I just wanted to let all our readers and fans know what’s going on. My mom, AprilR, is going to need back surgery in September. She’s not happy about it, but has no choice. She either deals with the pain she has or has the surgery to try to help relieve some of the pain. She had spinal fusion about 5yrs ago, and now above that needs to fixed. She has a disc that is out and pushing on a nerve and causing her a lot pain.Now I’m really simplifying what’s going she’d go into detail about disc it is and such. But she can’t sit up for any length of time. She hates not being here and I’m trying to find the posts that are meant to go up and getting them done but please bare with us. Please if you pray, offer some for my mom, AprilR. If you don’t please send good thoughts her way.


Thanks everyone!

WendyK and the family at MBA