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The Magic of Writing Paranormal Thrillers




If reading is an escape from our ordinary lives, then Paranormals offer the most magical escape possible, to exotic otherworlds where time and the rules of reality break down and anything can and does happen. They transport us to strange lands fraught with perilous situations and terrifying monsters we vicariously vanquish.



We find modern Paranormals and urban fantasies all the more enthralling because they present worlds based on our own familiar realities, with a twist.That makes them more believable, more real for being grounded in our own world.



Along with the thrills, Paranormals appeal to us on a deeper level by staging our dilemmas and moral quandaries in an otherworldly context, where we can see them more clearly.We gain insight into human problem-solving by experiencing the symbolic playing out of our own tribulations.



These novels also typically feature strong heroines.Protagonists are often witches or women with similar magical abilities, and witchcraft has always been a potent metaphor for the power of women.It’s basic and elemental, as witchcraft seeks to command the forces of nature, a symbolic control over our reality and our lives.



While these journeys are magical excursions into the unknown for readers, they are even more exciting for the writers!We fully immerse ourselves in our wildest imaginings and wish fulfillment.We rehearse our own life struggles in a situation removed from reality—much more fun than sitting around agonizing about how to deal with that troublesome coworker or pay for that plumbing project we’ve been putting off. We get into flow and explore these curious supernatural dimensions as we create them.



And if the reader has half as much fun as the author, then she’s had quite a joy ride. Providing that entertainment and respite from reality for others makes all the hard work of world-building more rewarding than any other undertaking I can imagine!

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Bestselling witchcraft author Trish Sinclair has a shameful secret: she’s a lousy spellcaster, and the spells in her books belong to others. So when a dying warlock entrusts her with an ancient and powerful grimoire, she runs for her life from his murderer, psychotic witch Kate Cavanaugh. Kate pursues Trish relentlessly to obtain the grimoire, which holds spells to command the fearsome power of a magic crystal hidden in town—and Kate is determined to have that power.

When the town coven refuses to help Trish protect the grimoire, she is forced to turn to cynical warlock Aidan McCarthy, who has a secret agenda of his own, and Rain Devereaux, a novice witch whose spellcasting abilities are even worse than Trish’s.  As Kate unleashes the elemental might of tornados and ice storms on the trio, they desperately struggle to defeat her.

But Kate is too powerful, and she manages to steal the grimoire and unearth the crystal. Trish knows Kate will use the stone’s power to exact her deadly revenge on Aidan and the town coven unless Trish can manifest her latent magical abilities to save them.

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Mark All is the author of paranormal thrillers The Spellcaster’s Grimoire and Mystic Witch, published by ImaJinn Books in trade paperback and eBook formats.  He has won two international writing awards and contributed to Computer Legends, Lies & Lore.


Mystic Witch received a 5 Star review from the Paranormal Romance Guild, and 3½ stars (out of 4½ possible stars) from RT Book Reviews.


Mark is a full-time author after a career as an instructional systems designer at a Fortune 16 company. Prior to his work in computer-based training, he held jobs ranging from gravedigger to FM radio announcer to professional rock guitarist.


Mark presents writing workshops and taught his “Planning Your Novel” course at the Spruill Center for the Arts.


He earned a Masters degree in computer-based education and a Bachelor of Music cum laude.


You can visit Mark All’s website at www.MarkAllAuthor.com.


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