Cover Reveal: The Guardian by Kimberly Kincaid!


Kimberly Kincaid

Release Date: March 9

Guard against any danger. Especially if it comes from within.

Detective Matteo Garza doesn’t just do the job–he is the job.

He’s learned the hard way that work and pleasure can’t co-exist.

So when his little sister’s best friend accidentally uncovers a money laundering scheme
led by one of Remington’s most cold-blooded criminals,
Garza vows to keep things strictly business as he keeps her safe.

No matter how much the quirky mathematician
makes him feel things best left buried.
No matter how much she makes him want.

Delia Sutton knows she’s not like most people,
just like she knows she needs to forget her ages-old crush on Matteo
and focus on survival.

But the closer they get, the bolder she becomes–
the more she breaks down his carefully crafted barriers to discover the man beneath.

Danger is closer than either of them could possibly imagine
and no one can be trusted.
Delia needs a guardian to fight by her side, and Matteo will do anything to protect her.
No matter who the enemy is.
The Guardian is a scorching forbidden lovers romantic suspense featuring a grumpy Alpha hero who would walk into fire to save the woman he loves and a smart-is-sexy number-nerd heroine who would save him right back. Equal parts heart-pounding suspense and steamy romance. Complete standalone with no cheating and a full (but hard-fought!) HEA.

The Guardian

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Meet Kimberly Kincaid:

Kimberly Kincaid writes contemporary romance that splits the difference between sexy and sweet and hot and edgy romantic suspense. When she’s not sitting cross-legged in an ancient desk chair known as “The Pleather Bomber”, she can be found practicing obscene amounts of yoga, whipping up anything from enchiladas to éclairs in her kitchen, or curled up with her nose in a book. Kimberly is a USA Today best-selling author and a 2016 and 2015 RWA RITA® finalist and 2014 Bookseller’s Best nominee who lives (and writes!) by the mantra that food is love. Kimberly resides in Virginia with her wildly patient husband and their three daughters.

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“Nevermore” By Dannika Dark Cover Reveal Blitz

Nevermore” By Dannika Dark
Cover Reveal Blitz
October 4, 2018

Check out this awesome cover for
the next installment in the CROSSBREED SERIES!
(Crossbreed Series, Bk 6)
by Dannika Dark
Raven returns to her childhood home to rebuild her severed relationship with her father. After a long year of capturing violent criminals and thwarting assassination plots, she could use a vacation.
But trouble is brewing on the home front. When Raven discovers her father is in financial peril, she’s determined to set things right even if it means sacrificing her heart in the process. Meanwhile, her relationship with Christian is on shaky ground when a skeleton falls out of his closet. Will they be able to leave the past behind, or is the trust between them dead and buried?
When the bonds of love are put to the test, only the courageous will prevail.
Release Date:
January 15, 2019

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(Crossbreed Series Book 1)
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(Crossbreed Series, Bk #2)
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(Crossbreed Series, Bk #3)
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(Crossbreed Series, Bk #4)
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(Crossbreed Series, Bk #5)

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About the Author

Dannika Dark is the USA Today Bestselling Author of Urban Fantasy Romance and Paranormal Romance books. Her books have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, and she is a 2016 Audie Awards finalist. In addition to writing about supernatural worlds, Dannika is passionate about graphic design and creates all her own covers and series art. When not writing in her cave, she enjoys indie music, reading, Netflix, heaps of chocolate, and unleashing her dark side. 

You can find Dannika at
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COVER REVEAL *SHELTER by Stephanie Fournet with #teasers

Scroll Down to see cover !!











Elise Cormier has hated Cole Whitehurst since she was five years old. He’s always known just how to make her feel dumb, shabby, and — worst of all — invisible.

Even when they live under the same roof.

But that’s where Elise learns Cole’s terrible secret and why he is the way he is. Despite how he’s always treated her, Elise becomes his ally.

Cole Whitehurst has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Day in and day out, it’s up to him to keep his mother and sister safe. He’s used to giving up everything he wants in order to protect them.

And there’s nothing he wants more than Elise Cormier.

Cole has no business falling for his housekeeper’s daughter, but how could he resist? She’s funny. She’s real. And he trusts her with his life.

But, as Cole knows, loving someone comes with a price, and it may take him years to pay it.



Author Bio

Stephanie Fournet, author of Fall Semester, Legacy, Butterfly Ginger, Leave a Mark, You First, and Drive, lives in Lafayette, Louisiana—not far from the Saint Streets where her novels are set. She shares her home with her husband John and their needy dogs Gladys and Mabel, and sometimes their daughter Hannah even comes home from college to visit them. When she isn’t writing romance novels, Stephanie is usually helping students get into college, setting up a tent in the woods, or running. She loves hearing from fans so you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or message her on Goodreads.

