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THE BEST I NEVER HAD  (DeVine Winery #1)

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New job, new town, new people— new life.That’s what Olivia Langston needed. At twenty eight, she was given a rare opportunity at an internship in the rolling valleys of Crystal Falls in California wine country, far away from her small town roots in North Carolina. It was an unexpected journey she desperately needed after her ex-husband crushed her.At DeVine Winery, she expected a fresh start in a new environment to help let go of her past. Instead, she found Daniel Black and a hell of a lot of sexual tension she wasn’t prepared for. He was gorgeous. Modestly wealthy and irresistible with piercing blue eyes that were too easy to get lost in. And he just happened to be part owner of DeVine, one of the largest vineyards in the country. If only she knew that before she kissed him her first night in town.Despite their connection and growing tension, Olivia refused to give in. She couldn’t let herself fall in love. She wouldn’t go down that road again. But the heart wants what it wants, and Crystal Falls promises to have more going for it than a good glass of wine.
  • Series: DeVine Winery
  • Paperback: 382 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 28, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1511606711
  • ISBN-13: 978-1511606714
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    About this author…
    Loni Flowers

    Loni isn’t like most…
    She doesn’t consider herself the typical writer. She wasn’t an avid reader. And doesn’t have an English or writing degree. In fact, she didn’t grow up with a love of reading or writing at all. Fast forward several years and a few book series later and Loni has become a reading machine. Not giving books their fair chance growing up was something she’s since regretted. After blogging book reviews for a year, Loni stepped out on a limb to try something new: writing a novel. One year later, TAKING CHANCES, was born and she has stopped writing since.
    Residing in Eastern North Carolina with her husband, 2 daughters, and couch-potato dogs, Loni works a full-time professional job during the day and writes in her free time.
    Thriving on finding the tiniest speck of romance in any plot thread, Loni is a firm believer in the happily-ever-after’s. She gets a kick out of taking her characters on a roller-coaster ride of drama-filled emotions and enjoys creating character-driven stories.
    A romance that soothes the soul is her number one priority.


    Twitter: @loniflowers