Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s To Desire a Highlander: Release Day and Giveaway

Welfonder_To Desire a Highlander_MM[1][1]About TO DESIRE A HIGHLANDER
Proud, passionate Lady Gillian MacGuire is known as the Spitfire of the Isles. She can take care of herself and hasn’t yet met a man who could impress her . . . especially not Donell MacDonnell, the man she was promised to five years ago. She’s been dreading his return, but when her intended comes back to claim her, she’s stunned at how different he seems. The man she swore she would spurn forever now invades her thoughts, her dreams, and her heart.AN UNEXPECTED DESIRE
When Roag agrees to assume the identity of the recently deceased MacDonnell chieftain, no one warns him that the man was betrothed. As a member of the King’s Fenris Guard, he is oath-bound to embark on whatever mission the crown gives him. Of course, he was expecting a battle-not a bride. Yet after sharing one kiss with Lady Gillian, the powerful Highlander becomes the one seduced and captivated. Now giving in to temptation could ruin them both.
Sue-Ellen_Welfonder[1][1]About the Author

SueEllen Welfonder is a Scotophile whose burning wish to make frequent trips to the land of her dreams led her to a twenty-year career with the airlines.

Now a full-time writer, she’s quick to admit that she much prefers wielding a pen to pushing tea and coffee. She makes annual visits to Scotland, insisting they are a necessity, as each trip gives her inspiration for new books.

Proud of her own Hebridean ancestry, she belongs to two clan societies: the MacFie Clan Society and the Clan MacAlpine Society. In addition to Scotland, her greatest passions are medieval history, the paranormal, and dogs. She never watches television, loves haggis, and writes at a 450-year-old desk that once stood in a Bavarian castle.

SueEllen is married and currently resides with her husband and Jack Russell terrier in Florida.

Q&A Time

Q:  How many books will be in this new series?

SEW:  Once Upon a Highland Christmas (novella), To Love a

Highlander, and To Desire a Highlander.

Q:  How do you spend your spare time?

SEW:  I love animals and nature, and enjoy getting out in the

natural world as often as possible.  Doing so clears my mind and

relieves stress.  So I take daily walks, cycle often, and make sure

every day includes ‘nature breaks.’  I’m an Audubon Society

volunteer and really love ‘giving back’ to nature by helping the

local shorebirds.  A lot of my time this spring and summer was

devoted to monitoring and helping to safeguard a colony of

protected seabirds through their mating, nesting, and hatching

season. I enjoy reading and am a total yoga enthusiast, practicing

daily.  I also spend plenty of quality time with my ex-feral cat,


Q:  How does the use of Scottish mythology, Folklore and legends

come to fruition in your tales?

SEW:  Scotland, like all Celtic lands, is rich in legend, lore, and

myth.  The medieval period, in particular, was a time when folk

really did believe in magical stones, sacred wells, mythical beasts,

the evil eye, miracle cures, ghosts, and all manner of other

fantastical things.  Toss in the Norse influence, and you have a

whole new layer of wondrous elements.  Yes, there was

Christianity, but scratch the surface, and the trust in the old ways

was there, rampant and alive.  

To this day, it is hard to find a stone in Scotland that doesn’t have a

history – some amazing tale attached to it.  For a writer already in

love with the land and people, this cultural heritage is a great well-

spring of story ideas.  Along with the atmospheric settings I give

my books, I love weaving mystical threads into each story.  I see

them (along with the setting) as the ‘stage and foundation’ of my

books.  Take that away, leaving only dialogue and ‘action,’ the

words are only ink on the page, lacking heart, soul, and the

richness and depth I believe should go into a Scottish medieval


So this is a very important part of my writing.  To leave it out

would be (to me) to ignore a very colorful and fascinating part of

Scotland’s past.  

Q:  Who was the author who was most influential in your writing


SEW:  Becky Lee Weyrich, the Time Travel Queen of the 80s.  

She was a personal friend, and back in my flying days, I’d send her

long letters detailing my travel adventures in far-flung corners of

the globe.  She would tell me that reading my letters made her feel

as if she’d been along with me during my trips.  Eventually she

also told me she felt I should be writing books.  I wasn’t interested

at all – flying was my dream job and I loved being a stewardess.  

But Becky kept after me and I finally caved and wrote a book.  I

did so, more or less, to get Becky to stop bugging me.  When Devil

in a Kilt sold, I was astonished.  And so I sort of slid into a career I

never really sought.   

Q)  What genre do you read for pleasure?

SEW:  Lots, but to choose a fiction fave: cozy mysteries.

