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Why Be a Hero?

Liz Crowe

When I came up with the concept for The Realtors series, nearly 4 years ago now, I was a Realtor, sitting at a boring open house, on a screened in porch overlooking the Huron River in Ann Arbor. The house was great, but a bit of a white elephant, overpriced, dated, but with easily the best view in town.  Frustrating to market, pleasant to sit at during a sunny Sunday, ultimately unsatisfying.

Kind of like the trend I was finding in erotic romance.  Sort of the same old same old, sexy headless man on the cover, set up of conflict between the Hero who is over the top sexy, but troubled, and at times hard to like as He makes his journey through life. Until he meets Her. She is also (usually) tormented in some way, damaged, or whatever, but easier to “like,” or at least easier for the (usually) female readers to identify with.


So, when the characters of Jack and Sara sprung from my cranium and out onto the computer screen I decided to twist that a little.

Sure, Jack is a quintessential “bad boy” required by many readers in order to engage with the story. He’s rich, hot, a chick magnet, successful, but basically unhappy.  Missing something. 

Sara is also a fairly typical heroine at first blush. Good looking, driven, man-less for the moment (even having been bitten in the tail by a relationship gone bad early in the first book). Ready for her life to really begin. BUT NOT it would seem, as defined by her relationships. She wants to be a successful Realtor. To make her own way, her own money, her own life.

But fate has another plan for her. It drops Jack in her path, and she has to either let him remain in the way, or detour around him somehow. And he is not a guy easy to ignore.

I am getting a ton of great reviews and buzz on this series, including right here at My Book Addiction. But there is a theme about Sara. One that I am happy to address right here for you.  She is NOT your typical romance heroine. She is NOT the one who will do the redeeming for her Hero.


Actually, she is more “hero-like” than heroine like.  More than a little on the selfish side, self centered even, and she knows it. Her journey towards love is bumpy, mainly because of her own barriers. Granted Jack is not perfect. But he makes it clear early on how he feels about her. She is the one who resists, over and over, making some of my loyal readers, well, pissed off at her, big time.

Jack on the other hand is so popular right now he has his own Facebook page. He is the guy people are identifying with as he overcomes his terror about relationships and tries to convince Sara he is serious. Of course, his own smart mouth (and history) get in his way at times. But mostly, it is Sara, putting up her own walls of resistance to him.

By flipping their roles, ever so subtly, I think I gave Jack and Sara a depth that is what is resonating so deeply with so many readers right now. 

And I have an announcement:  My publisher and I will be releasing a short side story to The Realtors series very soon. Before the fourth book (The Essence of Time) is released in June, you can get a glimpse in to the lives of one of Sara’s fellow agents. 

Liz Crowe

Romance for Real Life



The Realtors:  Life in the House Lane

                        Love is an easy word to use, a hard one to demonstrate, and sometimes impossible to trust.

The Realtors is a sweeping epic, encompassing over ten years in the lives of two people who know how to love with their bodies, how to please and get pleasure, to control and be controlled.  When it comes to the deeper meaning of the one word they both need however, their strong personalities get in the way. While their physical connection sizzles they continue to disappoint one another emotionally.

Jack Gordon has it all–money, success, a string of women—but sustains a deep longing for something more. When he thinks he finds it with Sara Jane Thornton, his world is never the same again.  Sara releases his natural Dom, a side of him he’d thought buried out of frustration and unhappiness. Sara learns a true submissive must trust implicitly, something she cannot associate with him, no matter how many times she tries, and he fails.

With a rich cast of secondary characters, including a young man who presents a near-perfect foil to Jack’s intensity, and who falls hard for Sara; The Realtors series is a romantic saga with an emphasis on contemporary life and love, with a healthy dose of white-hot eroticism. Modern, busy, driven characters living lives of purpose and real-time stress, seek the ever-elusive and highly coveted combination –a friend, lover and trusted advisor who will be there for the long haul.


Floor Time (The Realtors  Book 1)

Jack Gordon is Ann Arbor’s most delectable bachelor.  At age thirty-five, he’s made millions as a top-selling Ann Arbor real estate broker and has the right connections to close a deal by any means necessary. With his rugged good looks and compelling personality, he has a virtual black book most men would kill for and he uses it often, never settling for one woman for very long.

While his D/s past remains buried, exactly where he wants it, an undercurrent of boredom and dissatisfaction runs through his life now.  A disastrous experience years earlier made him swear off the whole scene, but the more Jack suppresses his natural Dom, the more his frustration grows.

Sara Thornton, a rookie in the real estate game, has fast-tracked herself to the top of the Ann Arbor market. Her life reflects a disciplined and focused routine, exactly the way she wants it.  However, as her career takes off, the fulfillment she seeks remains inexplicably out of reach.  The one thing she knows for sure, she will not join the Jack Gordon groupies in her company, no matter how tempting that might seem.

