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CROSSING ON THE PARIS by Dana Gynther*0-dqKIQBYXt0Q8A5/9781451678239_NOT_FINAL_NOT_FINAL.jpg

In a sweeping debut novel that marries the appeal of Downtown Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs with the romantic glamor of the Titanic,

Dana Gynther brings the 1920s to vibrant life.



In 1921, the Gilded Age is drawing to a close, but not aboard the great ocean liner, the Paris, on its way from Le Havre to New York. On this maiden voyage of the massive ship three very different women have come aboard. And although they come from different generations and walks of life their lives will nevertheless intersect and demonstrate the power of chance encounters.

CROSSING ON THE PARIS (Gallery Books; on-sale November 13th, 20l2; Trade Paperback; $15.00) is  an ambitious debut novel which brings to life the epic grandeur of the Edwardian period and the lives of the three main characters.


Amidst the luxurious wood paneling and plush carpets of first class is the aging Vera Sinclair, who has made the decision to return to Manhattan after thirty years in Paris. In second class, Constance Stone revels in the unaccustomed freedom as she returns from a brief, failed mission to Paris to her home in Massachusetts, where her adored little daughters and dull professor husband await. And on the stifling noisy lowest deck below the waterline, young Le Havre native Julie Vernet tests her wings in her first job – unenviably serving meals in the steering class dining room.


CROSSING ON THE PARIS is a magnificent and unforgettable read that captures the magic of the 1920s and life abroad grand ships, like the Paris.


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