Claiming His Lioness (Shifter Wars) by Kerry Adrienne with ##Excerpt + #teasers

 Claiming His Lioness (Shifter Wars)

by Kerry Adrienne, arriving Sept. 3



About the book:

Former enemies align, but is it too late to protect everyone they’ve come to love?

Lara has always relished being a thorn in Mason’s paw. When she was chosen as pride Enforcer, it was easier than ever to get under the passionate shifter’s skin. But with the scent of humans in the air comes a threat she’s powerless to battle alone.

It’s time Lara unites with the one man she needs, the one man she’s secretly drawn to…as if by fate.

If there’s one thing Mason hates more than relinquishing control to a female, it’s the attraction he feels for the fiery lioness. Joining forces with Lara against an insidious enemy only makes their primal bond hotter—and the two of them stronger.

Now it’s up to them, side by side, to bring together three warring shifter clans, win the final fight and save Deep Creek.









Mason sniffed the heated air again. The scent was unique—a pungent blend of power with a whiff of weakness and a full-bodied odor of self-righteousness. His snout twitched and he bared his teeth. No mistaking it—even though it was faint and most lions wouldn’t notice.

He’d never miss it. As leader of the pride, it was his job to keep everyone safe and he took that to heart.

He padded closer to the edge of the rough stone overlook, his paws sliding in the loose rubble. After regaining his footing, he stepped nearer to the edge and scanned the valley that spread in front of him. Mysterious forests and magical glens shuddered under the assault of a strong wind that pushed through the trees and up the slant of mountainsides.

Humans had made their way into the depths of Deep Creek. These weren’t the small bands of hikers that sometimes ventured north into the wilderness of the park. No, these humans smelled of civilization and city. Grime and industrialization. Power and money.


A low growl rumbled in his throat and he panted as he strained to see into the dark forest below. No obvious signs of encroachment other than their stink. But they’d been out there recently. Maybe they still were, camouflaged by the tree canopy.

He’d find out. He swished his tail and flattened his whiskers.

Marco, where are you? His brother should’ve been at the meeting point already. He listened for his brother’s approach but heard nothing.

He was probably spending time with his bear mate, Alicia. Talk about complicated. Bears were the sworn enemy of the lions.

Mason shook his head. No matter his own feelings, he had to trust his twin brother. Alicia had saved Marco’s life and the twins would be in her debt forever. Marco more so than Mason, but then again, she was his mate.

Mates were for life and he was thankful he didn’t have one. The weight of his father’s expectations pressed on his psyche. No time for a mate.

A light breeze lifted the valley air up to his perch. Mason breathed through his mouth, sampling the pungent odor, sorting out the mixed signals from nature and human encroachment.

He bared his teeth and his heart rate sped as he tasted them. The last thing the lions needed was human trouble. Or any trouble. Recent months had been almost peaceful in Deep Creek, even though the snows had lasted long and spring had come and gone quickly. The ranger and caretaker bears had watched over the park in the winter, between naps, and they’d said nothing about unusual human behavior. And there had been no arguing or fighting.

The winter had felt like a reprieve from a never-ending war.

Now that summer spread its warm wings across Deep Creek, trouble neared again.






Marco? I need you.

He circled his position three times, then lay on the warm rock. After tucking his tail, he scanned the forest, finding no sign of anyone or anything near. Not even a squirrel or raccoon or lone hawk.

He yawned and closed his eyes. A short nap would help rejuvenate him so he could run with Marco.

With so many lives lost in the past year, including his father’s, he was most thankful that his brother had survived. Not a day went by that he didn’t thank the gods for Marco’s health.

Marco and Alicia’s union had forged a delicate truce between the bears and lions, though Mason kept the lions at the ready in case of attack. He was sure the bears did the same, but the wolves hadn’t come to tattle on battle preparations, so maybe the bears were enjoying the truce and not preparing for another war.

He and Marco were going to need the lion army sooner than he had expected.

They would sniff out what was going on with the humans and make sure they didn’t destroy the park. Get them out of the park. Their kind didn’t belong in Deep Creek.

Where was his brother?

