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Lee Harmon lives in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, and blogs at The Dubious Disciple. He grew up in Oregon, in a strict Christian home surrounded by fundamental Bible beliefs. He is the author of Revelation: The Way It Happened and John’s Gospel: The Way It Happened. Here he relates his spiritual journey in his own words:

I will always appreciate my upbringing as a Christian. Christianity remains my heritage. I embrace it, and the standards and morals I learned as a child have served me well. I sincerely hope I have passed on to my children the same Christian traits my parents showed to me.

However, most Christians learn to draw a line somewhere–a line which separates the saved from the damned. The people on one side of the line are alive, the others dead. Now, this doctrine may be true on one level. I have observed that, on average, Christians (not to the exclusion of adherents to other belief systems equally capable of enhancing life with added meaning) live happier, healthier, more well-balanced and more satisfied lives. Yet, beneath this utopia lie the many horrible atrocities of the Christian God, the God we read of in the Old Testament. How can these be reconciled? Then along came the teachings of holy books such as Revelation and Matthew, detailing how the saved will frolic in heaven while the damned suffer horrific torment forever in hell. Not a mere temporary punishment for sins, mind you, this lasts for ever and ever! Good Christians learn to turn their thoughts, and dwell on the positive, doing their best to ignore this evil, but a time arrived for me when I no longer could do this. As a strong Bible believer, I entered a period, maybe ten years ago, of severe depression. I understood clearly from the scriptures that “few there be that are saved,” and I would shuffle down the street, staring into the eyes of people I knew would suffer the vengeance of God forever. That man parking his car with the bumper sticker that says,The meek will inherit the earth–after we’re through with it. Off to the hot place. The woman walking toward me pushing a baby stroller and teetering from a few too many beers. The fires of hell for her, certainly. Probably for the baby, too. Life became a cruel joke, eternity much worse.

My Christian sect discouraged me from reading any religious literature except the Bible. Only the Bible contained the Holy Word of God. But the time came when I had to know the truth. Was God an evil tyrant, happily condemning most of his creation to hell? I purchased books (carefully hiding them from my family at first) and began my own fevered study into the scriptures, accumulating bookshelves of Christian and other religious material, biblical archaeology, historical research, cosmology, eschatology, and studies of life after death. For years, I engulfed my life with this quest, and my library can hardly contain my research, of which I devoured every word. Who or what is God, really? A childish promoter of rape, genocide, and eternal hellfire? Or the God of Jesus, filling us with love, kindness, and compassion?

To make a long story short, my understanding of the “infallibility of the scriptures” evolved, and I began to discover human traits within the writers of the Bible. However inspired, man’s motives, opinions, and limited understanding began to flicker through. Strangely, my appreciation for the Bible grew even more! What a miraculous creation, chronicling the growing up of the Hebrew nation and their search for God! I look forward to sharing this discovery with you.

May your heart be gladdened, and may you embrace the mystery of whatever truly happens after this life.

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———- “He didn’t come.”

The old man blinked and said nothing.

“He’s not coming back for us, is he? The Temple will never be rebuilt.”

“Matthew, you must write again. You must write a new gospel. I will give you the words.”


Thus begins the sequel to the bloody dreams of Revelation’s Armageddon. Inside these pages lives a love story set aright.


About 15 years after Revelation, a second, very different, work attributed to John the Apostle was published. It is the year 95, and Matthew, son of Samuel, is 28 years old. This book continues my first story, Revelation: The Way it Happened. Our task this time, however, will be much more complex than for Revelation, since we lack the historical clues required to settle on a determinative interpretation of the Gospel of John. We will be forced to dig deeper this time around, if we are to unearth John’s meaning.

Few people learn to read and interpret the Bible the way it was written: As a collection of individual writings compiled over hundreds of years, each having a unique agenda and expressing a unique opinion. As you read my book, I want you to consider an important question: What happens if we pull the Gospel of John out from under the shadow of the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) and grant John’s author a mind of his own? What will he have to say?

Careful reading of the Gospel will uncover an underlying thesis. John’s purpose is to show that, in some mysterious way, Jesus Christ is God Himself! In the flesh! God did return to earth as the prophets promised, and the new age has begun!

John’s Gospel is no less about the end times than Revelation, but with a new emphasis. Scholars call John’s perspective realized eschatology, a promise that the golden age has arrived, and is ours for the grasping.

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  • Paperback: 466 pages
  • Publisher: Langdon Street Press (March 1, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1938008421
  • ISBN-13: 978-1938008429

Genre: Education/Christian Book & Bible/Reference

Series: A Dubious Disciple Book

Source: Received for an honest review from the publisher.


JOHN’S GOSPEL: THE WAY IT HAPPENED by Lee Harmon is an interesting Christian Book & Bible/Reference/Educational. It is “A Dubious Disciple Book” and the sequel to “Revelation: The Way It Happened”. What an interesting concept on the Gospel of John.

“A collection of individual writings,compiled over a thousand years,with the author of each one expressing his unique opinion.”

The author has interwoven fiction with fact in his account of the Gospel of John. It is brilliantly written, although, you may not agree with all his assessment. He has woven scriptures throughout,the story is told from various points of view and opinions,as the story progresses. Very interesting,educational and thought provoking. You will have to read “John’s Gospel” and find your own opinion. I would recommend this title to anyone who enjoys Biblical gospel,historical events,religious studies and anyone interested in a very good read. The author has written a vivid account and added characters to make the Gospel of John seem you are there. We often forget the Bible was written based on real life accounts,by real life people who struggled,fought oppression and came through years before our time. What a lesson we can and have learned. A blessing! Received for an honest review from the publisher.



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