Wyoming community of Two Shot from the ravages of energy development, but Sarah’s convinced her old hometown needs a swift kick in the pants from the march of progress.

When a lapsed cowgirl collides with rodeo royalty, it’s bound to be a wild ride—and somebody’s going to end up in the dirt.

Coming June 1, 2012 Sourcebooks Casablanca ISBN-13: 9781402265495

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  1. I visited all of the author websites. It was a lot of fun. I love Jayne's "Q" theme for her headers. I loved Tamara's pick of herself with THE Nora Roberts. And Joanne wrangled Bridezillas? Wow, you are a braver woman than I am.

    Congratulations on the new releases ladies!

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  5. I visited all three author's sites and Although all three authors have different types of books, they all have one thing in common, they sound like fantastic stories. I enjoyed checking out their work and seeing what else they've written and/or what is coming up.

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  6. Thanks to all of you for visiting! I admit I don't blog regularly these days – my excuse is that I'm working very hard on the books:) And if nobody objects, I'll put your emails on the newsletter list from here.

    By the way, I love the way our photos go with the books we write. Jayne with those romantic flowers, Tamara looking all edgy and cool, and me, the outdoorsy one. I guess we are what we write!

  7. Great websites for all three authors. A Regency Historical website, a modern website, and a cowboy website. Love all three of them. website was a little difficult to navigate. All of the websites are wonderful.


    1. I visited all the author websites and the website. I thought the website should showcase more books and have an easier navigation/search feature for books.

  8. Thanks for the intro to Joanne, Tamara, and Jayne! I took a peek at the Discover a New Love site and found the idea intriguing–will have to investigate a little more! Always love finding places to nab new books!

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