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CIRCLEWelcome, Syd!

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“Earth – Someone Else’s Final Frontier?” By Syd Blue

What if there was an extraterrestrial in your house watching you?

Since Earth has gotten brighter in the sky due to the fact that more of the land has been paved over (pavement reflects more light than dirt), we could have just appeared in someone’s telescope. Someone on another world. I was working as an editor for a tech magazine when I found this out and it excited my imagination. I began to wonder what it would be like to have a penpal on another world. That’s how my 2nd novel Circle was born.

In Circle, 14-year-old Spencer discovers an extra-terrestrial girl, Mandy, hiding out, living in his house. She’s lost and alone after her jet crashed and the pilot was captured. Mandy asks Spencer to rescue the pilot from Edwards Air Force Base and help them get home with the one thing their civilization needs to survive.

On the run from drones, attack helicopters and fighter jets, Spencer and his family fall into crisis when they find out what that one thing is. They don’t know if they can help her get home with it.

Drones, attack helicopters and fighter jets – oh my! Flying around these buggers is part of my job. They reluctantly share the sky with me. Drones range in size from huge Predators to bird-size, hand-launched Ravens. The technology is amazing and scarier than anything you’ve seen on Terminator. In Circle, they have an experimental drone chasing them: the X-99. In real life, the current X plane (X meaning experimental) that we are up to is in X-56. Experimental planes are often test flown at Edwards AFB, one of the places I fly through every week, as well as several other military bases.

As a pilot, every time I go to work, the story comes alive for me. I see it. I see the quarry at Edwards, the one that helps Spencer and Mandy escape the Hueys bearing down on them with rifle-hugging soldiers. I’ve been to all the locations in the books even inside the caves where Mandy finds out who she really is.

The Pilot & Spencer-1

But even with my life in the skies flying as Chief Pilot for an aerial surveillance company, I can still feel like life is too ordinary. Do you ever feel like you want more than 8 to 5? Spencer thinks his small town life is boring and the only interesting thing he can find is whatever’s on TV. (Personally, I would add books to that list.) It takes meeting Mandy, an open-hearted ET girl, to discover his own prowess for adventure. And it’s borne from necessity. If Mandy doesn’t get home with the one thing her civilization needs, her dad will die. Worse, she left without saying goodbye. She has to get home quickly and when Spencer realizes this, he has to step up. Finally he finds a cause bigger than escaping boredom.

I like the motto Spencer adopts from General Ranks: “Live Large or Die Small!” I understand Spencer’s brother, Nick, and his desire to do something unusual and big. Until the unthinkable happens, Spencer doesn’t share his brother’s attitude. He’s seen him get into trouble with dire consequences. Meeting Mandy not only changes his outlook but shows him there is so much in this world – and beyond – worth exploring. Mandy comes to this planet with fresh eyes eager to experience the wonders, such as kids and all the things that exist just to amuse them. On her planet, Circle, she is the only child – you’ll find out why in the book – so she’s never met another kid. She’s never been to school and never known danger from strangers because all the adults in her world know and love her as their own. That’s why she doesn’t have a last name. She doesn’t need one.

No one wanted her to go on the mission to Earth. It’s too dangerous. (Have you seen what Earthlings do to ETs?) Regardless, she wanted to help and stowed away on the jet. That’s where the book picks up. As she barrels through Earth’s troposphere hidden in a compartment, she realizes she may have gotten herself into more than she bargained for, especially when the jet gets shot out of the sky.

I was lucky enough to get footage of that in the trailer for Circle. The same artist who did the special effects in Titanic created Circle’s visual effects! Hammerhead Productions provided the VFX for X-Men, Prometheus, The Green Hornet, etc., and I’m so grateful for what they added to Circle’s trailer, which you can see at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqRftSt0tJ8.

You can also find my 1st book, FlyGirl, about a 16-year-old girl who learns to fly an airplane – the hard way, at SydBlue.com.

Though both novels include some wild flying, Circle goes beyond this sphere. Perhaps the final frontier is sharing experiences of how planets and her people develop differently, sometimes even after conducting similar “experiments.”

What would you want to know from an ET? More importantly, what would you want to tell ETs about your life on Earth? Who knows, maybe they’re watching you now.

Thank you so much, Syd, for spending time with us and our readers today! Thanks for letting us fly to the Final Frontier!!



SydonWingSmMeet, Syd Blue:


As Chief Pilot running an aviation business specializing in aerial surveillance, Syd Blue lives a life in the skies from California to Texas. On the ground, Syd has also written, edited and produced for everything from TV stations to production companies, from book publishers to national magazines. Along with two books, Syd has had over 40 articles published, and supervised writing staffs around the world at magazines and a news service. She also produced an award-winning documentary, TV shows, commercials and short films. With two cats and one husband, she manages two corporations from her cabin in the woods.






By Syd Blue


ISBN-10: 0615750753

ISBN-13: 978-0615750750

Landcrab Publishing

Paperback: 220 pages


Amazon Digital Services, Inc.



Discovering a girl under his bed isn’t the strangest thing happening to Spencer. The real shock comes when he finds out who she is and why she’s on Earth. Mandy, an extraterrestrial girl, has been hiding out ever since the jet she stowed away on crashed in the desert behind his home. When the pilot is captured by the Air Force, Mandy is left lost and alone. She asks Spencer to risk everything to rescue the pilot from Edwards Air Force Base and help them get back home with the one thing their civilization needs to survive. On the run from soldiers, fighter jets and attack helicopters, Spencer and his family fall into crisis when they find out what it is that Mandy and the pilot have really come to Earth for.


Circle e-book on sale:


FlyGirlCoverFly Girl

By Syd Blue


ISBN-10: 0615709710

ISBN-13: 978-0615709710

Landcrab Publishing


Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

November 29, 2012

199 pages, $7.95/$2.99



What does it take to fly a plane? Guts. FlyGirl Jill has plenty of courage but she forgets about one thing. And when she finds herself in absolute terror at ten thousand feet, she knows there’s only one way out…

As soon as sophomore Jill Townsend hears the hottest senior in school, Robbie Magnor, say he thinks a woman who can fly is sexy, she knows what she must do to catch his eye. As she sets out to become a pilot, she unearths a love for flying and finds she belongs up in the breath-taking sky. She wants to fly more than anything. Up there, she not only has an amazing view of the world and its endless possibilities, but there’s nothing holding her back.

But with her mom forbidding anything more dangerous than homework, Jill fights to free herself. In a clever scheme, she drums up the money for lessons and she’s off soaring into the wild blue — until a surprise in the sky foils her plans and threatens her life. Shock and panic pales in comparison to the horror waiting on the ground. Now what will Robbie think?

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