A chance encounter, then a difficult transaction, throw Jack and Sara together and the sparks fly high and hot and often. Forced to confront the compulsions that gain momentum with each sizzling encounter, their relationship seems to spiral out of control until Jack finally admits what he needs, and shows Sara what she’s been missing.

Sweat Equity (The Realtors Book 2)

Jack Gordon thought he’d finally made it.  He had a wildly successful career, money in the bank and even returned to his life as Dom, putting an end to a string of unfulfilling sexual encounters. Now that he’s made the ultimate commitment to Sara Thornton, he believes all is right in their world. However, a series of misunderstandings and a dose of self-fulfilling prophesy bring his perfectly crafted house of cards tumbling down around him, forcing him to confront lingering misgivings about marriage and trust.  Could those be the only two things he can never achieve?

Sara struggles with her intense need for Jack and her desire for less volatility in her busy life, two goals which appear to be mutually exclusive. Although willing to put in the time and emotional effort to make their relationship work, she finds it futile and frustrating, littered with clashes thanks to near-identical personalities and temperaments. Given Sara’s history, easing back into the comfortable status quo becomes easier than fighting a war with the one person who should be her safe haven. But will the easier choice satisfy her the way only Jack can? Is her “war” one that comes from without or within?

Buffeted by circumstance, temptation and distraction, Jack and Sara’s tenuous relationship crumbles, sparking a continuous quest for the ever elusive: trust, love and acceptance. By the time they rebuild a foundation for renewal, fate has other plans. This leaves them both reeling, once again questioning their destiny.


Closing Costs (The Realtors Book 3)

Love conquers all? Not likely, according to Sara Thornton. She’s spent eight years coming to terms with the new parameters of her life while resigning herself to the idea that “happily ever afters” are best left to fairytales.  Sales manager for her successful real estate office and juggling an added element of responsibility she never thought she’d face, Sara continues to struggle with the men in her life.  Love, for her, has only meant hurt, broken trust and anger; all of which she’s completely banished from her life, so she claims.

Jack Gordon has come a long way since his early days of obsession with Sara.  As the general manager of Stewart Realty, his own level of responsibility for the well-being of others has ramped up. He’s even honed his caretaking skills, now that he has someone who loves him unconditionally.

Continuing to invest effort and rebuild their relationship, he and Sara grow close as friends. Despite this, his ultimate question remains unanswered; the one he keeps asking, no matter how many times she says no. Sara isn’t prepared for the keen focus of his need–to have her back, once and for all. Her stubborn resistance nearly rips both lives apart

The epic conclusion to The Realtors series, Closing Costs brings Jack and Sara truly full circle. Proving that the heat of lust and obsession; the need for control and to be mastered in many areas of life, can lead to love —surprising you when you least expect it – if you will only allow it.




Sara stared out the window and willed the ever-present nausea away. Blake put a hand on her shoulder, making her jump. “Don’t do that.” He slipped his arm over her shoulder and she resisted the urge to step away, needing space.

“Sure you don’t want me here for this?” She nodded, biting her lip, watching for the two familiar cars to pull into her condo community lot. When they did she gasped, and made a dash for the bathroom, dry heaving for the millionth time that day. She rinsed out her mouth, listening to Blake greet both Craig and Jack, their deep voices mixing, filling her small condo.

Glancing in the mirror over the sink, she sighed. “I’d give anything to be somewhere else right now.” The reflection mocked her with its unhelpful silence. A soft knock made her open her eyes to see her brother standing in the doorway. “I’m coming.” Blake gave her a quick hug, then gripped her arms and stared into her eyes.

“You can do this. You know Mom and Dad understand. They get it. We are all behind you. Now go out there and tell them both to back off. It’s the only way. You’ve been avoiding them both since the end of the year. Time to man up.”

She nodded, and leaned into him. Blake had always been there for her. She really wanted him to stay right now, but she had to do it — have this conversation — alone. “I could crawl in the bed right now and sleep for hours.” She pulled back, ran a hand over her eyes. “I feel like an alien version of myself. I hate it.” He put an arm around her shoulders and guided her out to the living room, kissed her forehead and slipped out the front door.

She paused, watching the two men as they sat at her small dining room table. Jack Gordon, tall, ruggedly handsome in his dark suit, staring at his smart phone, blue eyes glittering with concentration. Craig Robinson, his easy, loose-limbed body draped over a nearby chair, in khakis and a wrinkled button down, deep brown eyes staring right at her. She gave him a weak smile and stepped into the room.

“I’m pregnant.”


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