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Destination – Africa…..

I’ve had a few readers ask why I chose Africa as a setting for HOSTAGE TO LOVE. The answer is simply that Africa is a fascinating place. I’m a huge film and travel buff, and films that are set in Africa feature highly on my must-have lists. Zulu and Out of Africa with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford being two of my all-time favorites movies.

But I guess what sparked the opening scene of this book was a random conversation I was having with my husband. Or maybe it wasn’t so random.

My husband is a broadcast journalist and reports on all things Africa.

It just so happened that he was reporting on the atrocities going on in the Congo around the time I was tinkering with the plot for HOSTAGE TO LOVE.

Cue my overactive writer’s imagination. I made him explain to me in detail what was happening in the area, when it started, who the main players were, what they hoped to achieve etc etc etc. Several hours later, my villain Charles Mwana was a fully-fleshed out character.

As if often is with all such personalities, he believes he’s doing the “right thing” and sees people as collateral damage in his righteous war. Despite this fatalistic trait, I had to give him a love of his country, a love of the land he believed he was fighting for. So Nawaka was born.

Rich in diamonds and other minerals, I set it next to The Congo in Eastern Africa. The people are warm and giving, just like the Congolese my husband described to me. And they have a fierce pride in their motherland.

Of course, the other reason for setting the opening in Nawaka was because I had to give Belle, my heroine, a cause and a destination after she walked away from her marriage and her husband, Nick.

For Belle, who yearned for a child of her own, volunteering at a severely deprived orphanage in Nawaka seemed the perfect fit. Luckily, she too fell in love with the rich, semi-savannah landscape, the indigenous foods and children she was charged with caring for.

Unfortunate really that things went sideways for her once Mwana took an unhealthy interest in her. I’m sure she would’ve loved to stay in beautiful Nawaka for a little while longer!

Thank you Maya, for spending time with us! Africa sounds thrilling!


Hostage to Love

by Maya Blake

Entangled Publishing July 2013

Title:Hostage to Love

Author:  Maya Blake

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Release Date:  July 2013

Imprint:  Suspense


Hostage to Love Cover:hostage to love


Hostage to Love BCC:

*On an idyllic Greek island, danger surfaces…and passion re-ignites.*


During a charity mission to a war-torn African country, Belle Jones is kidnapped by the vicious rebel leader determined to make her his. Belle’s estranged husband, Greek billionaire Nick Andreakos, stages a daring rescue, saving her from the horror.


To hide her from the obsessed kidnapper—-and to repair their broken relationship—-Nick whisks Belle away to his private island paradise. But she still won’t put up with his controlling ways…even if she’s still defenseless against their scorching-hot chemistry. With the brutal killer hot on their heels, Nick knows he must earn Belle’s trust again—-and *fast*. Even if it means risking everything. And losing his heart forever. 



Maya Blake’s Bio:


Maya Blake’s dreams of becoming a romance author began when she picked up her first romance novel at age thirteen. She eventually realised this dream in 2007 when her first romantic suspense was published. Maya lives in Kent, Southeastern England, with her husband and two kids and an endless supply of romance novels. 



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So without further welcome Logan…..

*May have mature content*



Jamie Brenner RGB small crop 72dpiThree’s A Crowd: The Sweet Agony of the Love Triangle

By Logan Belle

I recently signed copies of one of my novels at Barnes & Noble in midtown Manhattan. The store employee who was helping me put autograph stickers on the books looked around at the other covers on the shelf, and said, “One woman and two men on some of these covers. That’s not love – it’s lust!” No, I thought – that’s a love triangle!

A love triangle, as defined by the Macmillan dictionary, is “a situation in which one of the partners in a romantic or sexual relationship also loves someone else.” And I’m a huge fan.

I was introduced to this messy emotional scenario at an early age thanks to General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful. But while I’d come to expect them on television, I was surprise by how often I encountered love triangles in classic literature: The Wings of the Dove. The Golden Bowl. And the ultimate triangle (at least in my mind): Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

When it comes to a steamy love triangle, not much can compare to the D.H’s. Lawrence erotic masterpiece: Connie is married to Cliff. Cliff can’t have sex. Connie gets hot and heavy with the game keeper, Mellors. But aside from all of the scandalicious sex scenes, Lady Chatterley’s Lover stands out in the way it examines money and class, the life of the mind versus life of the body, and then yes, love and sex. To me, it begs the question: can you have it all with one person, or is there always a choice to me made?