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Blurb and buy links for Georgina:

A love of archery brings four young girls together to form The Lady Archer’s Creed. Through their mutual love of the sport, they solidify an unbreakable bond, and each woman has a unique quality that adds to their dynamic friendship:


Theodora, Lady Archer’s Creed Series (Book One)

Lady Theodora with her sharp mind and love of academics becomes the perfect archery coach. Despite being the last to join their group, and the obvious outcast, she will risk her future for her friends.


Georgina, Lady Archer’s Creed Series (Book Two)

Lady Georgina makes the perfect financier. The forgotten daughter of a wealthy duke, she seeks to belong to something—or someone—by any means necessary.


Adeline, Lady Archer’s Creed Series (Book Three)

Miss Adeline is a natural leader. Having grown up in a large and often spirited family, she now allows no one to place her in the shadows.

Josephine, Lady Archer’s Creed Series (Book Four)


Lady Josephine, having a sweet and impressionable nature, strives to please everyone—and keep their bond intact, even after they return to London for the Season.


Adeline, Georgie, Theo, and Josie live each day by the Lady Archer’s Creed, which they developed during their school days at Miss Emmeline’s School of Education and Decorum for Ladies of Outstanding Quality. “Friendship, loyalty, and honor above all” is their mantra. Now, as they face the challenges that come with adulthood, the creed is more important than ever.








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Amanda Mariel




Coming September
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…well, Scotland…Rose lived tucked away from the world with her aunt. Orphaned as a baby and adopted by her aunt, she’s used to her eccentric ways—including her over protectiveness. But Rose wants more from life. However, she never quite expected for Laird Hamish McTavish—complete with kilt—to change things. The brash, and admittedly braw, man is hardly like the charming men Rose has been dreaming of.
Freshly returned from the battlefield with an unexpected inheritance, highlander Hamish is struggling enough to fit in at the sleepy lowland village. When he comes across a feisty young woman with wild hair and a brash tongue on his land, he doesn’t expect it to lead to more than a five minute argument. But he cannot help himself. His curiosity is piqued. Who is this young woman surrounded by three slightly-crazed elderly woman seemingly intent on keeping her from the world? He must find out more.
Unfortunately, there are several people more than willing to get in the way of that aim. Rose’s aunt for one—not to mention his late-cousin’s mistress who is determined to replace one cousin with the other. Not only must Hamish deal with his duties and find a way to get close to Rose, he must also find a way to get rid of this abhorrent woman…before she does anything truly evil.
Find Samantha on



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After She’s Gone by Lisa Jackson

After She's Gone Book Banner


Lisa Jackson Bio:

Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson is the number-one New York Times bestselling author of more than 85 novels, includingAfraid to Die, Tell Me, You Don’t Want to Know, Running Scared, Without Mercy, Malice, and Shiver. She is also the co-author of the Colony Series, co-written with her sister, Nancy Bush. There are over 20 million copies of Lisa Jackson’s books in print in twenty languages.

Before she became a nationally bestselling author, Lisa Jackson was a mother struggling to keep food on the table by writing novels, hoping against hope that someone would pay her for them. Today, neck deep in murder, her books appear on The New York Times, the USA Today, and thePublishers Weekly national bestseller lists.

With over thirty bestsellers to her name, Lisa Jackson is a master of taking readers to the edge of sanity – and back – in novels that buzz with dangerous secrets and deadly passions. She continues to be fascinated by the minds and motives of both her killers and their pursuers—the personal, the professional and downright twisted. As she builds the puzzle of relationships, actions, clues, lies and personal histories that haunt her protagonists, she must also confront the fear and terror faced by her victims, and the harsh and enduring truth that, in the real world, terror and madness touch far too many lives and families.

For More Information
Visit Lisa’s website.
Connect with Lisa on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Goodreads


After She's Gone hi res comp

Title: After She’s Gone
Author: Lisa Jackson
Publisher: Kensington Books

Cassie Kramer and her younger sister, Allie, learned the hazards of fame long ago. Together, they’d survived the horror of a crazed fan who nearly killed their mother, former Hollywood actress Jenna Hughes. Still, Cassie moved to L.A., urging Allie to follow. As a team, they’d take the town by storm. But Allie, finally free of small-town Oregon, and just that little bit more beautiful, also proved to be more talented—and driven. Where Cassie got bit parts, Allie rose to stardom. But now her body double has been shot on the set of her latest movie—and Allie is missing.
Police discover that the last call to Allie’s phone came from Cassie, though she has no recollection of making it. Instead of looking like a concerned relative, Cassie is starting to look like a suspect—the jealous sister who finally grew sick of playing a supporting role. As the tabloids go into a frenzy, Cassie ends up on a Portland psych ward. Is she just imagining the sinister figure who comes to her bedside, whispering about Allie—a visitor of whom there is no record? Is someone trying to help—or drive her mad?