The vast forests and mountains were large enough to support all the shifter populations, the natural wildlife, and the small hordes of tourists that came spring through fall. Those humans stayed near the park road or in the southern area of the park near Oakwood or up around Henredon. Not this far out in the wilderness.

Until now.

Humans venturing deep into this area of the woods meant trouble. With one road nearby, the area wasn’t easily accessible and then the hike in would take hours if you knew the easy path.

Getting lost was more common than an uneventful hike.

He flicked his tail to shoo away a flying insect. No matter what he tried, his mind wouldn’t shut down and relax. Marco had run across human tracks in the area and assumed it was a lost crowd of boy scouts or something, but now he knew it wasn’t an innocent incident. These humans came into the forest with intent.

Images of humans overrunning Deep Creek sent his mind spinning.

Anxiety seized him and he pushed against it.

Marco? Answer me. Mason needed him. Marco helped him take a step back and not freak out over unknown details. Figuring out what the humans wanted without engaging with them or risking blowing the shifters’ cover would be tricky.

The breeze prickled through his fur, sending the dark hairs rippling, and he blinked at the glare of sunlight off the small lake at the bottom of the valley. Shining like a silver dime, the lake lay near the highest waterfall in Deep Creek and would be a prime camping location. Rockglass Lake was a shifter hangout in the summer—mainly because they knew humans wouldn’t be poking around.

Not this season.

Mason blinked back the sunshine and stretched.

The first thing the lions needed to do was investigate where the humans had been and see if they left any clues. People were already pressed up against the boundaries of the park in some places and they’d take over more land if they were allowed. No matter that the land was federally protected.

Mason didn’t trust the human government. Max had told him stories of how the politicians could often be paid off, and whoever had the most money to bribe with won, often at the expense of everyone else.

A rustling sound in the underbrush nearby startled him and he jumped, ready to swipe at any creature who approached. His teeth bared, he knew he presented something to be afraid of.


If it was one of the humans, he’d have a difficult time letting them explain themselves.

Marco slid from the shadows as a sleek black lion, sinewy and muscled, his eyes green and piercing. Tail low, he crept closer. Mason snuffled at his brother. It was always good to see him—even when he was annoyed with him for something stupid.

Marco padded up beside Mason and scanned the valley below for a long look. He turned to Mason, his eyes widening in question and his ears pricked.




About Kerry Adrienn


TODAY bestselling author Kerry Adrienne loves history, science, music and art. She’s a mom to three daughters, many cats, and various other small animals. She loves live music and traveling most anywhere. In addition to being an author, she’s a college instructor, artist, costumer, editor and bad guitar player.



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ELIZA KNIGHT IS LIVE!!! THE HIGHLANDER’S STOLEN BRIDE☆ with #Giveaway + #Excerpt + #Review



The Highlander’s Stolen Bride is LIVE!

From USA Today Bestselling Author of the Stolen Bride Series comes a brand new and exciting family saga! For fans of Scottish historical romance, the Sutherland Legacy propels you into the Highlands with tales of daring adventure, irresistible heroes and passion!

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Title: The Highlander’s Stolen Bride

Author: Eliza Knight
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: July 31, 2018
Publisher: Knight Media, LLC
Series: The Stolen Bride
Format: Digital & Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1721677726


After a harsh betrayal, Magnus “Strath” Sutherland, Laird of Dornoch, accepts a commission from the king to squelch an English lord’s siege at the Scottish border. What better way to torment his new English enemy than to defeat his army and steal his beautiful bride? At first, Strath plans to toss the Sassenach lass into a dark cell and forget about her, but there is something about the way she defies him that he finds alluring, not to mention how very much he’d like to kiss her.Eva de Clare, youngest daughter of the Earl of Northwyck, is pledged in matrimony to a cruel lord blackmailing her family. Her salvation comes in the form of a terrifying Highlander who interrupts the ceremony. But salvation turns to horror when she’s plucked from where she stands and whisked across the Scottish border. Eva isn’t about to be made a prisoner of war, and once she sees the kindness beneath her captor’s hard exterior she decides she won’t be sent back to England to be wed either. In fact, she just might be the woman to warm the Highland warrior’s hardened heart.