Let’s play a Game…

Fruit? Apple, grapes or orange

SEW:  Apple  (eat at least one daily)

Reading? Fiction or non-fiction

SEW:  Non-fiction (if I have to choose, I LOVE research books)

Movie? Braveheart or Highlander

SEW:  Braveheart (though the inaccuracies drive me nuts)

Snacks? Popcorn  or chips

SEW:  Chips  (I am a potato zealot)

Chocolate?  Light or dark

SEW:  Light (milk chocolate)

Where do you see yourself in 10years?

SEW:   Hopefully in a place of less stress and worry – the last few

years have been difficult.  I would love to do more volunteer work

– for needy animals and nature/the environment.

Anything you’d like our readers to know about this book that might

surprise them?

SEW:  This book is a milestone book for me on many levels.  A

personal one is that it is the first book I have completed without

my beloved Jack Russell terrier, Em, sharing my desk chair.  He

was my constant companion throughout the writing of all my

books, but I lost him during the writing of this one.  He was my

muse – he’d either curl on my lap, or sprawl across the chair seat

behind me, pushing at me with his little legs until I’d be perched

on less than an inch of the chair.  I would keep on writing, not

having the heart to disturb him as he snored away behind me.  I am

still grieving his loss.

Thank you Sue-Ellen for being our guest today. For those who know me, (WendyK), they know that I simply adore Scottish romances (historical or contemporary), but what you might not know is that I’ve read Sue-Ellen since that first book, DEVIL IN A KILT. The world of publishing is changing and has changed a lot from Sue-Ellen’s first book, but I can always count on Sue-Ellen to give me many hours of joy, time away from the reality of life, characters I’ll adore and stories I’ll fall in love with. If you are new to Sue-Ellen, I suggest you be prepared once you find her books you’ll want them all! If you are an old friend who like me has read them all, then sit back and enjoy. Either way there’s a treat to be had.
Thank you again Sue-Ellen for being our guest today! We are honored to have you here and to count you among our Friends.
scottish saying
This giveaway is from My Book Addiction and more! We are offering up one e-copy of any previous title from Sue-Ellen Welfonder. We will have ONE winner who will get one ebook from Sue-Ellen Welfonder, all titles are available except To Desire a Highlander. Giveaway is open anywhere I can gift an ebook. To win just comment below, you may ask Sue-Ellen a question, tell us your favorite thing about reading romance or Scotland, or just say Hi. We’d love it if you share the post but honestly just comment and you’re entered to win.
Winner will be picked September 1st!
Good Luck and enjoy!

22 Replies to “Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s To Desire a Highlander: Release Day and Giveaway”

  1. Bless you, WendyK and April, for featuring the new book and my interview today. Yes, the business has changed so much since we all started down this crazy up and down road! You and April have been constants, always there for me. I appreciate that so much and love you both beyond words.
    Thanks again!


    1. Yes, I do, Sharon! I'm wrapping a new book as we speak! Well, today – not this moment right now, peeking in here. 😉 Love you! Thanks for looking in. XXXOOXXX

  3. I love your books, thank you for the chance to win one I haven't had the pleasure of reading yet.

    1. Thank you for the good words, Meghan! Credit for this giveaway goes to WendyK and April. They've been staunch friends and supporters since my debut title way back when. It's a great giveaway – a chance to explore a book readers may have missed. I love that. Good luck! XXXOOXXX

  4. I enjoy the brr in the language from all the lads and lassie's in the story. Sometime I slow down a little bit in the reading to go over it again to enjoy some of the phrasing. Thanks for this opportunity.

    1. Me, too! It's the soft and sexy burr and all the goodness of Highlanders and their beautiful hills that make the stories Scottish. So glad you enjoy them so much. Good luck in the drawing. XXXOOXXX

  5. Hi Sue-Ellen. Anxiously looking forward to your next book. I know it will be a heart stealer. I love it when you take me back to the time and land of our shared ancestors( we both are of Scottish ancestry). Looking forward to reading another of your books as well. Thanks for posting.

    1. Great to see you in here, Suanna. I know you love my books – and I'm honored that you do. So glad we share Scottish ancestry. It makes the books all the more special – I mean all Scottish books, not just my own, but the genre. To me, it's the best! XXXOOXXX

  6. Would love one of your books! I love to escape to a time long ago in history, it makes living in todays stressful-fast paced world a bit easier. I too understand the hole a special pet can leave in your heart at their passing, and it took me awhile to step back into owning another pet, but you owe it to yourself to have another furr-friend in your life. Especially a Jack Russell! Lots of rescues out there looking for someone to love, just think of those big brown eyes staring at you-never judging, always willing to listen & full of love….

