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So without further ado, let’s give Ellie MacDonald a bit MBA&M welcome!!!



MBA&M: Welcome to My Book Addiction and More today, Ellie!! Please tell our readers who may not know you a little about Ellie Macdonald?

ELLIE: Hi! Thanks for having me! Hm, how to make this answer not sound like a dating ad? I’m a brand new author, writing Historical Romance set in the Regency era. I am a proud Canadian and hope to be entertaining readers for many years yet.

MBA&M: What was your inspiration behind writing Historical Romance, especially your Governess themed series?

ELLIE: Historical Romance has always appealed to me as a reader, so when I began writing several years ago, it was only natural that I write it as well. As for the Governess series, I got the idea from call for authors put out by Avon Romance. The topic was called The Governess Club and from there the plot evolved into four young ladies who happened to be governesses in the same area and become friends, eventually forming The Governess Club as a means to achieve independence.

CLAIRE 9780062292179-1
MBA&M: Which of your characters in the “The Governess Club” series, so far, was your favorite to write and why? Which one the most difficult?

ELLIE: Bonnie was my favorite character to write so far as I think she is the most like me. She definitely has her sarcastic moments, which my family and friends would say fits me to a tee. As for the most difficult, it will have to be the third story, Sara, which I am working on now. Her character is quite meek and anxious, to the point of being weak. This is so contrary to who I am as a person and what I look for in female heroines that it has been quite difficult to get into her head. Even though I know she’s going to end the book being stronger doesn’t make it easier.

BONNIE 9780062292247-1MBA&M: I know you already have two out in this series, THE GOVERNESS CLUB: Claire and THE GOVERNESS CLUB: BONNIE, if you can reveal to us, how many will be in this series, and who may we see upcoming up next?

ELLIE: There will be four in total. Sara’s story is the third and Louisa is the fourth.

MBA&M: Now, what was the most difficult scene for you write? Why?

ELLIE: That would be the scene in Bonnie’s story where Stephen is confronting the murderer. I’m not a murder mystery writer, so trying to make it convincing was a challenge.

MBA&M: How would you describe this series in three to five words?

ELLIE: Sexy schoolroom antics!

MBA&M: Who is your strongest supporter and why?

ELLIE: That would have to be my family. They have all been pretty excited about this. I also have a very close friend, who is also my writing partner, has been with me every step of the way and is always good for an excited hug and smile.

MBA&M: Now let’s talk a bit about yourself, what is your favorite time of day, your Favorite foods, and your favorite music? Oh yes, who is your favorite all-time author (not to put you on the spot or anything)?

Favorite time of day: evening

Favorite food: anything pasta.

Favorite music: rock alternative, female folk, anything where I appreciate the lyrics.

Favorite author: can’t limit it to one, so Mary Balogh, Julia Quinn, Grace Burrows and Eloisa James are the top ones.

MBA&M: Last but not least, please tell our readers where or how they may connect with you if they so decide and where they may purchase your “The Governess Club” titles?

My website is www.elliemacdonald.com. My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/EllieMacdonaldAuthor and Twitter is @elliemacdauthor


Thanks for having me!

You are so welcome!! Thanks for spending your Saturday with us and our readers. I love this series, such spunky and dedicated heroines with their Alpha hero!!


CLAIRE 9780062292179-1

Book #1 of The Governess Club series:

Claire Bannister just wants to be a good teacher so that she and the other
ladies of the Governess Club can make enough money to leave their jobs and start
their own school in the country. But when the new sinfully handsome and utterly
distracting tutor arrives, Claire finds herself caught up in a whirlwind romance
that could change the course of her future.
Jacob Knightly has a secret.  He is actually the notorious Earl of Rimmel. He’s just posing as a tutor to  escape his reputation in the city. He never expected to fall in love with the  kind and beautiful governess. She is the first person to love him for himself  and not his title.
But when Jacob’s true identity is revealed, Claire  realizes she has risked her reputation and her heart on a man she doesn’t truly  know. Will Jacob be able to convince her that the Wild Earl has been tamed and  that she is the true countess of his heart?

  • Series: The Governess Club
  • Mass Market Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Avon Impulse (September 17, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0062292218
  • ISBN-13: 978-0062292216

Available now for download!
Kindles: amazon.ca  amazon.com amazon.co.uk
Nook: barnesandnoble.com


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BONNIE 9780062292247-1Book #2 of The Governess Club series:

Miss Bonnie Hodges, governess to  the Darrow family, is desperately trying to hold it together. Tragedy has  struck, and she is the sole person left to be strong for the two little boys in  her care. When the new guardian arrives, she hopes that things will get better.  She wasn’t expecting her new employer to be the most frustrating, overbearing, and…handsome man she’s ever seen.
Sir Stephen Montgomery is utterly distracted. He should be trying to figure out how his two best friends were  killed in a suspicious accident and why the new young viscount seems destined to be the next victim. But he can’t concentrate on anything but his growing infatuation with the beautiful, mysterious, and utterly captivating
Together they’re doing their best to save the two boys, but
will Stephen’s feelings for Bonnie get in the way of their search for a

Available now for download!
Kindles: amazon.ca  amazon.com  amazon.co.uk
Nook: barnesandnoble.com


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A bit about the author:

Ellie Macdonald has held several jobs beginning with the letter T: taxi driver, telemarketer, and, most recently, teacher. She is thankful her interests have shifted to writing instead of taxidermy or tornado chasing. Having traveled to five different continents, she has swum with elephants, scuba dived through coral mazes, visited a leper colony, and climbed waterfalls and windmills, but her favorite place remains Regency England. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada. The Governess Club series is her first published work.

www.elliemacdonald.com. My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/EllieMacdonaldAuthor and Twitter is @elliemacdauthor



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