A Lady without a Lord

(Book 3 in The Penningtons series)







A viscount convinced he’s a failure
For years, Theodosius Pennington has tried to forget his myriad shortcomings by indulging in wine, women, and witty bonhomie. But now that he’s inherited the title of Viscount Saybrook, it’s time to stop ignoring his responsibilities. Finding the perfect husband for his headstrong younger sister seems a good first step. Until, that is, his sister’s dowry goes missing . . .
A lady determined to succeed
Harriot Atherton has a secret: it is she, not her steward father, who maintains the Saybrook account books. But Harry’s precarious balancing act begins to totter when the irresponsible new viscount unexpectedly returns to Lincolnshire, the painfully awkward boy of her childhood now a charming yet vulnerable man. Unfortunately, Theo is also claiming financial malfeasance. Can her father’s wandering wits be responsible for the lost funds? Or is she?

As unlikely attraction flairs between dutiful Harry and playful Theo, each learns there is far more to the other than devoted daughter and happy-go-lucky lord. But if Harry succeeds at protecting her father, discovering the missing money, and keeping all her secrets, will she be in danger of failing at something equally important—finding love?

Available 2/14/17

Praise for A Lady without a Lord:

“Theo and Harry are likeable, attractive and fully-rounded characters whose flaws and insecurities make them seem that much more real.  Theo is completely adorable; a loveable rogue who has spent so long believing himself to be the idiot his father kept insisting he was that he fails to see that his intelligence is of a completely different, yet equally valid kind, and that he is gifted in other ways.” —All About Romance


About the author….

Bliss Bennet writes smart, edgy novels for readers who love history as much as they love romance. Despite being born and bred in New England, Bliss finds herself fascinated by the history of that country across the pond, particular the politically volatile period known as the English Regency. Though she’s visited England several times, Bliss continues to make her home in New England, along with her husband, daughter, and two monstrously fluffy black cats.

Her historical romance series, The Penningtons, includes A REBEL WITHOUT A ROGUE, A MAN WITH A MISTRESS, and A LADY WITHOUT A LORD.

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A LADY WITHOUT A LORD by Bliss Bennet is a delightful Regency Romance. Book  in the “Penningtons”, series, but can be read as a stand alone. However, readers may find they would enjoy learning more of the Penningtons, by reading Book 1, “A Lady Without a Rogue” and Book 2, ” A Man Without a Mistress”, however, not necessary to thoroughly enjoy ” A Lady Without a Lord”. Set against the backdrop of Lincolnshire, England.

Theophilius Pennington, a Viscount, with a learning disability, who thinks he’s undeserving and convinced he’s a failure. Harriot Atherton she is the one, not her steward father, who maintains the Saybrook account books. What a secret! Theo is dutiful, but irresponsible and Harry  is the dutiful daughter and very playful. When, Theo learns his sister’s dowry has disappeared, he travels to Lincolnshire to learn who is the culprit. Could it possibly be his childhood friend, Harry, or her father’s diminishing wits.

Steady paced, adventure filled, with engaging characters, and a well thought out storyline. I thoroughly enjoyed watching playful Harry and the vulnerable Theo  comes to terms with their growing attraction. There was so much more to this couple than the happy-go-lucky Viscount  and the devoted daughter. Will they find there HEA, and true love, or will  all be lost to Harry’s secret, finding the real culprit, and the missing money?

An enjoyable and satisfying read! Strongly recommended for fans of Regency Romance, were the hero has a learning disability and the power of love, healing and the strength of family. I was very intrigued and am looking forward to what’s next.  I had no complaints on this fantastic read! I enjoyed Theo and Harry’s story!

Ms. Bennet has written a well thought out, well balanced and extremely delightful tale of love, romance and growth. Powerful and compelling! Well done!

I received a complimentary copy.

Rating: 4.5

Heat Rating: Mild

Reviewed by: AprilR