    1. Bless you, Debbie, you're clearly a woman after my own heart. I, too, love the escape of distant times and places. It's why I read, and write. To be swept away to where I'd so rather be. You are obviously also a big animal lover. Thank you for your kind words about losing my beloved JRT, Em. I am still absolutely gutted. I take comfort in knowing he had the best life I/we could give him. He knew he was loved. How I wish they all did. You are right about rescues – they need loving homes and make the best pets. I do want another Jack (I love the breed) and will adopt a needy rescue one when I am ready. Hopefully by year's end. For now, my cat is a great comfort, but I miss having a dog. I hope the right rescue JRT will make himself (herself?) known to me. XXXOOXXX

  7. Waving at Sue-Ellen. Loved the interview. 🙂
    For those who haven't read, you really need to snatch this one up. Roag and Gillian will pull you right in to their world. The entire Scandalous Scots series is fantastic!

    1. Bless you, Leah, my champion always. Wendy and April do great interviews, I agree. Such a guest post is only as interesting as the questions asked. They always have neat ones. Makes a difference. I love being here. <3

  8. Sue-Ellen, I was wondering, which is more like you? Sue-Ellen or Allie MacKay. Since you write under both names, Which is more you? <3 Kimi Court

    1. I strongly believe and have often said: read the books, know the author. Story comes from deep within the writer. All their likes and dislikes, experiences good and bad, world views, all of it, flows into the characters. Readers close to a writer can probably see the author winking at them through the ink of every line. I know I can see authors I know in their writing. Every time. It is all there, entrenched in the story. So I have always said this: know my books (under both names) and you know me. For instance, aside from the obvious of loving Scotland, my great love of wild and remote places runs through all my stories, as does my love of rough, raw weather: cold, rain, snow, autumn and winter. My tremendous love of animals is also in there, in every book. My affinity for the old ways and my belief in magic and reincarnation, ghosts, etc. I'm a down-to-earth soul, can't stand pretension and airs, and honor is a big, big thing to me. I believe you stand by someone in good times and in the worst of times – even if doing so costs you (in any way, not just monetary) A friend should be 'in with the bricks' and never backstabbed – or have to see a supposed friend run for the hills when the road gets bumpy. And greed? 'Friends' who run off elsewhere if they think the grass is greener (more beneficial to them) to graze somewhere else… well, friends like that are not true friends. I think all those things come out in my work, under both names. But if you pinned me down… I would say Allie Mackay is more me than my Welfonder books. Though, again, so much of me is in both. Difference is that the Allie Mackay heroines are modern. Most of their adventures in Scotland are my own. The love-hate relationship with left-driving, for instance. That's all me. Nearly all the Allie Mackay stories are ripped right from my life, my time spent over there. Those heroines all have my personality, too. So if you know the Allie Mackay heroines, you know me. Ask Kathy Garuti or Leah Weller. Kathy (and others) say that my heroine most like me is the heroine in my short story Falling in Time. It's only $.99. A quick read, but that heroine is very, very much me. Falling in Time is written under my Welfonder name, but in the style of my Allie Mackay books. Here's the link if you want to read it:

  9. i did not realize until reading this interview that devil in a kilt was ur first book! It was so remarkably written that it surprises me a first book could be done so well. Thank you for sharing ur wonderful stories with us!!

    1. Yes, it was, Sonia. My first book. It was a so-called gift book, meaning very easy to write. The entire story just popped into my head when I was visiting the castle (Eilean Donan Castle in real life – Eilean Creag Castle in my books) that became the book's setting (and then the setting of my entire MacKenzie series) I was just walking around there, in the cold mist, when I 'saw' Duncan striding toward me (in my mind, I mean) and – boom! – the whole story was just there, ready to be written. Very magical when books come at you like that – it is almost as if they are channeled, as if you tap into the characters' minds, and simply transcribe what they tell you. So it's a 'magical' book. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for your kind words. XXXOOXXX

  10. Hi Sue. I'm looking forward to read your books. I have a few of them that you either gifted me through contests or that I bought or found free on Amazon. I've really loved The Taming of Mairi MacKenzie in the Highland Winds: Scrolls of Cridhe anthology. I've pre-ordered Highland Flames and I can't wait to read Winter Fire – if the stories in this new anthology are as good as those in Highland Winds, I'm in for a treat.

    1. Thank you so much for looking in here, Liette! This is a great chance to win one of my older titles. As you enjoyed The Taming of Mairi MacKenzie, you'd surely also appreciate my older Scottish medieval full-length novels. I am delighted that you loved "Taming"! I did, too, and really enjoyed writing Gare and Mairi. My Highland Flames novella, Winter Fire, is set in the same world, with crossover characters, so you'll hopefully enjoy it, too. I love our Guardian projects so much. So happy you do, too. XXXOOXXX

  11. WendyK and April ~ I'm just adding this so readers know "tartaninkblog" is me. I imagine they do, but if not… anyone not aware, Tartan Ink is a blog I once ran, together with my friend, Kathy Garuti, and prior to that with another writer. For some reason, I can't sign in to WordPress blogs to comment without the old blog 'ID' popping up. So this is me. SEW/AM

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