Available at:




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What is the bastard up to?
Magnus “Strath” Sutherland, the Laird of Dornoch and Earl of Strathnavor, sat on his horse in the woods just beyond the perimeter of Northwyck Castle. He’d been sent south on a mission by his King, Robert the Bruce. One, to determine if the daughter of Lord Northwyck was dead as had been claimed, and also to stop a certain vile Sassenach lord from his continued raids at the border, who may or may not be holding her captive. That man was in the castle before him.
A plan to ambush Belfinch and his men on the road had been thwarted when the whoreson disappeared. Unfamiliar with the land this far past the English border, Strath and his men had found their quarry on the moors riding at a clipped pace toward this castle. This turnabout would work in their favor it seemed, since he could now take care of both of his king’s requests at once.
The keep was only about four stories high, if he had to guess, and the wall was about half that. There was a thin moat around the perimeter, and a village to the west. Smoke filtered out of a few chimneys in the village, but it was only late afternoon, so most of the peasants would likely be in the fields working. Smoke came from several chimneys in the castle keep.
From the intelligence Strath had been able to gather, this was the home of another man, the Earl of Northwyck. None of Belfinch’s men had waited outside, which meant the Earl of Northwyck was used to the men coming here, or he’d been forced. But Strath was betting on him being an ally. If that were the case, which seemed likely, it would behoove him and his men to remove all the threats.
This was war, after all. And if he let them go, they’d only continue the border raids he’d been sent to stop. Strath wasn’t about to disappoint his king. As to why the king cared about a lass, that was a question he’d have to leave unanswered, for his liege had not offered the information.
“What did ye find?” he asked when Tomaidh, his finest scout and best mate, returned.
“Two entrances that I could make out. The main gate has a wide drawbridge over the moat, still lowered from when Belfinch’s men went inside, and a postern gate that looks to be accessible only by a narrow drawbridge, but it was not lowered. The walls are guarded by a dozen men, more concentrated on the front gate with only a few at the postern. And I think one spotted me.”
“Damn.” Strath, as any warlord about to lay siege, much preferred the element of surprise.
“I was careful, but when I mounted my horse by the woods, I think my sword hilt caught the sun just when there was a break in the clouds. I heard a horn blown in the distance, which I’m guessing was the warning. I didn’t come straight here. I rode in the opposite direction and circled back through the woods in case they sent anyone out to follow me.”
“Ye did good.”
“I’m sorry, laird.”
“Dinna fash over it, Tomaidh. We’ll wait then. If they spotted ye, they’ll likely be preparing for an unwanted guest. With enough time, they will think spotting ye was nothing more than someone riding through. They will let their guard down.” Probably not all the way, but enough so he could still attack with success.
And he would succeed



Praise for the Stolen Bride series

This is a wonderful book. I really enjoyed it. The characters are colourful and the history is well written. I loved the way the heroine could take care of herself in a time when they were never expected to. I have never read this author before but I certainly will look for more of her books.”—Goodreads Reviewer on THE HIGHLANDER’S REWARD

“Ms. Knight has a gift for writing wonderful characters that pull the reader into the story. For fans of Highlander romance, this series is a must read. I highly recommend it.”—Night Owls Reviewer, The Stolen Bride Series

“The Highlander’s Reward was an awesome read. I didn’t want to leave the world that Eliza Knight had woven, even when the book was done. I just wanted to keep reading.”—Night Owls Reviewer

“If you are looking for a hot romance set against a backdrop of a fascinating time in the history of the world, you need to read this series.”—A Bookish Affair Reviewer on The Stolen Bride Series

“If you are a lover of plaid-covered warriors that make your knees feel like jelly…than this [series] is for you.”—My Not So Vacant Shelf Reviewer on The Stolen Bride Series



About Eliza Knight

Eliza Knight is an award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of over fifty sizzling historical, time-travel and contemporary romance novels. Under the name E. Knight, she pens rip-your- heart-out historical fiction. While not reading, writing or researching for her latest book, she chases after her three children. In her spare time (if there is such a thing…) she likes daydreaming, wine-tasting, traveling, hiking, staring at the stars, watching movies, shopping and visiting with family and friends. She lives atop a small mountain with her own knight in shining armor, three princesses and two very naughty puppies.

