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I rarely read magazines anymore, with the exception of one kind: the inflight magazines stuck in the back pocket of the airplane seat in front of me. You know those? Do you read them? For some reason (enforced captivity, maybe?) I devour them cover to cover. So when I got a call from someone writing an article for the Alaska Airlines magazine, I felt as if I’d won an Oscar or something. (Me? In a magazine snuggled up against an airsickness bag? I can die now.) Anyway, he wanted to talk to me about social media. How I use it; what I do online; how I handle the demand on my time. Is it difficult, as an author today, being required to do social media on top of the actual writing of books?

I knew what he was getting at. I’ve heard authors talk about the “good old days” when all they had to do was write their books, and the publisher did the rest. But I have a completely different take. For me, living in Alaska, so far from the rest of the world, the existence of social media is an incredible boon. Honestly, I’m grateful I became an author in a post-social media world. Writing is a lonely profession. I love being able to put my writing on pause and hop onto Twitter to see what everyone’s talking about. Or check in with my Facebook author page and see what crazy captions people came up with for a photo I posted. This is FUN for me.

Sure, it takes time. Everything worthwhile does. Sure, there are times when I surface from Facebook and wonder where the last two hours went. But how else would I be able to connect so easily with readers, or other authors? It’s expensive and time-consuming to leave Alaska for conferences or book signings. Of course I do that too, but not as much as other authors – I just can’t. But I can log onto Facebook and chat about the latest sexy fireman photo someone posted on my wall. I can cruise my friends’ timelines and find out who’s reading what, who is dealing with family issues, who’s excited about the baseball playoffs. With social media, this incredibly fun, vibrant community exists right at my fingertips. My life would be much sadder and lonelier without it.

For me, social media is more about connection and conversation than about promotion. But since I have a book out right now, I should mention that The Night Belongs to Fireman is now available at most major retailers of books and ebooks, Reviewers are using words like “delightful,” “steamy,” “witty,” and “irresistible.” You can read the first chapter here.

Are you on social media? What’s your favorite place to hang out online? Do you find it too distracting, or worth the distraction?




The Night Belongs to FiremanDaring . . . Sexy . . . Irresistible . . .
They’re the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel

When fireman Fred Breen rescues a bachelorette party after a construction crane collapses onto their limo, the media labels him the “Bachelor Hero.” But all Fred can think about is the petite brunette with the sexy mane of dark curls who bolted away from him faster than a wildfire after he carried her to safety. And when he discovers she’s none other than Rachel Kessler, the daughter of a tech billionaire, the girl whose kidnapping riveted the nation, he intends to learn every intimate detail about this intriguing woman who sets his pulse on fire.

Rachel can’t deny the lean-muscled firefighter is smokin’ hot. But after having one too many drinks at the bar where she first meets him, Rachel knows she’s made a fool of herself. Yet when he rescues her from the limo, she feels safe for the first time since she was held for ransom as a child. Then her overprotective father insists Fred be her bodyguard—and his close presence kindles a burning desire that only he can extinguish.

THE NIGHT BELONGS TO FIREMAN has been getting great reviews.

“Sexy fireman hero saves the heiress who has everything and nothing—what’s not to like? Smart, fun and engaging. … Bernard ends her Bachelor Firemen series with a fast-paced, witty read.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Bernard’s Bachelor Firemen series always provides a steamy, irresistible reading experience, and this sixth entry is full of such lighthearted humor that fans and newcomers alike will be thoroughly delighted.” 4 1/2 stars
RT Book Reviews

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Avon, Paperback (September 2014), ISBN-13: 978-0062273697


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I’m Jennifer Bernard, USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance starring the smokin’ hot, heroic Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel. I live in Homer, Alaska, when I’m not living in Hawaii and/or wishing I lived in Hawaii. What’s life like on the edge of the wilderness? Something between Zen and a meltdown, depending on the day.




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