Convinced she’s the only one who can find Allie, Cassie checks herself out of the hospital. But a sudden slew of macabre murders— each victim masked with a likeness of a member of Cassie’s family—makes Cassie fear for her safety and her sanity. The only way to end the nightmare is to find out what really happened to Allie. And with each discovery, Cassie realizes that no one can be trusted to keep her safe—least of all herself…

After She’s Gone is available for pre-order at Amazon, Kobo and Google Play





Why this cover?
Taking Heart was a book that has been ruminating in my mind for quite some time. It was a very special story for me to write, not just the subject matter but both of the characters were incredible. It wasn’t easy to tackle serious subjects like PTSD and the after-effects of trauma, so the characters were extremely important and Julia and Dylan are a perfect couple to tackle this.
Julia Hart has used the trauma of her ex-boyfriend’s attack to benefit others by training therapy dogs for PTSD. When Dylan Granger arrives at her facility, at his brother’s request, he doubts that a dog is going to help change the nightmare his life has become. The last thing either of them expected was the connection they share. But, when they are both required to face their pasts, they find it’s possible when they rely on one another.
With the Healing Harts series, the covers were specifically chosen to convey the romance of the relationship but also the emotional connection of the characters. Since animals play a very special part in this series, it was integral that they be included in the covers. I also wanted to let the readers form their own picture of Julia in their minds, without relying on a cover model. In the end, I think this cover was a great choice and conveys a touching, emotional story.