Connect with Eliza at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram


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My Thoughts 

My Highlander’s Stolen Bride by Eliza Knight us another fantastic Scottish Romance. I absolutely love men in kilts and Ms. Knight did not disappoint!! Fast paced, well crafted with charming,  strong, engaging and memorable characters. The storyline flowed seamlessly and effortlessly.  Filled with intrigue,  suspense,  mystery,  Romance,  passion and adventure with a wonderful HEA. Another must read Scottish Romance with a few surprises and twists and turns. Powerful and compelling!

“I voluntarily received a complimentary copy, however,  these are my honest opinions. I was in no way required nor compensated to write a review.”


Rating: 4. 5

Heat rating: Mild

Reviewer: AprilR



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☆CHRISTINA MCKNIGHT☆ADELINE☆one week blog tour with #Giveaway + #Excerpt + #Review

When the beast with a heart of gold tames a beauty with a wicked past.




Follow the tour and enter to #win one of 5 paperback copies of Theodora (Lady Archer’s Creed book 1)




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Title: Adeline
Series: Lady Archer’s Creed #3
Author: Christina McKnight
Genre: Historical Romance Romance
Release Date: August 29, 2017


Everything changed for Jasper Benedict, the Earl of Ailesbury, the night his family died in a tragic fire—the same fire that left him disfigured. Now, his scars have given him the name the Beast of Faversham. But when he stumbles upon a damaged carriage during a tempest, the beautiful woman inside reminds him of the man he wishes he could be: free of his past, and able to love.


When her carriage breaks down outside Faversham Abbey, this is just the most recent in a long series of misadventures for Miss Adeline Price. Her beauty hides a fatal flaw: she’s quick to judge, and rarely looks beneath the surface. But the longer she’s around Jasper, the more she begins to want to be better—someone deserving of him.

But when it comes time to reunite Adeline with her family in London, will Jasper believe that she sees not his scars, but the good, honorable man he is?

Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

Short Excerpt:
“I am the Earl of Ailesbury,” he called, the words fighting the noise of the storm at his back. “My home is only a short distance away. You may seek shelter there.” Her almond-shaped, hazel eyes inspected him from his hidden face and down the length of his body. Jasper hadn’t felt laid bare before another his entire life. Was she leery enough of him to refuse his offer? As if on cue, a wolf howled in the near distance, its call echoing above the whine of the storm. Within moments, several others answered.



About Christina McKnight:

Christina McKnight is a book lover turned writer. From a young age, her mother encouraged her to tell her own stories. She’s been writing ever since.
Christina enjoys a quiet life in Northern California with her family, her wine, and lots of coffee. Oh, and her books…don’t forget her books! Most days she can be found writing, reading, or traveling the great state of California.

You can visit her online at the following places: Website Facebook | Twitter Goodreads | Amazon


Follow the tour and enter to #win one of 5 paperback copies of Theodora (Lady Archer’s Creed book 1)


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My thoughts:

Adeline by Christina McKnight is #3 in her exhilarating “Lady Archer’s Creed”. While, it can be read as a stand alone, I’d suggest reading the entire series, but not necessary to enjoy ADELINE.

Jasper Benedict, the Earl of Ailesbury, was disfigured in a tragic fire that took his family and left him horribly scarred. Miss Adeline Price, has had many misadventures in her life. Her beauty hides her many flaws, she’s arrogant, judgemental, and rarely, if ever, sees behind the surface to the person within.  Will Adeline be able to see through Jasper’s scars to see the honorable and gentle within?

I enjoyed watching Jasper bring out Adeline’s good qualities, and watch her being concerned over some one beside herself. As she grows into a truly lovable lady, one who finally can see within herself and not like what she sees.

Once again, Christina McKnight manages to produce a thought-provoking,  heartwarming, compelling and powerful romance.  Well written with a cast of characters that are flawed,  self-centered,  proud but lovable and engaging. The plot  flows seamlessly and endearingly. I enjoy Ms. McKnight’s writing style, her detail to characters,  the Era and the countryside. She never disappoints me or my joy of reading her Regency Romance. A must read for Regency Romance fans.

Rating: 4.5

Heat rating: Sweet 

Reviewed by: AprilR