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MBA&M: Please tell our readers a little about Catherine Bybee?
A little? Oh, dear, I have such a hard time saying only a little.
I’m a wife and a mother of not one but two teenage sons. One who just started driving on his own.
I could go on and on about that wonderful experience. I’m a writer and in my former career I was
a RN who spent her life working in urban Emergency Rooms.
MBA&M: What was the inspiration behind “Married By Monday” and “The Weekday Brides” series?
I love rich heros and weddings. I enjoy heroines who have needs but who aren’t needy.
Wife by Wednesday sparked a Cinderella story complete with a Duke. When I sat down to write
Eliza and Carter’s story, I wanted dive deeper into the characters I’d created in Wife.
And now I have a couple more stories spinning in my head to continue the series.
MBA&M: How many stories will be in “The Weekday Brides” series?
I have three planned, but I am edging toward a forth.
MBA&M: We usually hear a lot about the main characters, let’s talk about the secondary characters
for a few minutes. Name a secondary character in “Married By Monday’ and tell us a little
about them?
Oh, that’s easy. Gwen is Blake’s sister. She’s the daughter of a Duke who is trying to find
independence in America. She takes on a job working with Eliza (Married by Monday’s heroine) and discovers
she enjoys it. And then there is Neil…Blake’s bodyguard. Big, burly and exactly the opposite of everything Gwen has
ever touched. (Can you see the building of book three in the series?)
MBA&M: What are some of the things that influence you while you are writing?
Daily life. So many stores are being told around us that if a writer can pay attention they’ll have
fodder for years. Everyone has parents… A past… Something that makes them get up in the morning.
I like to create life in my characters with these things in mind.
MBA&M: Who are some of the authors who you feel influenced your writing?
I think each and every author I’ve ever read influence in one way or another. I love how Nora Roberts
can write everyday heros…or those with power. Paranormal authors build worlds and contemporary authors
like Susan Elizabeth Phillips do the same in a contemporary setting.
MBA&M: Have you always wanted to be an author,if you where not an author what you your chosen field be and why?
Like I said earlier, I worked in the ER for years. I love working with people and even enjoyed the
adrenalin rush of the environment. But for years as a kid I wanted to be an actress. I had many roles in
school plays and even spent the first year in college pursuing that profession. However, waiting tables is how most
actors make money. And I wasn’t willing to do that forever.
MBA&M: If you could step into any book,not just one of yours, what book would it be and
I would probably step into one of my time travel books. Mainly because my time travelers aren’t “stuck” in a certain time.
I’d love the freedom to travel to any time I’d like.
MBA&M: Please tell us where to find “Married by Monday” and where readers can find you?
You can find Married by Monday at
Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.
You can order a print copy of the book at Amazon or Barnes & Noble as well.
As for where to find me…I’m all over the net. I’m on twitter @catherinebybee
Facebook under Catherine Bybee
and of course my website,
Catherine, do you have anything else you would like to add?
Sure. I’ll be signing two of my self published books at the literacy signing at Nationals later this month. So please,
dear readers, stop by and say hi. I love talking to writers and readers and encourage everyone to
friend me,  follow me, and chat often.
Thank you again for having me today.
Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend time with us and our readers today!

Paperback:294 pages

Publisher:Catherine Bybee (May 23, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-0985088835

Book Description(from Amazon)

Publication Date: May 25, 2012
Carter Billings: Sandy blond hair and Hollywood good looks, Carter Billings could have any woman he wants. However, when he makes his bid for the Governor’s seat in the state of California, he needs to settle down and become a family man. Eliza, the woman he secretly adores, embodies the perfect amount of spice and passion to suit his marital needs, but she’s not interested in becoming Mrs. Billings. She can’t even stand to be in the same room with him.
Eliza Havens: It’s much easier to drive Carter away than to give into desire. Matching couples is how she earns a living, but getting married isn’t an option. The secrets she carries are too dangerous to entangle anyone else. When her hidden identity and past threaten her future, she’s left with little choice. Carter is quick to offer solutions to both their problems, but saying yes could mean endangering the man she’s growing to love.
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  1. This series sounds fantastic. Can't wait to see what happens with Gwen and Blake. Working in the ER, you must have gotten a lot of story ideas. Thanks for the great interview.

  2. Great interview. I just love wedding stories. What can I say, I'm a romantic at heart.

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