“You okay?” Gage glanced his way. Dylan hated the constant worry he could read in his brother’s eyes.
He couldn’t keep doing this to his brother. He’d become nothing more than a burden, the way their alcoholic father had been. Dylan had been the one who had stepped up from a young age, far too young for the responsibility of taking care of his mother and younger brother. To know that Gage might one day resent him, the way he did his father — he couldn’t let that happen. As much as he didn’t think a dog would help him, it might at least do enough good that he could give his brother back the freedom he’d lost when Dylan returned from Afghanistan.
He shifted in the seat of the Camaro his brother had rented. The old Dylan would have been itching to open the car on the long stretch of highway, to press his foot to the floor and let the powerful beast fly over the asphalt, like Icarus soaring toward the sun. But that man had become mortal, died the day a bullet grazed his temple and a grenade exploded beside him. He fisted his hands, trying to control the anger that rose to the surface whenever he thought of what he’d lost.
“Yeah. Where is this place? B.F.E.? How much farther?”
Gage checked the GPS navigation. “About five miles. Just off the next exit.”
Dylan’s brows drooped. “Not much around here, is there?”
Gage shrugged as he turned off the highway. “Maybe that’s a good thing.”
“I don’t like it. There’s a lot of trees and ground cover. Too many hills.”
He knew it might not make sense to anyone else but the hills and wooded areas made it harder for Dylan to see anyone approaching. He might not be in combat any longer, but that didn’t stop him from scanning the woods for enemies. The doctors claimed it was just part of the PTSD, but he hadn’t met a soldier yet who didn’t continue to watch his back, even at home.
It was the same reason he’d done Internet searches on this training facility while his brother was sleeping. He not only wanted to get a lay of the place, but he wanted to know what he should expect. He was surprised to find out it was run by a woman. He’d even watched a few of the videos posted on her website. As much as it looked like she knew what she was doing, he wasn’t sure how much a dog trainer could understand about a PTSD case like his without having been in combat. The woman in the videos looked more like a cheerleader than someone who knew anything about fear, trauma, or death.
Dylan crossed his arms over his chest as they approached the entrance and a sign welcoming them to Heart Fire Training Facility. As they pulled up to the main house, Dylan saw his brother’s eyes widen. The house was a sprawling two story ranch style with a wraparound porch but what really caught his attention was the beautiful woman seated on the steps waiting for them.
Dylan chuckled at his brother’s response. He couldn’t help but agree. She was much prettier in person than she’d been in her videos, and that was saying a lot. He turned to say something and found his brother staring at him. “What?”
“You laughed.”
Gage stopped the car and turned it off. “That’s the first time I’ve heard you laugh since you came home.”
Dylan clenched his jaw, reaching for the door handle. His brother was right, and it had actually felt good, until he realized that he was the only one in his unit still able to laugh. Guilt washed over him as he thought about the families who had lost loved ones because of his failure. He climbed out of the car, refusing to respond.
“Hi, I’m Julia. You must be Dylan?”
The woman moved down the stairs, a broad smile on her face as she extended her hand. Immediately a monster sized dog bounded down the stairs and sat at her feet, staring up at Dylan. He tucked his hands into his pockets, his mouth turning down as his brows bunched in a frown. He wasn’t about to put out a hand where this beast could bite. The dog cocked his head to one side, studying Dylan, then opened his mouth in what looked like a grin, his huge pink tongue lolling to the side.
She laughed. “It’s okay. Tango is a big teddy bear.” She seemed to catch herself. “Unless he’s on alert and working.”
He wondered at her hesitation and looked back at the dog, and the teeth he could see inside the sloppy grin. “Teddy bear, huh?”
His brother moved around the car and reached for her hand. “Hi, I’m Gage. We spoke on the phone. This is Dylan.”
Dylan nodded at her, not moving to approach as he looked around at the facility. He assumed from the barks, yips and howls that the solitary outbuilding was a kennel or training area. The rest of the property was open with pine trees surrounding the back of the property into the hills. She had landscaped the front with wildflowers and grasses that looked native yet too orderly to be natural.
“If you want to grab your bags, I’ll show you to your rooms,” she offered as she turned back to the house.
Dylan didn’t miss the fact that the dog rose and followed behind her. He met his brother at the truck of the car. “That dog is a monster,” he muttered. “If you think I’m taking something like that home, you’re the crazy one.”
“You’re not crazy and just give it a chance, will you?” Gage looked around the side of the car, making sure Julia couldn’t hear the criticism. “What’s the worst case scenario? That you get to stare at her for three weeks?”
Dylan glared at his brother. The last thing he needed was any sort of romantic entanglement. He couldn’t even take care of himself right now. “You go right ahead.”
“You can’t be serious. Are you blind?”
Dylan shrugged. He hadn’t missed anything – not her curves, not her smile, not the white scar at her temple, and certainly not the way her dark brown eyes seemed to dance as she spoke. But he had nothing to offer and he wasn’t selfish enough to sentence anyone else to the hell that was his life now. It was just easier to avoid any emotion, even the good ones. Hurt followed too closely at every turn.
“Are you two coming?” she called from the doorway. Dylan shut the trunk as his brother headed toward the house.
That smile was on her lips again as she opened the door and he felt stab of jealousy at the opportunity he’d just passed up for his brother. He didn’t fault Gage; under different circumstances, he would have taken a shot at her. Dylan had always assumed he’d hoped to be married by now, maybe with a kid or two, but now, with a different sort of future ahead of him, he was glad he’d never taken the plunge. He had enough guilt on his shoulders without a wife and kids to disappoint. Gage held open the door for him and followed Julia inside.

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Meet T. J. Kline…

T.J. Kline Bio and Links:

T. J. KLINE was bitten by the horse bug early and began training horses at fourteen as well as competing in rodeos and winning several rodeo queen competitions but has always known writing was her first love. She also writes under the name Tina Klinesmith. In her spare time, she can be found spending as much time as possible, laughing hysterically, with her husband, teens and their menagerie of pets in Northern California.



Carly Phillips
Dare to Hold
Release Day: 4/14/2015

CarlyPhillips_DaretoHold1400 (1)

Some women always get it right. Kindergarten teacher, Meg Thompson, on the other hand, consistently makes the wrong decisions — and she is currently single, pregnant and alone. Meg is determined to make changes in her life, to be a better mother than her own had been. No revolving door of men. No man, period. Just a single-minded focus on her baby. Her resolution would be easier to keep if not for hot cop, Scott Dare. He insinuates himself in her life, making Meg want to believe in happily ever after, even if history has taught her to know better.

When Scott Dare hears Meg’s friends are determined she have a night of hot sex, before her life changes forever, he decides that man must be him. Their one night is mind blowing and life altering. And Scott, a man already burned by his ex-wife, finds himself all in anyway. While protecting Meg from her violent ex and becoming part of her increasingly complicated life, he’s falling hard and he can’t seem to find distance. Not when their bodies respond to each other with such heated intensity and he’s drawn to her unique combination of strength and vulnerability.