This is the heart of my erotic romance Miss Chatterley, a modern take on the Connie/Cliff/Mellors triangle. While the social penalty for cheating and divorce is not nearly as harsh as it was in 1920, the time of the original Chatterley, it could be argued that staying faithful is that much more difficult. Today, with an endless parade of hot guys (and girls) in the media, the ease of “meeting” people online, and fewer and fewer financial reasons to get or stay married, it’s never been more tempting to fall for “the grass is always greener.” But while a triangle is easy to form, it’s tricky to undo.

There is always a choice to be made. Connie loves her boyfriend and he loves her. But she’s attracted to someone else. And yet, with that someone else, she could never have what she has with Cliff.

It happens all the time…but that doesn’t give her any easy answers.

What is more important – love, or lust? Relationship, or freedom? Security, or possibility? Have you ever had to choose?

 Thank you,Logan! What an intriguing concept!

Personally,to me it would be love,anytime of the day? Relationship,of course? Security,I think? and no I fortunately have not had to chose,so there you go?


Miss Chatterley 

A four part e-serial  by Logan Belle.


I’ve loved Cliff since the day we met. For three years, he’s been my boyfriend and my best friend. But for the first time, something is missing. Sex. It’s been months since Cliff has touched me. And I don’t know how much longer I can wait—especially since I’ve met someone else. For the first time, I feel doubt.


Oliver Mellors is nothing like Cliff. He’s purely physical and intensely focused on my body. But then, he has to be: he’s my CrossFit trainer.

I know I can’t confuse sex with love. I know I shouldn’t risk love for sex. But now, caught between two men, I wonder: Is there a way to have both?

chatt1Part I: Hungry

Connie Chatterley isn’t exactly thrilled about the move to Palo Alto. What will she do in the land of tech billionaires and IPOs? But when her boyfriend Cliff says he needs to do it for his company, she agrees. Isn’t compromise a part of every good relationship? Once in California, Cliff spends all his time with his demanding assistant Ivy Bolton and shark-like investment banker Tommy Dukes, leaving Connie with nothing better to do than go to the gym. But when she starts training with rugged CrossFit coach Oliver Mellors, Connie feels a dangerous attraction to the sexy stranger. And after one shocking moment of weakness, the move isn’t the only thing Connie starts to question.

Chatt2Part II: Dirty


Consumed by desire, Connie’s body yields to Mellor’s outrageous demands even as her heart yearns for her sweet, steady boyfriend. Connie reaches out to Cliff to save their relationship but he is too distracted exploring a different sort of temptation—the promise of quick and easy money from the shifty Tommy Dukes. Can Connie stop Cliff before he makes an epic mistake? Can she stop herself before she falls too far to ever come back?


Chatt3Part III: Torn


Surprised by Cliff’s sudden attention, Connie is caught between the life she always wanted and the passion she never knew she needed. Luckily, Connie’s wild, older sister Hillary comes to town to talk some sense into her—don’t throw away your future for a passing fling. But can Connie forgo the ecstasy of Mellors’s touch for a future with Cliff? Will Cliff be too distracted with the IPO to realize what’s at stake?

Chatt4Part IV: Spent


Connie would do anything to repair the damage done by her affair with Mellors and go back to the way things were with Cliff. But with the truth of her betrayal exposed, and Ivy and Dukes exploiting the breakup, Cliff is driven to cast out Connie—and sell out to Silicon Valley. Is it really too late for a happily ever after with Cliff? Connie’s next move could change everything in this shocking finale.

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What is more important – love, or lust? Relationship, or freedom? Security, or possibility? Have you ever had to choose?

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The Seven Devils (New Adult Fiction)

MBA&M: Please give our readers some insight into the mind of Sara Danvers.

