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Win a Mini iPad & More with Love in Disguise!


Have you bought a copy of the Love in Disguise boxed set? Want a chance to win a Mini iPad and some sweet treats from me once we make our goal of being in the top 50 on Amazon and top 10 on B&N? Enter the rafflecopter below!

As a SPECIAL thank you…I’m going to be giving away some sweet treats – but you MUST let me know you’ve entered by filling out the contact form  below (this rafflecopter is for the Mini iPad).

To help you, below is a post you can share on Facebook and some tweets! Once you’ve done that – make sure you grab those points on the rafflecopter!

Facebook Post to share: Secrets. Masks. Mistaken identity. 7 books by 7 authors for only 99cents!

Tweets to share:
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(see how easy that was!)

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Follow this link to the author’s website for the rafflecofter to win an mini IPAD!!





Thanks everyone!! Now go forth and tweet,facebook and