But Meg’s future is one Scott has accepted he’ll never have, even if his growing feelings say otherwise …
(love story, contemporary romance, alpha heroes, beach reads, sports heroes, bad boys, billionaire)

Buy links:
Kindle –
Nook –
iBooks –
Kobo –

DARE TO LOVE Series Reading Order:

Book 1: Dare to Love (Ian & Riley)
Book 2: Dare to Desire (Alex & Madison)
Book 3: Dare to Surrender (Gabe & Isabelle)
Book 4: Dare to Submit (Decklan & Amanda)
Book 5: Dare to Touch (Olivia & Dylan)
Book 6: Dare to Hold (Scott & Meg) – 4/14/15 – PREORDER NOW!
Book 7: Dare to Rock (Avery & Grey) coming Summer 2015
Book 8: Dare to Seduce (Lucy & Max) coming Fall 2015
*each book can stand alone for your reading enjoyment




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Behind a Lady’s Smile
By Jane Goodger

Jane Goodger

Jane Goodger Bio:
Jane Goodger started her writing career as a journalist. She worked for several small, community papers before covering crime at a Connecticut daily, where she discovered life can be cruel and doesn’t often have a happy ending. Taking matters in her own hands, Jane decided to recreate a world where all women are successful and brilliant, all men are kind, sexy, and gorgeous, and every story ends happily. She likes this world much better.
Jane lives with her husband and three children in New England where they all strive to make certain Jane has her happy ending every day. So far, so good.





Behind a Lady’s Smile bcc:
The Lost Heiresses
It’s one thing for a girl to lose her way, quite another to lose her heart…
Genny Hayes could charm a bear away from a pot of honey. But raised in the forests of Yosemite, she’s met precious few men to practice her smiles upon. Until a marvelously handsome photographer appears in her little corner of the wilderness and she convinces him to take her clear across the country and over the seas to England, where she has a titled grandmother and grandfather waiting to claim her. On their whirlwind journey, she’ll have the chance to bedazzle and befuddle store clerks and train robbers, society matrons and big city reporters, maids and madams, but the one man she most wants to beguile seems determined to play the gentlemen and leave her untouched. Until love steps in and knocks them both head over heels…
Praise for the novels of Jane Goodger
“Fun, delightfully romantic—and sexy.” —Sally MacKenzie on The Spinster’s Bride
“A touching, compassionate, passion-filled romance.” —RT Book Reviews on A Christmas Waltz

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Knocked Out Cover

Title: Knocked Out

Author: Ty Langston

Expected Publication: August 26th, 2014


About Knocked Out:

Knocked Out CoverFresh out of Grad School, Hayley Monroe gets the chance of a lifetime when her boss gives her the opportunity to produce and host a reality series on finding MMA’s “Next Great Hope”.

Enter former MMA contender Evan Bates. His sudden re-appearance into the sport after a mysterious five year absence not only raises eyebrows, but also temps both in and out of the Octagon.

Can Hayley keep everything in check? Or will she be Knocked Out?


Available for pre-order: Amazon / B&N / iTunes / Kobo




His ripped body was a carved muscular masterpiece. On his shoulder there were two initials, E.B tattooed in a celtic font followed by the word enigma in the same font on his right calf.

“So this is Evan Bates.” Hayley asked Tucker.

“In the flesh. Damn, he looks tremendous. ” Tucker said.

“Yes, he does.” Hayley said as she glanced at Evan again and smiled back at him.

Tucker shook his head. “Oh boy.” Tucker went from being jovial to being concerned. “Be careful little girl, he’s dangerous . Once he catches you, he won’t let go.”

Hayley looked at Evan for several seconds before she answered her mentor. “Let go?” she asked.

“He’s complicated. Just use caution.”

Hayley understood. She knew he was right, but she like others in the crowd, she was into his eyes, that devilish grin, the 6 pack abs …That ass.

Think Hayley, you have a show to produce. He has the charisma and movie star looks down, but can he fight? Focus…

“I love you Evan!!” another woman screamed back.

Evan let out a huge grin. “Love you too.” He said with another grin.

That damn smile was as devious as it was delicious. Her only hope was that no one saw the puddle of drool that was most likely pouring out of her mouth.

He was going to be the death of me. Damn grin.


About Ty Langston:

Ty LangstonAs a child, multi-published author Ty Langston loved to read about dragons and knights so much that one day, her grandmother told her to “just write about them.”

So she did.


From that day forward, she never left home without her pen, a notebook, and some kind of music playing in the background. Her love of reading expanded from fantasy into science fiction, and eventually into paranormal romance and erotica.


She enjoys different works from George Martin, Anne McCaffrey, Stephen King, and Jackie Collins. But some of Ty’s favorite writers are from the world of TV and film: namely, Tudors creator Michael Hirst, and the late John Hughes.


Ty has a certificate in Broadcast Journalism along with a degree in Business Administration. She is single and enjoys spending time with friends and family.




Twitter | Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Goodreads | Website