Santa in a Snow Globe by A. H. Edelman….a review

Santa in a Snow Globe by A.H. Edelman

How can parents and caregivers explain to the children in their life that, even though some things will be different this year, Christmas magic remains the same?

That’s easy! Let Santa do it!

“Santa in a Snow Globe” is the origin story of how and why St. Nick will be found sitting “in a place that it clear and quite round” when families come to share their wish lists with him this holiday season.

Relayed straightforwardly by Santa to author AH Edelman and illustrated with inclusiveness by Serge Gall–whose work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, Esquire, and The New Yorker–Santa in a Snow Globe offers a starting point for grownups to talk about life’s new realities–including climate change, the Coronavirus and Black Lives Matter protests–with their kids.

So curl up with your kids while Santa shares his recent observations about the world and offers some timeless advice that includes some hard truths but concludes with a big dose of Christmas cheer.

My Thoughts:
If you are wondering how to explain that you may not be able to sit in Santa’s lap this year, then you may want to pick up this book. The story is well written. It had me rhyming after reading it. LOL The illustrations are fun and engaging. The story is a little bit funny but mostly it’s a way to open up that conversion and to explain things may be different but they are also still the same. It’s a cute book for those who want to share Santa and also how Christmas may be different this year. I swear the rhyming in the book has me rhyming in my head now. LOL It’s a cute read and is quick. The images are well done and bright. It’s very much a 2020 Christmas read.
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My Rating:

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No heat rating because it’s a children’s book.

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