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  2. The hearts of countless new fans. Susan grew up in southern California, moved so many times that her friends stopped writing her address in pen, and now has settled in Seattle with her husband and the most delightfully spoiled little dog who ever lived.

  3. Subject Line: Marching Band and the Expanding Universe

    Hi there,
    I hope you’re doing well. I was wondering if you ever played in the marching band or knew someone that played in a marching band? We’ve got a new book coming out called Marching Band and the Expanding Universe by one of our favorite authors: Markus Almond.

    I was hoping maybe you’d be able to check out the book? It’s really a great one. (Similar to The Perks of Being a Wallflower or The Fault In Our Stars).

    Marching Band and the Expanding Universe synopsis:
    "Joey Kimbel is a shy, red headed musician just starting high school. When he joins the marching band as the new snare drum player, he finds himself battling bullies and jocks and falling for the one girl he’s not supposed to love – color guard girl, Alhena Almasi. Now, with a band of misfits and skater punks, Joey struggles to survive high school, find his own path and be with the only girl that matters in his universe."

    Would you be interested in reviewing something like this? Also, just to give some more information about the book, the main character comes from a Christian family and falls in love with a Muslim girl (so there are subtle themes about religion). This really shakes both characters and makes them question everything. The book also deals first hand with bullying in our school system. Although the characters are “young adults” there are some profanities and sexual content.

    Brooklyn To Mars Books will be releasing this novel in stores early next year. I have a handful of ARCs left but I’d also love to send you an epub or mobi file if you might be free to review it.

    Thanks so much for your time. I hope you’re well.

    Paul Doughtery
    (217) 621-5919

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