Meet Our Team

Welcome to My Book Addiction and more! We would like to take a few moments and introduce you to our team.

First we have co-owner, WendyK. Wendy is a wife, mother, daughter, reviewer and assistant to best-selling authors, Diane Capri, Jennifer Bernard and Lisa Marie Rice. Wendy has been reviewing for over 17yrs having started out reviewing with another site,,  and learning a lot from that site’s owner, Livia Holton. Wendy loves reading romances, especially anything Scottish or Historical. Wendy is a mood reader and tries to read where her mood takes her. “My Book Addiction started well, probably when I was a child, I can remember having 7/8 books beside the bed to read at night before falling asleep. I’ve always loved to read.” WendyK also works with a site for authors, that provides covers, editing, author assistance and more.




sassyNext up we have co-owner, AprilR.

My name is AprilR, I am a mother,sister,aunt,and grandmother of 4 beautiful,lively grands,three boys and one girl. Who ages range from 11 years old to 3 years old. I am retired/disabled nurse of 21 years who had to retired due to three back surgeries.

I love to read. I read a variety of genres. My favorite,however, is historical romance/fiction. There is something about a good Medieval,Regency,Western, or Victorian story. Those Highlanders are just plain awesome. Although, you can’t beat a good English, American, or Victorian gentlemen and their bad ladies. Book-22

My next favorite is romantic suspense.



Now please meet KellyR.

Hello everyone, I am very proud to be My Book Addiction and More’s Review Editor and New Reviewer Coordinator
My book addiction started when I was in my 20′s and has been going strong ever since. Winter is the best time for me as it is hibernation time. I used to review at a different site but due to family commitments I had to step down.

I love to read mysteries, thrillers, romantic suspense and psychological thrillers. Recently I have started reading paranormal and have been intrigued!

Looking forward to meeting everyone in cyberworld!


Now Please meet Mo:

Monique here.  Geek. Voracious romance, fantasy, and sci fi reader.  Star Trek fanatic.  Gadget Girl.  Did I mention reading in there somewhere?


Would you like to be part of our team? Please contact AprilR at tarenn98 at

51 Replies to “Meet Our Team”

  1. Just wanted to drop by to thank you gals for giving Gothic Spring such a lovely reception. Always great to make new friends.

  2. Hi, I am so sorry to bother you, and I apologize especially for leaving this comment at a difficult time for you. So whenever you have the time, then, I would be ever so grateful if you could see if it is possible to do anything about the comment I posted on your sister site, which I reproduce below:

    Review posted on 12 July 2012 by Raco 774 and reviewed by Rae:
    Rae, thank you so much for reviewing my book, and I am very grateful to you. I apologise for not thanking you sooner as I was not aware the review was published. So sorry. You have already done enough for me, Rae, but if you do post reviews on Amazon and Smashwords, you will be helping me a great deal by posting this one. The link is I will, of course, be following your blog from now on.
    Thank you for your very kind help. It would really help me a lot. And I sincerely hope that that there is good news about AprilR. My prayers are with you.

  3. Rae,
    Thanks for your thoughtful and appreciative 11/4/12 review of my book, "The Crystal Point of the MOG POGs." I've e-published the trilogy's second novel, "The Treasure of the Carpathian Den," and am completing the third novel, "Beyond the Temple of the Great Serpent." If you'd like to review "Carpathian" please let me know, and I'll send you a copy. Thanks again.
    Don Cambou

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