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 Pleasuring the Lady


MBA&M: Good morning Jess, and welcome back to MBA&M. Please tell those readers who may no know you a little about yourself, your writing career and such?
Thanks so much for having me again! I am Jess Michaels and I write erotic historical romance set in the Regency era. I’ve published or contracted to publish nearly 50 books under 3 names since I sold my first book in 2013 to Red Sage Publishing and I’m coming up on my 20th book as Jess Michaels. I’ve been a bestseller and award winner. I’ve written for Red Sage, Avon and now I write for Samhain Publishing, which is an awesome place. My current series is The Pleasure Wars, which started with TAKEN BY THE DUKE in July and continues with the November 19 release of PLEASURING THE LADY. The third book is BEAUTY AND THE EARL on April 15.


MBA&M: What do you believe endears readers to the Historical Romance genre?
I know I love the fact that historical romance is removed from today. No one has a cell phone or email. It’s fun to read about the past (and write about it) and deal with the very unique consequences that a hero and heroine have to deal with. Especially in my very sexy books. Plus the clothing, the carriages, the titles, it’s all like a fairytale.


MBA&M: What was your inspiration behind reading the “Pleasure Wars” series?
I really wanted to write a kidnapping plot and something Romeo and Juliet like, so the Pleasure Wars offered me the opportunity to write both in TAKEN BY THE DUKE. But there is also a lot of fall out from the “war between the families” that I set up in that book and I wanted to explore how that kind of environment would affect their friends and each other. There was so much to play with and I loved writing both PLEASURING THE LADY and BEAUTY AND THE EARL.


MBA&M: What makes writing about wallflowers such an intriguing concept for Historical Romance readers?
I think readers and writers enjoy Wallflowers is that they’re all Cinderella stories in a way. A woman no one ever noticed or was interested in suddenly catching the notice of some kind of popular amazing man? Who doesn’t like that fantasy?


MBA&M: What was your hardest scene to write in “Pleasuring the Lady” and why?
I don’t know if any scene was particularly hard that I remember. Any time I’m writing a book, it’s all about trying to have the characters act in a believable way and develop their relationship so it feels real. That’s always a challenge.


MBA&M: Which character was your favorite to write?Why?
While Miles is a favorite since he was featured in An Introduction to Pleasure over a year ago, but I think Portia is just a fun character. Developing her from a shy wallflower to a woman willing to fight for what she wants was a really cool journey to write.


MBA&M: What one word that best describes the following leading ladies in your “Pleasure Wars” series?

Lady Ava Windbury – Strong
Lady Portia – Uncertain
Violet Milford – Cunning

MBA&M: You probably get this question alot, but here it is: How hard is it to write the erotic sensual scenes?
I don’t find it difficult. I think erotic scenes are really important, they drive the story and should be developing character, plot and emotion just like any scene. So they’ve never been something I dread.


MBA&M: What is next for the “Pleasure Wars” series?
The final book in the series, BEAUTY AND THE EARL, which is Liam’s story, will be out April 15. And I just finished another secret project that is related to the series that I’ll be talking about more as BATE gets closer to release. 🙂


MBA&M: Have you ever been swished away by your hero, give us details, please? Not to much details though.
I fall in love with every hero. I couldn’t really pick a favorite. I spend months with them, developing them and writing their stories, so I couldn’t help but be attached to them.


MBA&M: What did you do to celebrate the release of Book 2, in the “Pleasure Wars” series, “Pleasuring the Lady”?
Release day is always hectic, I have a lot to do to make sure the words gets out to readers and interact as people have questions. But I did got to lunch with Vicki Lewis Thompson and her daughter since Vicki had a book out on the same day. I also went to dinner with my husband. It’s a very stressful time for an author, so I tend to “celebrate” more when I finish a book than when it comes out.


MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to connect & Socialize with you and where they may purchase “Pleasuring the Lady”?
I’m really active on social media, so you can find me at my website – I really encourage readers to join my monthly newsletter since they get the most updated info AND I do a contest with my newsletter subscribers every month with big prizes. Additionally, I am on Facebook and Twitter as well as Goodreads, Pinterest, etc. I try to interact as much as I can and I love meeting my readers!


Thank you so much,Jess,for spending time with us and our readers today!


Pleasuring the Lady synopsis:

Her mother’s madness and her father’s and brother’s irresponsibility have relegated Lady Portia to the life of a wallflower. The only shining light in her life is her best friend, Ava, who is suffering a rift with her own brother. Portia’s quest to help takes her to the notorious Donville Masquerade in the hells, where—behind the safety of a mask—she witnesses shocking public acts of sin. And succumbs to the touch of Marquis Miles Weatherfield.

Unfortunately, they’re discovered. And now, tainted by scandal, she and Miles are destined for a marriage neither of them want. But Portia makes a bargain that raises even Miles’s eyebrows. In return for saving her mother from the asylum, Portia will do anything Miles wants in bed. Shocked by his driving desire for Portia, Miles agrees. As they explore every wicked desire, every forbidden act that pleases them, they discover something that goes far deeper than flesh. But the lies that brought them together could be the very wedge that drives them apart.

  • Print Length: 225 pages
  • Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (November 19, 2013)
  • Language: English


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