MBA&M: Please give our readers some insight into D.B. Corey.

D.B.: Well, I’m an average guy, married, a couple of grown kids … a working stiff. I like dogs, kids, sports and lots-o-other stuff. I’m a Conservative, and I’d like to say I’m looking forward to retirement, but because of the economy and some questionable decisions earlier in my life, retirement is not in my immediate future. I’ve done many things in my life: construction worker, electrician, musician, safecracker (legit), some college, Navy flyer, athlete, computer technician … and now, writer. See? Just an average guy.

MBA&M: Since “CHAIN OF EVIDENCE” is your first thriller, where did the idea come from?

D.B.: A friend of mine asked me that very same question the other day. Like most writer’s, I tend to ask myself ‘what if’ questions, but then I generally take it a step further and ask, ‘what happens next?’ This idea came while watching a police spot on the evening news. I asked myself—What if someone in the evidence custody chain wanted to cover up a crime: one committed either by them, or by someone important to them… say a wife, or a child. How could they cover up the crime by manipulating the chain? But more importantly … how would they do it in order to incriminate someone else?

MBA&M: What made you decide to write a thriller?

D.B.: It was my first attempt at writing a book. I like thrillers. I like cop stories. Seemed like the logical choice.

MBA&M: What are three words to describe “CHAIN OF EVIDENCE”?

D.B.: Startling—Engaging—Unpredictable

MBA&M: What was your favorite part about writing “CHAIN OF EVIDENCE”; what was the worst?

D.B.: My favorite part – creating the story, the settings, the characters, and the twist. Especially the twist.

The worst part – Trying to please everyone who critiqued it. I eventually learned that I couldn’t please everyone. So I focused on pleasing myself. I figured that if I liked it, then maybe two or three others would too.

MBA&M: When writing, do you get lost in your story, do the characters jump off the page, or are they a little slow appearing?

D.B.: I never get “lost” in the story while I’m writing, simply because it’s not a story until it’s finished. Much like other writers, I usually begin with an idea, develop an ending to steer the story toward, and fill in the middle as I go. Yep, I have an idea of what the middle should be, but I keep the end in sight … unless I have an epiphany and see a better ending. Then I change it, but the cost in doing that involves much re-writing.

As far as my characters’ appearances in the sequence, it depends on which character it is. The intro character usually jumps right out. He has to if you’re going to grab your readers. The rest come along when I need them. Then I get to know them better during the re-writing. That’s when the characters become real. When I discuss with Maggie, I speak of them as if they were living, breathing people. Because to me, that’s what they are, but she thinks I’m nuts.

MBA&M: Who would you credit your desire to write to and why?

D.B.: Maggie. She makes me believe I can do anything.

MBA&M: What was the first book you remember reading?

D.B.: Well, not counting The Little Engine That Could and others like it, I’d have to say it was The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway. Santiago and the Fish. I didn’t read it because I wanted to. I was required for 11th grade English. I wouldn’t have picked it up my own, but once I did….

MBA&M: What are some interesting quirks about you, your writing, and your day?

D.B: Interesting quirks about me…. How much time did you say we have?

I suppose that being a little OCD and driving my wife crazy counts as a quirk, but other than that, I fancy myself a bit of a comedian and enjoy making people laugh. I try to inject a little humor in my writing, albeit subtle or tongue-in-cheek most of the time. I just hope people “get it.” My humor can be a little offbeat.

My day consists of maintaining network and storage equipment for one of my employer’s major customers. Yes, … I’m a geek.

MBA&M: What do you hope readers will come away with by reading “CHAIN OF EVIDENCE”?

D.B.: First and foremost, I hope they come away flabbergasted—with a sense of satisfaction—when they discover that things aren’t what they seem. Secondly, I’d like to give the reader a peek at an ageing cop who is nearing the end of his career, but not the end of his life, and how the loss of faculties he once took for granted leaves him feeling bitter and worthless, as he builds a case for self-pity.

MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to connect with you, and where they may purchase “CHAIN OF EVIDENCE”. Thank you for spending time with us and our readers today!

D.B.:You are very welcome, and like any good writer trying to market themselves, I have a Facebook account (Please Like me), a LinkedIn account (please Connect with me) , and a Twitter account (Please Follow me). And … I have a website: www.dbcorey.com. There is an excerpt of CoE there, along with a little about me, a link to my blog, and my email address. The book will be available for pre-sale on Amazon.com and all online book markets beginning August.

Thank you so much for having me.

Thank you for spending time with us and our readers today!




A serial killer stalks the streets of Baltimore, and Moby Truax is assigned the case of his career.
Problem is, his career is over.
The last thing an old detective wants is to chase a serial killer, especially one who disappears, and leaves the killing to a copycat.

Can Truax solve the case of two killers? Or will his young captain relieve him of duty, and perhaps his pension as well.



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  1. Great interview – thank you. I love people with an offbeat sense of humor (mine is a bit warped!). I'm a big fan of thrillers and I'm adding Chain of Evidence to my TBR list right now; love stories that startle me and keep me on the edge of my seat.

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