Goodie Bag

Okay  so I kept thinking I need to show you all the tote I’m using for the goodie bag.So here it is. It’s too cute. Yep each bag has a different “piggy” notepad…………….


So what do you think? Good?


9 Replies to “Goodie Bag”

  1. WoW!! It looks wild, I love it! 🙂
    Pink and more pink, fabulous saying too….Fight Like A Girl, you picked one fabulous tote to giveaway.
    I can see myself with this tote out doing my errands.
    Everyone will be eye-balling it for sure!

  2. Sorry I'm late getting here Wendy
    I've been very tired of late and I know it's because I'm anemic, just had my physical and yeah, the blood work came back all out of wack so I have to go see a hemotaligist/onconigist( please forgive spelling) because I also don't have enought red blood cells??? The body medicine is a mystery to me. But the bag is nice and the piggy notes are to cute!

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