Singer-songwriter Fiona Apple released a song recently that resonated with me. In the song “Valentine,” she states:

I’m a tulip in a cup
I stand no chance of growing up

That sounds about right. I may be 30, but my daily environment is all teens all the time. I teach them, most of my long conversations are with them, and I constantly read fiction aimed at their age group. How can I be expected to think and act like an adult?


MBA&M: What was your inspiration behind writing “The Seven Devils“?The Seven Devils (New Adult Fiction)

It seemed natural to write a YA fiction novel. I read almost exclusively YA fiction, and I read a lot of it since I am a school librarian. I had actually dreamed about Neil for years and decided to finally try to flesh him out a little so to speak. Whenever I dreamt of Neil, the most striking thing about him was always his eyes which seemed to see right into you. When we were children my friends and I used to ask each other what super power you would choose if you could have just one. A lot of them wanted to fly (which I find silly), but I always wanted the ability to read minds. When you take that and really think through it, though, you begin to wonder if you would ever be able to hold down a relationship if you knew every whim that passed through your friend/boyfriend/husband’s minds. The Seven Devils goes into much more than that, but it was the basis of my story idea.

MBA&M: What was the allure for you in writing YA romance novels?

Some of my friends and coworkers make fun of me for reading YA romance, but to me it just has so much more than adult romance. Adult romance seems very quick to me. There’s a glance, a touch, a flirtation, and then BOOM—they’re in bed together. YA romance novels build and build and build until you’re so invested in the story and the characters that you nearly die of happiness when they finally kiss. I wanted my characters to be part of that magic.

MBA&M: Who is your favorite character in “The Seven Devils”? What draws you to them?

Neil, obviously! He’s incredibly smart, sexy, and very dark and mysterious. You can read most of what he says two ways. Even I as the author didn’t always know whether I believed him or not. You can read the whole book as a fun romance novel and then go back and read it entirely differently where it is full of careful lies and manipulations. Which is the truth? You will all learn more when I finally finish the sequel!

MBA&M: What influenced you while you were writing?

Oh, everything! It took me four years to write this first book for many reasons, but one of which is that I would read a particularly great book and just give up on my own writing (once for a entire year!) because I would get depressed and feel as though I could never measure up. Then something would happen and I would get inspired and writewritewrite in every spare minute I had. Some inspiration would come from my husband… some sweet thing he would say or do. Sometimes I would dream about my characters and something would just come to me. Writing a novel wasn’t a fluid, linear process for me at all, and after four years of writing I found that my ending was better written than my beginning, so I took another year to edit and rewrite sections. It took a long time, but I’m proud of the result! (And I certainly have an even higher level of respect for professional authors now that I’ve tried it myself!)

The Seven Devils (New Adult Fiction)MBA&M: Three words you would use to describe “The Seven Devils”?

Dark, Sexy, and Thrilling.

MBA&M: Last but not least, tell our readers where to connect with you and where they can purchase “The Seven Devils”?

This may sound silly, but I haven’t told anyone that I published a book, so you can’t really follow me on Twitter or Facebook or anything like that. If you read the book, you know that Ellen’s family is very troubled, and I was a little worried that my own family would draw parallels to themselves, so I published under a pseudonym and have only told 5 people in my personal life that I wrote this at all! You can purchase the book on in the Kindle store.

Thanks for having me and for reading The Seven Devils!

Thank you for visiting with us today! What an intriguing and interesting interview!

Much luck with your endeavor!


THE SEVEN DEVILSThe Seven Devils (New Adult Fiction)


  • Print Length: 327 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B009KT2RI0

Book Description(from Amazon)

Publication Date: October 2, 2011
After nearly being drowned by her alcoholic father, 17-year-old Ellen, her mother, and her brother move across the state to start over. Ellen soon meets Neil, a gorgeous loner with a bad reputation. Her classmates warn her to stay away, but he seems to be the only one who understands her. Besides, the rumors about Neil are too far-fetched to be believed. When she is threatened by Derrick (a jealous classmate) it becomes clear that there is more to Neil than meets the eye. In this sexy page turner, Ellen must discover Neil’s dark secrets and learn to stand up for herself before the plot hatched against her unfolds.

Some mature content.

This a full-length novel of almost 80,000 words.




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