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  1. I received an email with winners today but can't find your old blog. Did this new one take over or did it just disappeared?


    1. Hi, this is the correct site. In the process of me doing some updating I accidentally misplaced posts. I'm working on getting them back. If you won and don't know what you won please email AprilR at tarenn98@yahoo.com.



  2. I received the same email and the link won't work. 🙁 and I may possibly be one of the winners? I saw my name but I don't know if it was me or another Amber?


    goodblinknpark @ yahoo . com

  3. John M W Smith commented on WACKY STORIES FOR KIDS by John M W Smith.

    in response to raco774:

    WACKY STORIES FOR KIDS AUTHOR John M W Smith Publication Date: August 9, 2011 ASIN: B005GOSS2C Publisher: John M W Smith BOOK DESCRIPTION FROM AMAZON Why is the colour khaki missing from all the colours in a rainbow? What deal does Katy make with the witch at the bottom of the garden in return for […]

    Rae, thank you so much for reviewing my book, and I am very grateful to you. I apologise for not thanking you sooner as I was not aware the review was published. So sorry. You have already done enough for me, Rae, but if you do post reviews on Amazon, you will be helping me a great deal by posting this one. The link is http://amzn.to/PfDAGs I will, of course, be following your blog from now on.

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