Jodi Thomas: Ransom Canyon!

RANSOM CANYON book cover

In the new series I’m writing, RANSOM CANYON, I blended the beauty of the canyons of West Texas into my stories.  Once, when flying into Amarillo, the lady next to me looked out at the flat land and said, “Why would anyone want to live in Texas?  I just smiled wishing she could see the beauty of it like I did.  The red mud of the Red River, the sunsets that run on forever, the ribbons of layers of the earth dancing along the canyons.  In this series, I invite the world into my world.


I knew I had to open RANSOM CANYON with Staten Kirkland.  He is a well-respected rancher who believes he needs to work harder than any hand he hires. He’s strong and honest and broken inside by the death of his only love, his wife.  When his son is killed during a storm a few years later, Staten runs to a quiet woman who has been his friend since grade school and his wife’s best friend.  Shy Quinn asks nothing up him.  She offers understanding amid the storm of his life.  Their friendship develops into a gentle, loving affair that grows to rock both them with its depth.  Staten will have to learn to love again and Quinn will have to open up to someone.


Ransom Canyon is about the beauty of people and how they interact with one another as friends, families and lovers.  And, of course, the winners in life’s game are the people who love the deepest. So, pull on your boots and step into a town you’ll enjoy filled with people you’ll consider family before the series is over.


Jodi Thomas


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